YSS Shocks Review UK: Most Underrated Bikes Shock Suspension

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YSS has been the best-reviewed Shock absorbers manufacturers in the UK. Do you know? YSS has most huge manufacturing market in the world, for the last 30 years. YSS Shocks have an annual production rate of 2 million units. 

How YSS Shocks UK Developed? 

The factory was built in 1983 in Pradpradaeng. By 1988, the magnificent YSS Factory was established at a high scale in Bangplee, Thailand. The market value of the YSS Suspensions reached the Highest Gross level, by that time. 

So, it was high time to equip it with world-class technology that will be compatible in the future too. The company was rebuilt and reformed with the support of Taiwanese investors, in 1994. YSS shocks started to dwell into a whole new world of innovative technology, that can cope up with Japanese standards. 

And by 2001 YSS achieved ISO 9002 Certification from Germany! And yet not a stop here! 

YSS continued to excel and won the racing championship from across the world including Australia, Thailand, and Japan. YSS Suspensions by then have already hired a team of certified professionals from Australia. 

Mr. Harry Hasson, a remarkable name in the field of Gas shock development, also joined YSS. This has greatly helped YSS to develop high and low-speed gas shocks.  

Thus a highly structured and well-managed Progress is the key behind YSS’ Success! 

Why YSS? 

YSS shock reviews are concerned with their trailblazing manufacture and technology, in Thailand. 

YSS has also indulged European expertise in its innovation and product development. This has led YSS to produce an advanced variety of products, compatible with the latest motorcycles. 

How are YSS Suspensions manufactured?

YSS Suspensions are made with anti-corrosive and premium quality materials. YSSshocks are available with two year warranty period. For strong anti-corrosive properties, YSS shocks are made with aluminum compounds that are hardly anodized. 

 Since YSS are the largest suppliers of suspension shocks, so they are made in two variations, I-e; Mono and twin fitments. Thus, YSS can be fitted with most of the motorcycles available in the market. YSS Suspensions are rebuildable shocks with most spare parts.  

YSS Shocks are finely tailored with state-of-the-art procedures. All of the YSS Suspensions are designed and made in Thailand. The expert team of 270+ individuals, then practically tests the quality of YSS Shock Suspensions.

 Furthermore, they are treated through high heat and shot-peened procedures. Thus, You can get your motorcycle fitted with a strong and lasting YSS Suspension. 

YSS Shocks website: https://www.yss.co.th/

YSS Shocks Prices 

Are YSS shocks in the UK compatible with budget-specific customers? Yes! YSS price its mono and twin shocks to resonate with the available budget! Also, you can enjoy different specs at different prices. 

Cost and features are ultimately balanced by YSS Suspension!

Is YSS Compatible With Renowned Motorcycle Brands?

Is YSS the right shock absorber for my heavy bike? Or it can go up with my latest Harley-Davidson? You might be questioning yourself by now. Well, yes! YSS Shock Suspensions can fit well with most models of renowned brands. 

Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, and BMW are significant to mention! And to your surprise, YSS won’t get heavy on your pocket, too! 

So, get your bike an Update with YSS Suspension shock absorbers! 

YSS shocks vs Ohlins

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

Ohlins shocks are no doubt a great option in terms of advanced technology. Ohlin shock suspensions are known for their smooth experience along with easy large descents management. Sweden is the manufacturing place of Ohlins shocks. 

Although Ohlins is a major contributor of high-quality shock absorbers, yet YSS leads all the way in terms of rebuildable fitment. This is a major issue faced by most bikers around the world. 

  Among YSS Shocks review, a common difference is ‘the high cost of Ohlins’, reported by most of the customers. Thus, a price for YSS will be worth it in terms of pace, and buildable adjustment as compared to Ohlins.

Variations in YSS Shocks

Z – Series 

Z series shocks are a sustainable, low price option. Z series YSS Suspensions are high-quality gas shocks for OE parts. From the 1970s and onwards, all are compatible with these YSS Shocks. Z Series have both mono and twin shock variations. 

General specs of Z-Series YSS shocks include: 

  • Are completely adjustable and rebuild able
  • Rebound adjustment along with easy click system
  • Can be adjusted through threaded preload
  • DU bushes coated in Teflon
  • For decreasing friction forces, Z Series YSS Shocks are high heat treated with sintered pistons on chrome shafts.

G – Series

Best YSS reviews also include G- series shocks. G series shocks are cost-friendly and can be fitted with new as well as antique models too. The YSS G Series also has two variations; I-e; mono and twin suspensions.

General specs of G series YSS Shocks include:

  • A reservoir on the piggyback
  • For smooth locomotion and heatless purposes, it has a bladder reservoir.
  • Sintered piston
  • Frictionless heat-processed shaft 
  • DU brushes incubated with Teflon
  • High and low compression adjustment, rebound adjustment, and threaded preload adjustment.

Eco – Line 

After reviews of Previous YSS shock variations, you will be curious about one thing. How to get a high-end YSS Suspension in less money? 

Well, Eco line YSS Suspensions is the go-to option. It is compatible with twin shocks versions. 

 The YSS Eco series suspension carries all the properties of the relatively high-end products. But it has a suspension control of a very high level as compared to the rest of the varieties!

Pro – X

Pro X YSS Shocks are specially designed for scooters. Pro X has a variety as they range from mono shocks Vespa to twin shocks in Honda Dylan. 

Pro X YSS Suspension is a versatile value for money product. Pro X YSS shocks also provide a great profit margin for dealers and workshops. 

Specs include: 

  • Preload adjustment (Step)
  • Efficient hydraulic system with a double action. 
  • Durable and gives an extremely comfortable ride.


Bravo YSS shocks are popular among street and off-road bikers. These YSS Suspensions are highly designed to achieve a twin shock with hydraulic double action. 

General specs of Bravo YSS Shocks include:

  • 270mm – 360mm length variations.
  • Have optional chrome covering.
  • Step preload adjustment
  • Black and chrome silicone springs variation

Best YSS Shocks UK 

You are already familiar with What is YSS and why are they essential for your Motorbike! 

Now it’s to get yourself into the market! 

Here are the best YSS Shocks UK!

Suspension Strut Gas Pressure Shock Absorber 

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

Suspension Strut Gas Pressure Shock Absorber is a top-line YSS Suspension. Strut gas pressure shock absorber is specially designed to combat Kawasaki VN 800. It has no puncturing because of irritated series spring legs. 

Strut gas pressure is an improved version of suspension strut with high-performing road handling. No doubt, you will be surprised by the refined quality of the materials and overall finish. 

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The suspension strut gas pressure shock absorber is structured for a safe ride with its top-notch cushioning along with a deep spring system. The piston is large-sized so that there is no evidence of puncture. 

Strut gas pressure shock absorber has two adjustments that pull step adjustment and spring pre-load step-less adjustment. Strut gas pressure has a top mounting at the eye with a diameter of 12 mm. 

While the bottom mounting of the strut gas pressure shock absorber is on the fork with a width of 30mm. The color of the feature is red and there is no expansion tank. 

Road positioning is on point, Have a Safe Ride! 

Suspension Strut Shock Absorber YSS Mono Adjustable For Piaggio Hexagon 125/180 

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

YSS shocks are broad variety shocks. Suspension strut shock is another variant with mono adjustment. Suspension strut shock absorbers are specially designed with irritated series spring legs to avoid puncturing.

Suspension strut YSS shocks are another evidence for High-Quality Craftsmanship and continuously improving structures. Well-defined cushioning along with a deep spring system is another feature of suspension strut shocks. 

To ensure the road safety of the customers, YSS has really taken a step forward by piston rod size adjustment. Now, a puncture is rarely seen! 

Motorcycle YSS Shock Absorber Pair Adjustable 

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

A well Known YSS shock absorber is a pair adjustable YSS Suspension set. It is an adjustment rear installed shock absorber. 

Shock absorber rear suspension is subjected to individual specifications. Although this YSS shock absorber comes in pairs, yet rare shock absorbers are durable and easy to handle. 

YSS pair adjustable rare shock absorbers have a double-action hydraulic System. Rare shock absorbers use cam spring pre tensile adjustment. The length of the shock absorbers is 310 mm and carries a weight of 1 kg!

YSS adjustable Rear shock absorbers are compatible with SUZUKI GN 250 with a mono-shock adjustment available. 

YSS Shock Piaggio Vespa Rear Shock /Shock Absorber Scooter

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

You already have acknowledged YSS shock absorbers designed for Vespa/Scooter. YSS shock absorber OK302 – 365T – 02AL is a specially designed suspension with a rear fitting position. 

Rear shock suspension Vespa has a designated spring pre-load adjustment with a spring length of 365mm. Rear shock Vespa has a gas damper with a reservoir and a thread preload adjustment. 

YSS rear shock absorbers also inhibit piggyback gas reservoirs with a mono-shock adjustment, too. 

Have a safe Vespa ride, with a. Improve road positioning

Pair YSS Shock Absorbers for YAMAHA YP MAJESTY 125 

YSS Shocks Review
YSS Shocks Review

Since YSS shock absorbers are serving a wide range of motorcycles. Yamaha has been a great market for YSS shock absorbers. Pair Shock absorbers are some special variants with superb on-road holding features.

Pair YSS Shock Absorbers for Yamaha presents no bottoming out as regular shock struts do. Rather, it has a better on-road version. 

The extraordinary material choice and genuine craftsmanship of YSS products are the need of the motorcycle market today. 

Like the previous ones, these Yamaha Specialized shock absorbers also contain a large-sized strong piston. Along with the progressive damping that is deeply built (the deeper the compression the harder it is) for a smooth drive experience.

Another safe travels your ways, with a stronger grip! 

Choose the best YSS Suspension 

Now you are familiar with the variety, variants, and their general specifications. It’s high time to keep a list of certain things to consider, while shopping!

No doubt, YSS is the right place to receive value for money. But! You need to be smart enough to get an ultimate YSS shock absorber.

Consider these key guidelines while choosing YSS shock absorbers: 

  • Series: For specific applications or required outcomes always look for the series. Also, the cost and presentation of YSS Suspension are determined by individual series. YSS shocks major series are G-Series, Pro X-Series, Z-Series. 
  • Type of the YSS Shock: Now, after you have chosen the series, look for the shock type. Which are 506, 302, and 366. 
  • Specifications: There is a huge range of specifications in YSS shock absorbers. The rebound adjustment is the basic feature for G-Series, Z – series, and Pro X Series.
  •  Adjustment of compression and length is another consideration. Whereas, hydraulic spring pre-load adjustment is what you might need to check, for a smooth road experience. 

Hence, the best reviews Of YSS shock absorbers also account for their high and low compression adjustment. Piston and the shaft length is another game-changer, for a puncture-free on-road experience.

All of these salient features are embedded in a strong Aluminum body to cope up with Friction and on-ground pressure. 

 Moreover, YSS shock absorbers are eco-friendly because they provide a long-term warranty along with fault-free products. YSS Suspension lasts for a longer duration thus producing less environmental damage. 

Hence, it is stated that YSS is sustainable luxury. YSS shocks can be easily called one of the best shock suspension producers and marketers in the UK.  

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