What Does E1 Mean On Tyre Pressure Machine?

Your vehicle tyre is the only thing that has direct contact with the road all the time, and this means that it needs to be checked regularly. But for many motorists, inspecting their tyre pressure is something they don’t do. But what does e1 mean on tyre pressure machine?

Note that poorly maintained tyres can lead you to more repair cost, cause you a breakdown, or even cause a serious collision. So it’s vital that you take care of your tyres for your safety. Remember that the entire vehicle weight is supported by your tyres’ air pressure, and since tyres normally lose a little bit of air every month, drivers need to be checking their tyre pressure on a regular basis.

In case you don’t know, tyre pressure can affect your vehicle’s performance in a number of ways, such as your accuracy in handling corners, how quickly you can brake, and the general comfort of how you drive.

However, you need to understand the different signs in your tyre pressure machine. So to make it easier for you to understand, I have put together a quick guide that shows you things you need to know about your tyre pressure.

What Does E1 Mean On Tyre Pressure Machine?

The e1 signs on your tyre pressure machine is a warning light that indicates that one or more of your tyre pressures is either too high or too low. This means that you should check the tyre pressures and fix it.

Your car owner’s manual will give you the correct pressure for the front and rear tyre. It is what will show you what to do, what to look out for and how you can reset the e1 light if need be.

What Does E1 Mean On Tyre Pressure Machine?

Remember that fuel consumption is also affected by tyre pressure. This is because a deformed tyre can increase your vehicle’s resistance with the road, which means your fuel will have to work harder than expected and cost you more.

Tyre Pressure Machine At Petrol Station E1

When the tyre pressure machine becomes faulty, the pump will show E1 which is definitely an error code. When you use tyre pressure machine at a petrol station, you will find out that it is often more complex than the ones you might have at home, and because you don’t know how it is operated, it might result in showing you E1.

However, you can get yourself a tyre pressure machine that you can carry around in your car. When you do, you can at least pump the tyre up there once you suddenly have a slow puncture or something.

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Tyre Pressure Error

To know what does e1 mean on tyre pressure machine is to understand the duty of the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). It is meant to inform you whenever your tyre pressure becomes too low and it can create unsafe driving conditions for you once the light is illuminated.

So whenever you see it on your dash, it means your tyres could be underinflated, and this can lead to undue tyre wear and possible tyre failure. It can also inform you that one of the tyre pressure sensors is defective. The tyre pressure error code could also be caused by faulty wiring, a faulty TPMS control unit, or a TPMS reset.

Why Does The Tire Pump Say Error?

When your air machine takes too long to inflate your tyre and shows an error code while inflation is in process, it simply means that the air machine is not getting enough air pressure and flow to inflate your tyre to your desired pressure.

Tyre Pressure Pump Error

Does your tyre pressure pump show error? Note that the error code indicates that the tyres’ air pressure is too low or too high or sometimes telling you that one of the tyre pressure sensors is defective.

But the easiest way to find out is to make use of OBD2 scanner to read the error codes from the TPMS control unit.

Do All Petrol Stations Have Air Pumps?

Yes, almost all petrol stations have air pumps which are usually offered for free, and can automatically fill up your tyre to your desired tyre pressure. However, you can buy a portable air pump from any auto parts store close to you, or you can order online. 

If you want the pump to do its job, just place and hold the nozzle firmly on the tyre valve and check the dial. Once done, it will show the current tyre pressure. Then press the lever to fill the tyre.

What Does SL Mean On A Tire?

It is essential to know different signs on your car tyres. When you find the SL sign on your tyres, it means Standard Load (SL) that your vehicle tyre can carry. There’s also XL which means Extra Load. This tells you that your car tyre can support additional load of up to 42 PSI while the Standard Load is 36 PSI.

Flat Tire Button On Air Machine

When you have a flat tyre while driving, you will need to inflate your car again. You can use the air machine to inflate the tyre. What you can do is to just plug it in, and then connect the hose to your flat tyre. Then you can now use the controls to set your desired PSI, then press the power flat tire button on the air machine and you’re done.

Tyre Deflating Instead Of Inflating

When your tyre deflates instead of inflating, and you can’t find any visible damage. It means that you have leaking tyre valves. When you have faulty inlet and outlet valves, no matter how hard you try to inflate your tyre, it will keep deflating.


So what does e1 mean on tyre pressure machine? It is a warning light that indicates that one or more of your tyre pressures are either too high or too low. Also remember that tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) happens to be a useful feature that shows you this E1 error code and others.

It is the TPMS that helps to remove the guesswork by notifying you when your vehicle is low on air or flat. It also tells you about existing or impending issues with your vehicle.

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