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When it comes to designing suspension for a new model motorcycle, the manufacturer has some problems to overcome and some compromises to make. First of all, the manufacturer has no ide who’s going to buy this motorcycle and people come in all shapes and sizes. A prospective customer could wear 8 Stone or all 20 stone.

The suspension has got to be designed to cope with both ends of that spectrum and everywhere in between. There’s no way of designing a spring shock absorber that can deal with that full range of weight adequately. The manufacturer has to compromise. He has to choose the certain weight range considering an average customer.

The problem is as a T120 owner, if you fall on either side of that band, you’ve got a problem with your suspension. Add to that the fact that every customer has very different requirements from a suspension setup. The manufacturer is pretty much on a loser before he even puts pencil pepper on the drawing board.

Then there’s cost because when it comes down to it the manufacturer probably only has between 10 and 15 pounds per shock absorber to spend on every model that goes out. By and large, Triumph T120 is earmarked as an average weight range you’re going to find a compromise with the suspension that is going to sort of suit you but with the setup like that, you’re never going to get it perfect.

Now legend has it suspension on the old Triumph, Bonneville and Triumph T100, the pre 2016 models were designed by certain and built by all this little demons in the fiery pits of hell. And the common advice given was that the first thing you had to do was rip the suspension off and replace it with something better. In this Shocks Hagon review, you will check my own experience with these shock absorbers!

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Why We Need Hagon Shocks UK?

hagon shocks review
Hagon shocks review

Now, the T120 at first glance doesn’t seem that bad. And I certainly thought it was pretty okay when I first got the bike. As you get used to the bike and you rally under different conditions and different road surfaces and you ride it in a different manner, the suspension shortcomings start appearing.

This is exactly what Triumph expects to happen because they 649 pound Fox suspension option. Now 649 pounds is an awful lot of money, although they do look very nice, but whenever I think of Fox shock absorbers, I always think of shock absorbers for mountain bikes. And I didn’t really want to go there.

You are still buying one-size-fits-all options. So for all its high price tag and glitzy appeal, you just stepping out of one compromise straight into a more expensive compromise. Now looking around there are suspension setups of all different qualities and price ranges, but one stood out in my mind far above the rest of them. And that’s the shocks made by Hagon.

Now Hagon shocks were started up in the 1950s by the world famous motorcycle racer Alf Hagon. The company makes a huge range of Hagon shock absorbers for just about every model of motorcycle past and present.

But unlike the rest of the world in shock absorbers where one size fits all, Hagon has a slightly different approach and that’s it the each pair of Hagon shock absorbers sold is custom made specifically to suit the weight of the prospective customer.

Now, I didn’t want to piggyback shock absorber. I wanted something with a classic traditional profile. So I chose Hagon Nitros, this is the silver spring silver body version with black accents. Hagon shocks are aimed specifically at the custom performance market, not a utility shock. Hagon shock absorber offers full progressive preload control and also 10 position dumping control. Hagon shocks are extremely high quality.

Now, both the spring and the dumper unit itself are made from stainless steel. So corrosion long-term isn’t going to be a problem with these best Hagon shocks.

Hagon shoks has fully progressive preload adjustment via threaded collar of the top. It comes complete with a 2.5 millimeter Allen key, just to unlock the grip screw to stop the adjuster from being inadvertently altered and your traditional C spanner to actually incrementally increase or decrease the preload on your spring.

At the bottom, it has the little nailed wheel, which gives you 10 different positions. Hagon shocks are fully rebuild able and it comes with a two year guarantee.

Hagon shocks are aimed at the performance custom market. And for the vision that I’ve got for this bike in the future, it fits it exactly with what I wanted.

If you’re after a more traditional look, the Hagon shocks 2810, which is a little bit cheaper, gives you that more traditional 1950s, 1960s look, but with similar adjustment capabilities. I’ve said, this is a suspension unit that is designed to last and it exudes quality. And the best part about it is the price is only 379 pounds now.

A 379 pounds is still a lot of money. But if you compare this with the Fox, it’s almost half the price. When you look at what you’re actually getting in Hagon shocks, that 379 pounds is pretty good value for money. Of course, Hagon shocks are British made shocks.

However, a word of advice here when it comes to ordering, do it order from Amazon UK.

This way you will make sure that you get a set of shocks that are custom built to your requirements and your weight.

My Hagon Shocks Review & Personal Experience!

hagon shocks review
Hagon shocks review

I’ve put almost 500 miles on Hagon shocks my recent trip to the Oxford included. The shocks can pre adjusted and I found a preload a little bit for the amount of luggage that I was taking on the trip. During all those miles of travel, I can confirm that the bump stop indicator shows that I am using all of my spring travel without ever bottoming out.

Hagon shocks are performance shocks. The first thing that you will notice even on minimal preload is that the ride quality is substantially firmer than you got with the OEM shock absorbers.

This firmness means that you ride is going to be a little bumpier than you used to with the OEM shocks, but not in a bad way. The shock absorbers do circuit those bumps very well. It doesn’t bottom out.

There’s none of that banging and crushing that you tend to get with the OEM. The sorcery, however comes in, once you get above 40 miles an hour. The best Hagon shocks do an excellent job of keeping that back tire in contact with the road. The ride becomes much plusher and smoother than with the original shockd.

Hagon Shocks Provide Enhanced Bike Ride Experience

hagon shocks review
Hagon shocks review

The ride quality feels much more sophisticated with Hagon shocks whereas with the old shock, you felt them working hard underneath especially at high speed. The Hagon shocks just seem to tick everything in the stride without any drama. The road holding is much improved. And even with weight on the back, there’s none of that wallowing and weaving that you sometimes encounter with the original shocks.

The bike feels safer and more planted, but what it does highlight is the inadequacies of the front Fox suspension. I have got some replacements from Hagon, but I didn’t want to fit them until I’d fully digested what difference these rear shocks have made.

Balance Your Rides With Hagon Shocks

For me, the shocks strike a balance between price, quality and performance, which is hard to be with any other product that I’ve looked at.

Now, if you’re happy with your original shocks, fair enough but if you’re not and you want to improve your handling and you’re looking for a genuine high quality performance upgrade that isn’t going to break the bank, Hagon shocks are well worth looking at.

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