How To Change Battery In Ford Key?  

Ford happens to be one of the best car producers and the top user of key fobs. They have been using key fobs to unlock their vehicles and trucks since they produced the 1993 Ford Explorer model. 

However, like every other battery-operated device, the key FOB sometimes needs its batteries to be replaced. So knowing Ford key battery replacement cost, and knowing how to change battery in ford key is essential. But note that Ford fusion 2017 key fob battery does not often get worse, and you might end up using the same key batteries for the entire ownership of your Ford vehicle. 

However, if you notice that your 2018 Ford f150 key fob battery type no longer works or is dying, then I advise you to replace it t. But how to change battery in ford key?  

Everything You Need to Know About Ford Key

Replacing a key battery in your Ford vehicle is all about the key or fob type. There are different fobs used for different Ford models. So the best thing is to check the individual key model to find the battery required for replacement.

As you may know, F-150s, Rangers, Tauruses, and every other model in between are already embracing the keyless entry remote. So to keep up with this trend, make sure to become familiar with Ford key. You also need to know the 2015 Ford explorer key fob battery replacement cost and requirement.

Continue reading to learn all you need to know on how to change battery in Ford key and Ford Focus key fob battery replacement 2010 cost.

How Does Ford Keyless Entry Work?

Ford brand over the years has developed many types of keys. Car owners can choose styles ranging from the Square Fob to Rectangle Flip type of Key. But with some type of key, if you want to unlock the door or start the car, you must click on the corresponding button. 

The 2018 ford f150 key fob battery type entry works via a remote that makes use of RFID technology. It is the chip that’s inside is that emits signals that allow your car to know you’re nearby. This feature is common among 2021 Ford cars and newer models. Though you can still find them in older vehicles.

Ford Key Fobs

Over the years, Ford has designed about 7 major key fobs:

Square Fob (no key)

Slim Smart Key

Rounded Key

Rounded Rectangle Flip Key

Smart Key w/Pull Out Valet Key

Rounded Rectangle w/Internal Valet Key

What If My Ford Key Fob Stops Working?

In case you’re reading this 2015 ford explorer key fob battery replacement guide, there’s a good chance that your Ford key has stopped working. I guess you can’t get it to lock/unlock your car doors or probably start your vehicle, so you want to know how to change battery in ford key.

Don’t think of replacing the whole device, just replace the battery. Note that the outer shell is very simple to open and close by yourself. But if you need to, consult your local automotive shop and ask them to do it for you.

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How To Change The Battery In Ford Key?

how to change battery in ford key
how to change battery in ford key

Do you want to know how to change the battery in ford key? Here are the steps needed:

Step 1 – Make sure you clean the fob before starting. This is because you must prevent dirt from falling inside the ford key fob.

Step 2 – Then push the release button on the ford key fob to expose the emergency key inside the fob. You can find the release button at the bottom of the fob, close to the keyring slot. 

Please note that there are two types of Ford hidden keys:

  • One that slides out
  • Mounts to the inside. 

For Ford Key Fob With Sliding Key

Step 1 – Next slide the key out halfway.

Step 2 – Then twist the key inside the ford key fob. When you twist it, it will help you prize the case apart. Note that this fob needs one CR2032 battery.

Step 3 – Now change the battery, and ensure that the positive ‘+’ sign on the battery is visible.

Step 4 – Then clip both halves of the ford key fob back together, and ensure that they are in line.

Step 5 – Next is to slide the key back into its slot.

For Ford Key Fob With Fixed Key

Step 1 – After you free the backplate from the rest of the key fob, you’ll find the metal key. Just unclip the key and use it to separate the case of the battery from the remaining shell.

Step 2 – You’ll notice a small slit at the top end of the key fob, it is large enough to fit the metal key into. Just insert the Ford key all the way and twist it. Ensure you separate the battery case from the rest of the fob. Note that this key fob needs two CR2025 batteries.

Step 3 – Change the batteries by ensuring that the new ones are facing the same way just like the old ones. 

Step 4 – Now clip the emergency key back into its slot.

Step 5– Next is to clip both halves of the fob back together, ensuring that they are in line.

For Ford Key Fob With A Traditional Metal Key

Note that the older type of Ford key fob makes use of a single CR2032 battery. This is because the metal key is a part of the key fob, you will need a wide flat-headed screwdriver if you must separate the fob case.

Step 1 – Take off any keyrings hanging from the hole at the base of the Ford key.

Step 2 – Put the blade of the screwdriver inside the small slot at the base of the Ford key.

Step 3 – Now twist the blade of the screwdriver so that the case will be separated. 

Step 4 – Make sure the battery is at +’ side up. When you press on one side of the key battery, it should pop out of its setting. Note that you may be required to give it some help and press it out with a small screwdriver.

Step 5 – Now press the new battery into place by ensuring that the positive +’ side faces upward.

Step 6 – Make sure that both halves match up and then push the case back together.

After changing the Ford fusion 2017 key fob battery, make sure to test all the buttons on the key fob with your Ford vehicle. This is how to change battery in ford key. Continue reading to know Ford key battery replacement cost.

Purchase A New Ford Key Fob

how to change battery in ford key

If Ford Focus key fob battery replacement 2010 couldn’t open/close your doors after you change the battery, then it’s time for a completely new device.

There are ways to get a new key for your Ford vehicles which are very much easy. Below are three easy ways:

Buy From Your Car Dealer

The truth is that your automotive dealer will be familiar with your Ford vehicles and can provide you with the perfect Ford key fob. Contact the dealer ahead to check if the product you want is still available.

If it’s available, then schedule a day to take your Ford vehicle to the dealership. One of their employees will do the programming for you by taking steps such as adjusting the locks.

Visit A Locksmith

In case you want to go to a locksmith, then you’ll have to take your car key along with you. 

Shop Online

You can shop online for the Ford key if you’re always online. You might even want to completely change your Ford key fob without confirming the Ford key battery replacement cost, and without visiting a dealer or locksmith. Doing this will make you save some money while still getting the same results.

How Much Are Ford Key Fobs?

Note that key fob replacement comes with two different prices which are the remote price and the programming service price.

The Price For the Ford Remote

Sometimes remotes will be more affordable if they are purchased online. A lot of resellers online list their prices which range from $75 to $1200. But if you buy Ford remotes from your local dealer, then you should expect to make a payment closer to $200 or above. Be aware that the price of an older key might be higher than the 2021 keys.

The Price For The Programming Service

Note that it’s only a few car dealers will program their client’s key fobs for free, while others may charge between $50 and $100. Make sure to pick up your phone and call around to check where you can save the most money. But if you go the DIY route, you won’t have to worry about this price range.


I understand that changing your new Ford key will be intimidating to you. However, I believe that this guide has given you a solid foundation on how to change battery in ford key.

You can just visit your dealership if you want convenience. But in case you want to get a better price, then shop online through a reputable online retailer and do the programming yourself.

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