How To Get Aftermarket Heated Mirrors To Work Ford F150?

Winter and hazardous road conditions are a good reason for you to keep your 2007 ford f150 heated mirrors clear. This is because whenever ice, snow, and sleet starts piling up on your side mirrors, especially your 2019 f150 heated mirrors, it can endanger you and other road users.

So whether you have just one vehicle, or a fleet of buses, fitting them with heated mirrors can save you and others. Though getting a universal heated mirror kit for your car can cost you some money. This is why you need to know how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150.

A vehicle with a heated mirror is often considered a luxury, but they are not. A heated mirror car works by distributing heat to the mirror, and this heat helps to melt snow or ice, which then improves visibility. 

There are lots of benefits to using heated mirrors. One of the most vital benefit is the possibility to increase visibility for you during winter conditions. You can only understand the importance of how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150 if you stay in an environment where there’s heavy winter. This is because you will be tired of waiting for your vehicle’s mirrors to defrost.

How Heated Mirror Work?

Before learning how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150, you must understand how the 2006 f150 heated mirror switch works. It works by sending electrical heat to your vehicle’s glass surface of the mirrors. It is this electrical heat that helps to evaporate moisture on your vehicle’s glass surface to melts snow, ice, and the frog that has built up in the mirrors. 

Are There Differences Between Non-Heated Mirrors And Heated Ones?

The most important difference between non-heated mirrors and heated ones is that the heated one comes with an additional defrosting system that can be connected to the cable inside the vehicle door while the non-heated mirrors don’t have this feature.

Are Heated Mirrors Worth Having?

Yes, it is worth every investment you make to have it on your vehicle. But first, you know how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150. As you know, a vehicle with a 2016 f150 heated mirror button works by distributing heat to the mirror, and this heat helps to melt snow or ice, which then improves your visibility. 

It offers lots of benefits that are beyond being a nice add-on. The 2007 ford f150 heated mirrors help your visibility during winter conditions, and this leads to safe driving. Though some complain that their f150 heated mirror not working, you should understand that something went wrong. Let’s see why your heated mirrors are not working.

Why F150 Heated Mirror Not Working? 

how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150
how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150

In case you find out that your f150 heated mirror not working, it is because something has gone wrong. It could be that the glass is broken, or it can’t be adjusted or moved. When this happens, the heated mirrors should be replaced. But if you find it expensive to replace them, then learn how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150.

You must know why heated mirrors are not working because they serve as a safety feature that enables you to see the side and behind your vehicle while driving. When there is a collision, it could cause slight damage to the mirrors, and because of lots of features in these modern types of power heated mirrors, it can be very difficult to service and replace.

So whenever there’s a problem with heated mirrors, it can cause a visibility hindrance to the driver, and this calls for safety concerns for the driver. Below are why the f150 heated mirror not working.

1. A Broken Heated Mirror Glass 

The first and the most common reason why the f150 heated mirror not working is that mirror glass has cracks or is broken. Whenever something strikes your heated mirror glass and causes it to break, it could distort the reflective surface of the mirror. However, this will depend on how severe the damage is to the mirror. The damage could prevent the driver’s ability to see using that mirror, and this can be a safety hazard to the driver.

2. Your Heated Mirror Can’t Be Adjusted Or Moved

One other common reason your heated mirror isn’t working is that the mirror can’t be moved or adjusted. Remember that modern heated door mirrors are designed with a feature to adjust their position so that they can provide drivers the best visibility they desire. 

Some heated mirrors make use of electric motors that contains a switch, while others make use of mechanical levers as their means of positioning the mirror. Whenever this means fails, the possibility for adjusting or moving the mirror won’t be there. 

3. The Mirror Heater No Longer Function

One other potential issue that makes your heated mirror not working is that the mirror heater no longer functions as it is supposed. In some modern vehicles, you’ll find heaters that were built into the mirrors. These mirror heaters help in preventing condensation from piling up on the mirror, which makes it possible for the driver to still see while in foggy or wet conditions. So when this heater fails, your mirror will become obstructed by the piled condensation which won’t provide clear visibility to the driver.

How To Get Aftermarket Heated Mirrors To Work Ford F150? 

In case you don’t know, heated mirrors with a 2006 f150 heated mirror switch are a great aftermarket addition to any vehicle. This means that when you install heated mirrors, they will help you to avoid fog, and increase your visibility. Someone once sent me an email asking me ‘’can I put heated mirrors on my truck’’? My answer is that heated mirrors can be installed in any vehicle including your truck easily by yourself or a mechanic. 

Additionally, you can replace a non-heated mirror with a heated one. Though I have discovered that most car owners don’t even know they have heated mirrors already installed. The good thing is that you can install a heated mirror in your car.

So for those who want to know how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150, here is a procedure you can follow to get it done. 

Step 1 – Search and Find the Relay Box

Your vehicle’s hood needs to be opened before you can search and find the Relay Box. You will see a black box there, just open the box, and you will find several relays. Inside the box, it will have an indicator showing the functionality of each relay. Now locate the relay meant for the mirrors and remove it. It should be replaced with the relay that comes with the universal heated mirror kit. It is time to connect the wires as required, and once done, you can close the box.

Step 2 – Take off the Old Mirrors

Now you need to open the two front doors and find the screws that hold the interior door covers. Next is to take off the screws and then pop off the covers. Check out the mounts on the side view mirrors and take off the screws. After that, take off the old mirrors and then disconnect the wires.

Step 3 – Install the Heated Mirrors

Is time to connect the wires on the heated mirrors to the corresponding wires with the wire cap. Now place the mirrors where the old ones were and then put back the interior cover.

Another method:

I think beginning your wiring for the mirror at the base of the mirror assembly will be of help. Though this is after disassembling the mirror, you can then feed the power and ground wires via the mirror assembly. Once done, reassemble the mirror parts and reattach the assembly again to the car by routing the wires from the outside to the inside. It is easier than beginning from inside the vehicle and running wires to the mirror.

Now you can use a plastic trim removal tool, or a plastic putty knife to disassemble your door’s armrest. But when you use a screwdriver, there’s a possibility to create indents between the pieces and could scratch the plastic. 

While routing the wires inside your vehicle door, make sure to be careful. You can use a split loom for protecting the wires, which can be done by zipping them to the existing mirror harness.

The next thing to do is to double-check the door’s routing wires. Note that running wires in the path of the power window can be very easy. Just ensure you route the wires around the outside of the window track. Check out the routing procedures of the existing heated mirror harness before you start. Make sure you also check out the doorstop mechanism. 

However, before you start reassembling the door, the power window switch should be reattached. This can be done by reconnecting the battery and testing the window and mirrors if they function well. 

So to test the 2019 f150 heated mirrors, run the rear window defrost. 2007 ford f150 heated mirrors will heat up fairly fast. But make sure to turn the key off before you start disconnecting the battery again.

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The Vehicles That Come With Heated Side Mirrors

8 major vehicles come with heated mirrors. This is important to note before you know how to get aftermarket heated mirrors to work ford f150. These vehicles include:

1. Mazda MX-5 Miata

2. Hyundai Veloster

3. Ford Mustang

4. Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

5. Nissan Sentra

6. Dodge Challenger

7. Volkswagen Golf R

8. Chevrolet Camaro.

F150 Heated Mirror Not Working

Another common cause of the F150 heated mirror not working apart from the ones discussed earlier is that heated mirrors come with an open circuit. What this means is that the little wire that is inside the mirror’s glass has been tapered inside which has stopped the flow of electrical current. This will prevent the wire to heat up, which will become non-heated mirrors. 

The mirror circuit needs to be tested and to do this, you need to use a multimeter.

Put the multimeter on Resistance Testing mode and place the two probes of the multimeter on each contact behind the mirror’s glass. Once you see OL or 0 on the screen, then you know that the circuit is busted. This simply means that the glass needs to be replaced.

But in case the circuit is good, you will see something that will show up on the screen. However, it’s difficult for me to tell you exactly because it depends on your design, the size, and the material used to produce the heated mirror wires. 

Can I Put Heated Mirrors On My Truck?

My answer is that heated mirrors can be installed in any vehicle including your truck easily by yourself or a mechanic. In case you don’t know, these heated mirrors contain heat, and they are pre-wired for heated mirrors. The electrical power in mirrors will perfectly work too. 

Producers of heated mirrors added from the factory all the necessary switches, wiring, and circuits to safely add heat to your vehicle. The 2007 Ford F150 heated mirrors power the heater on the back of the mirror.  


As you have read, heated mirrors are an important safety component that adds convenience to your vehicle. But in case your f150 heated mirror not working well, then it can cause your visibility to reduce which can compromise your safety. If you find a heated mirror to be essential to your vehicle, then knowing f150 heated mirror not working will do you good.

Whenever your heated mirrors glass gets cracked, you can do some replacement by yourself. But make sure you get it from a reliable source. You can visit your dealership or any automobile store near you and get it replaced immediately.

Note that it’s very easy and simple to start using heated mirrors. Once you turn on your rear defrost, the heated mirrors in your vehicle will turn on automatically. But note that once you have an automated dimming driver’s side mirror, it might take longer for the mirror to defrost due to the thicker glass.

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