How To Open Ford Focus Bonnet? Best Car Reviews

For over 20 years, the Focus compact car from Ford has been making a wave in the market. Though many still ask how to open Ford Focus bonnet, the car has been attractive to many drivers, and people who want hatchback or wagon cars. The Ford Focus isn’t expensive, it’s very simple, easy to drive and operate, and it comes as a hatchback and sedan body style. 

This vehicle was introduced in 1999 and was one of the biggest sellers for Ford Motor Company. Focus European design is quite different from the American designs, though just a few features differences. The reason many don’t know how to open Ford Focus bonnet is that the Ford Focus hood latch happens to be one of the things that are hard to find. But after locating it, opening it will become easy for you. Today’s article will talk about Ford Focus and how to open bonnet on Ford Focus 2008 and others.

How Reliable Is Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus has a reliable rating score of 4.0 out of 5.0, and this makes them rank 27th out of 36 for compact cars. Before you know how to open bonnet on Ford Focus 2007, note that it has an average yearly repair estimate of about £400. But when you compare it with every other vehicle, you will notice that the frequency of repairs is very fair.

When you compare fuel economy, you will find out that the basic Ford Focus trim can reach up to 40 miles per gallon (mpg). Also, after the test conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), they gave Ford Focus good overall crash and safety ratings for a compact car.

Does The Ford Focus Have Many Problems?

Even though the Ford Focus is a reliable option when it comes to compact cars, it still has some problems. But as you know, Ford vehicles are no stranger when you talk about having issues, and according to data made available, the Focus brand happens to fall among those that have the most problems.

So in case you want to buy a Ford Focus, or you want to know how to open a Ford Focus bonnet, I will show you the Ford Focus years you should avoid buying. The list of the unreliable Ford Focus years you shouldn’t buy is essential to help you save time and money.

What Are The Problems That Ford Focus Has?

Before you learn how to open Ford Focus bonnet, note that the Ford Focus is very reliable. But sometimes some year models that are having problems have marred its reputation. So here are the most common Focus issues according to drivers: 

1. Fluctuating Engine RPM 

The 2018 model year of the Ford Focus happens to be one of the best reliable cars for them. According to analysis which shows that the worst PowerShift transmission problem that spans from 2011 to 2015 has been resolved. But the 2018 Focus only has a few cases of improper shifting problems on its transmission.

Even though it has a good reputation, the 2018 Focus model still has a few issues with its engine. Some drivers have reported that the engine’s RPM can move up after shifting the gear into the park position.

2. Problems With Transmission

There are many complaints by drivers who talk about the transmission system problems of Ford Focus. However, the issues started in 2011 as Ford renewed the Focus with the PowerShift automatic transmission. PowerShift was worse as Dual-clutches and dry clutches were combined. 

The Ford Focus 2011-2016 year models also had this same transmission issues. However, problems with PowerShift transmission increased the 2014 Focus model to becoming the #9 on the list of the worst vehicles.

3. Problem with Fuel and the Exhaust System

According to the report, over a million units of the 2012-2018 Focus year were recalled due to a faulty purge valve found on the exhaust system. This bad purge valve can indirectly cause damage to the vehicle’s fuel tank. The problems you will observe include malfunctioning fuel gauges, loss of power, and an inability to restart the vehicle after a stall. 

4. Problems With Steering

When looking at complaints, the 2012 model of Ford Focus is the same as the 2014 model year. According to ABC News reporting, there are lots of problems such as steering system with the year model. A lot of drivers reported that the steering system which is electronically powered randomly shuts down while driving. This deprives them of steering power which also increases the risk of having an accident.

5. Problems With Ignition Key

PowerShift automated transmission issues made the Ford Focus infamous, though it didn’t happen as regularly as ignition key-related problems. There are common problems that were reported by Ford Focus drivers which is the issues with the key not turning in the ignition.

However, this issue was regular in the 2003 Ford Focus which made the car not drivable. The case of keys being trapped in the ignition was also reported by users. 

6. Stalling Engine

Remember that the first model year to have lots of issues is the 2000 Ford Focus. According to, around 560 drivers complained about the model year, and they include the same ignition key issues that happened in the 2003 Focus model.

There were many engine problems with the 2000 Ford Focus. But the most common problem was the engine dying while operating. Though there are more serious cases that include blown engines, and this requires thorough repair or replacing it outrightly.

However, despite many flaws of the Ford Focus compact car, it is still a popular model as lots of people want to buy them. But in case you intend to buy a used Focus, it’s essential you research for the most common problem with the specific year model you intend to buy and make sure that the pros outweigh the cons. You should also stay with a manual transmission Focus compact car or the Focus ST to prevent having the model’s biggest pitfall.

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What Are The Ford Focus Models To Avoid?

It’s vital to know how to open Ford Focus bonnet, but note that despite how popular Ford Focus is, it still has some problems. While some models have problems, some are less problematic. For you to be safe when buying Ford Focus, I have listed some Ford Focus years that are more problematic than others.

Below are Ford Focus years you should avoid:

1.     2007 Ford Focus

2.     2008 Ford Focus

3.     2012 Ford Focus

4.     2013 Ford Focus

5.     2015 Ford Focus

For a clearer understanding, let’s talk about them in a few minutes.

2007 Ford Focus

Even though this Ford Focus 2007 model happens to be fun, stylish, practical, and afFordable, it also has its problems. There is a report that shows that the 2007 Focus model got more than 700 complaints, and 2 recalls.

The many complaints about the 2007 Focus are in its alternator dying quicker than you will expect. Lots of drivers complained that the alternator will just stop working which will then affect the vehicle’s electrical parts, and sometimes it happens without warning. The frustration came when drivers observed that they have to be replacing the alternator every 18 months.

One other issue that lots of Focus drivers have complained is about excessive tire wear. Its tyres wear and tear more quickly than normal and even under low mileage. Even lots of drivers tried to make use of high-quality tyres, the new tyres also got worn out quickly.

2008 Ford Focus

The 2008 Ford Focus had 500 complaints, even though it’s one of the best on this list of Ford Focus year models you should avoid. Indeed, consumer reports have shown that this model has a reliability rating of 4 out of 5.

I guess you’re wondering why it’s on this list? This is because the 2008 Focus doesn’t have any reliability problems that are hard to ignore.

The 2008 Focus still has the dreaded excessive tyre wear for two years in a row. Drivers have complained they keep buying new sets of tyres after running 35k miles. But note that this tyre wear issue is not as prevalent as the 2007 model year.

One other area where this Ford Focus model year is having issues is the climate system. Many drivers from Consumer Reports complained that the A/C system always stops working, or sometimes one of the fan speeds will stop working. 

2012 Ford Focus

When it comes to complaints, the 2012 Ford Focus happens to be the worst Focus model year any driver must avoid. It has more than 5k complaints.

Lots of drivers said that the worst problem with the 2012 model year is the prevalent failure of the power steering. Drivers claim that their power steering will die while they are driving in traffic and this is a critical risk to their safety. As you know, when power steering goes bad, it will be difficult to steer the vehicle or the wheel. This is because both will just get stuck, and the biggest issue is that it could happen at any time.

Door latches breaking on both driver and passenger doors happens to be the 2012 Focus major issues. Normally, once the door opens, the passenger won’t be able to close it again. Sometimes the doors will open while driving, which increases the risk of injury for both driver and other road users.

So the worst Ford Focus vehicle to avoid is the 2012 model year.

2013 Ford Focus

This 2013 Ford Focus also has its reliability issues. But the issue isn’t that severe when compared to the 2012 model. However, the problem with this model is enough to make it on this list.

According to consumer reports which show that the 2013 Ford Focus has a reliability rating of 1 out of 5. Though lots of complaints from drivers are about the vehicle’s transmission system. Lots of reports show that the transmission system will short out making drivers lose the ability to control the car. As you already know, this is certainly a safety problem that anyone shouldn’t ignore. This issue normally happens when at about 45k miles, which will cost a driver around $2,600 on average to repair.

Additionally, the 2013 Focus model year has issues with its backup camera. When you do your inspection, you will think that this issue lies mainly with the model’s problems with its infotainment systems.

2015 Ford Focus

Note that the 2015 Ford Focus doesn’t have any problems as the last two models year on this list, but this doesn’t mean that the 2015 Ford Focus does not need a double-checking before buying.

One of the main problems with this 2015 Focus model is its dual-clutch transmission system that was not correctly chosen for the vehicle. And because of this, lots of drivers reported that they are experiencing a jarring shudder as they accelerate from a stop. This issue happened again even after taking the vehicle to a repair shop. 

So Which Models Can I Buy?

Even though the Ford Focus model cars have a history of reliability issues, there are still good models you can safely buy?

The 2011 Ford Focus model

In case you would like an old-decade hatchback, then the 2011 Ford Focus would be a better choice for you. It only has about 200 complaints from users. According to consumer reports which shows it has a reliability rating of about 4 out of 5. This means that you can trust the 2011 Ford Focus model car since it’s a safe car to buy.

The 2018 Ford Focus model

Another one is the 2018 Focus model car which happens to be the final model that the producers released before shorting down the Focus series. This means that if you want to purchase the last available Focus year, then luck has shined on you because the 2018 Focus model car is a fairly reliable vehicle. The consumer reports have given the 2018 Focus model car a 4 out 5 reliability rating score and better scores on its crash and rollover tests.

How To Open Ford Focus Bonnet?

how to open ford focus bonnet

Sometimes it baffles me how so many people ask how to open Ford Focus bonnet, or how to open Ford Focus bonnet 2010. This is because the hood release on most vehicles can be found in the interior section of their car. Most times on the latch under the steering column.

In case you are wondering and searching left, right, and centre on how to open Ford Focus bonnet 2009, or looking for a latch within the interior of your vehicle, then I want to tell you that you’re not the only one. Many still don’t know how to open Ford Focus bonnet. 

Note that it is very easy to open your Ford Focus bonnet, as it is similar to opening the trunk of your Focus.

Remember that you should learn how to open and close your bonnet the right way. I guess that after reading this guide, you’ll have learned how to open Ford Focus bonnet.

For those who don’t know, bonnet can be opened to check things such as washer fluid and oil. So here’s how to open Ford Focus bonnet properly: 

1.     The first thing is that you should ensure your handbrake is on and the ignition is turned off. 

2.     Then allow your engine to cool down for about 10 minutes. 

3.     Next is to go under your driver’s side of the dashboard and then pull up the hood latch with your hand. When done, it will pop up the bonnet about an inch in the air, which will give you access to the bonnet latch itself.

4.     Now go down and check between the top of the bumper and the front lip of the grill. You will find the bonnet latch, which is a small, flat tab that can be used to lift the bonnet using the hand.

5.     You just place your hand under the bonnet latch and lift it, then use the other hand to lift the bonnet up. 

Extra tips: 

1.     Make sure you don’t open the bonnet in a high wind.

2.     Whenever you want to put the bonnet down, make sure you hold it up with one hand, and release the strut with the other. 

3.     Do not push your bonnet down when locking it, this is because you might dent the car.

This is how to open Ford Focus bonnet, but in case there’s something you aren’t sure about, you can ask your Ford Dealer. 

How Do You Open A Car Bonnet Without A Key?

Your car is lacking lubricant and you want to add up some fluid into the vehicle’s engine, how do you open a car bonnet without a key?

Just pull up the latch to open the bonnet. For this, you would need a long thin screwdriver and then start poking from under the hood to find the latch. If there is no way to insert a screwdriver then use a wire coat hanger. After you have located the latch, tug on it and the bonnet will open.

How To Open Ford Focus Bonnet 2012

The first thing to do is to grab the handle you will find on the driver’s side of the car. After grabbing it, pull it off and it will release the first latch for the bonnet. Move to the front of your car and feel under the center of your bonnet until you will see the latch and then raise the bonnet.

How Do You Open A Bonnet With A Screwdriver?

It is possible to open the Ford Focus bonnet with a screwdriver, but whenever you’re pushing the screwdriver, you will hear a click. What you will hear is the connection clicking back together. But in case you didn’t hear the click then you shouldn’t bother yourself, as long as the pressure is still maintained, you will get the bonnet opened.

Ford Focus Bonnet Release Broken

If your Ford Focus bonnet release is broken, the fault lies with a broken bonnet release rod /clip. It is this rod that’s attached to the bonnet latch that helps in activating the latch whenever the key is turned. This makes the end part of the rod break between the rod and the latch.

You can verify if the bonnet opens when you push the key inward and try to open it. You can also try to use your fingers in pulling the bonnet upward so that there will be pressure on the latch.

But in case you can’t still open the bonnet, then another way to have it opened is by removing the 2 x 10 mm volts from the bonnet latch which can be found underneath your vehicle.

1.     Take off the 4 x10 mm bolts which secure the radiator bracket

2.     Now drop the radiator down which should give you access to the latch bolts

3.     After that, you’ll see the 2×10 mm bolts that hold the latch to the body

4.     Now take off these 2 bolts by making use of a suitable screwdriver and take the latch out of its location and push the bonnet up

5.     Once you do this, the bonnet will pull up with the latch locked on to it

Please note that this can be difficult to do because taking off the latch bolts gives you limited room. So I make use of a ratchet spanner to take them off or use a small quarter drive socket and ratchet.

 After removing it, the new part can be installed back.


As you know, the Ford Focus series happens to be a popular option for new car owners who want a sporty yet budget-friendly hatchback vehicle. While the Ford Focus series has sold more than 13 million units since it was introduced back in 2019. Though the Ford Focus went through its share of reliability issues too. Some problems come up regularly and some year models have shown to be more problematic than others.

Most times, you will notice that the Ford Focus bonnet lock has the problem of not opening. However, I have been able to show you how to open Ford Focus bonnet. Now you know that the bonnet can be opened from the inside of the vehicle behind the grill using a key.

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