10 Ford Mondeo Powershift Problems And Their Solutions

Although the Ford Mondeo powershift problem is not prevalent in all vehicles, a greater percentage of customers have one complaint or the other about this car model.

On its part, Ford Inc has put measures in place to help customers whose vehicles experience powershift problems. But there are some car powershift faults that do not require the assistance of a car technician which you can easily fix at home. And, with the best of Ford diagnostic software, you can effortlessly detect and fix other issues as well.

It is every car owner’s dream to have a clean ride that is void of problems. The Ford Mondeo is a versatile, reliable, strong and family-friendly automobile. Because of its features, it has become a popular choice for most car owners in the world, especially in the United Kingdom.

But it happens to be plagued by an incessant transmission problem that has led to class action lawsuits against Ford Inc in different countries of the world. Even in some cases, there has been a Ford Mondeo transmission recall where the vehicle becomes faulty while still under the warranty period.

In this article, we will discuss the different Ford Mondeo powershift problems and their solutions common in this model of Ford vehicles, as well as the ways to detect Ford 6 speed powershift automatic transmission problems before they get out of hand.

How Ford Mondeo Powershift Works

The Ford Mondeo is a popular choice among families in Europe, especially in the UK. The car has different models, and most of the various models run on the Ford powershift transmission.

Unlike other transmission systems in other automobiles, the 6DCT250 DPS6 powershift found in the Ford Mondeo is a dual-clutch transmission. This type of transmission uses a pair of clutches, one for even-numbered gears and the other for odd-numbered gears.

While the car is in motion and a gear is selected, the transmission system automatically preselects the successive gear, and as the opposite clutch is engaged, the other is gradually disengaged.

These continuous and perfectly-instantaneous movements allow the transmission system to produce optimal performance while the car is in motion.

Using the dual-clutch transmission in any vehicle is good on paper. But the problem lies in Ford installing the dry version in the Ford Mondeo. Although the dry clutch is fuel-efficient, it comes with a lot of problems faced by customers. Some of these problems range from shuddering under power, slipping of gears, to dragging of the clutch.

These Ford Mondeo powershift problems are a bit complicated while others are easy to fix. Also, these regular problems with the Ford Mondeo powershift gearbox has led to a lot of recalls of this model of automobile. Let’s discuss the major problems and their required solutions.

The Ford Mondeo Powershift Problems

Shortage/ Leaking of Transmission Fluid

ford mondeo powershift problems

Transmission fluid leakage or shortage is one of the most common Ford Mondeo powershift problems. It is quite easy to notice and fix, unlike other hidden transmission faults.

Whenever you notice any fluid shortage or leakage, you should fix it up quickly as this could degenerate into a bigger problem that will cost you time and money.

Just like the human body, the automatic transmission fluid (ATF)  acts as the blood of the powershift unit. The fluid cleanses, lubricates, and conditions the sealed parts of the transmission system. Once there is a shortage of fluid, the engine stops functioning immediately.

To measure the transmission fluid gauge of your car, drive it around for a short time to heat it. Locate a plane level ground to park your car. Open the bonnet to read the dipstick.  If you notice that the fluid is low, then it is leaking and you need to patch it quickly.


To fix this Ford Mondeo powershift problem, take your car to the mechanic workshop to get it patched and thereafter, you can top up the automatic transmission fluid.

Noisy Transmission While in Neutral Mode

ford powershift reliability

Another prevalent Ford Mondeo powershift problem is the thumping noise from the transmission unit while it is in neutral mode. This powershift issue is very easy to notice.

A noisy transmission while the gear is in neutral should not be allowed to continue for long. Whenever you notice this sound from under your bonnet, ensure that you fix it as soon as possible.

Although this Ford Mondeo powershift problem is an inexpensive one, if it is left unfixed it can lead to the damage of other parts of the transmission system.


To fix this car fault, you need to either change or top up the transmission fluid in your vehicle. This is a simple solution you can implement to remedy the situation.

But if after you have changed or added the fluid the noise persists, endeavour to visit the mechanic workshop to get it fixed. It could be that there is an underlying cause of the noisy transmission problem.

Dragging of Clutch

ford powershift gearbox replacement cost

Car owners who have the model of Ford Mondeo with manual transmission will most likely experience dragging of the clutch when they are on the wheels.

A dragging clutch occurs when the clutch disk fails to release the flywheel whenever the clutch pedal is matched. Because the clutch keeps spinning alongside the engine, this makes it completely difficult to change the gear.

Even if you try harder to shift gears, it will produce a loud grinding sound. In most cases, this Ford Mondeo powershift problem occurs as a result of excessive slack of the clutch pedal.

And when this happens, the connection between the clutch pedal and disk cannot separate the flywheel from the clutch disk. In this situation, it is advisable to avoid pressing the clutch as it could lead to the damage of other parts.


This Ford Mondeo powershift problem requires the attention of a professional mechanic to get it fixed.

No-Drive or Non-Response of Transmission Gear

ford mondeo powershift for sale

A non-response of transmission gear occurs when a motorist tries to engage the clutch to move the stick and yet the car does not change position. This Ford Mondeo powershift problem could happen as a result of transmission fluid shortage.

Another reason for the non-response of the gear is that the entire computer system of the vehicle needs resetting. It could also occur because of the use of the wrong fluid type and grade. At times, it could be that the shift cables or clutch connection need adjustment.


To resolve this car issue, you need to know the root cause of the fault before you proceed with the solution. In the case of fluid shortage, simply add more fluid to bring it to the correct level.

If you notice that the car’s computer system is the cause of the problem, disconnect the battery and allow it to rest for close to thirty minutes. After a while, connect the battery again and let the computer system reboot itself.

Also, you can try to change the type of fluid used to the correct one. If after you have tried these solutions there is no change, then you should get the help of a professional mechanic.

Slipping of Gear

ford mondeo transmission recall

Slipping of gear is another Ford Mondeo powershift problem that occurs as a result of the transmission unit suddenly slipping in and out of gear while the car owner is driving.

And sometimes, the gear could slip into neutral. These sudden changes in the gears while driving could result in a severe accident especially on a busy road. This is because when you step on the gas pedal to avoid a risky circumstance ahead of you, it becomes extremely difficult to navigate the wheels.

The gear slipping problem happens when the gears are either broken or worn out. As a way of fixing this problem, you might want to change the entire gearbox.

Hence, you should find out what the Ford powershift gearbox replacement cost will be to budget the right amount for your car repairs.


Except you are a mechanic or you have experience with changing worn out or broken gears, your best bet is to visit a car professional. You should get it fixed on time to avert severe accidents on the way.

And in an instance where the transmission system needs to be replaced, there are Ford Mondeo powershift for sale at auto parts shops.

Check Engine Light

ford mondeo powershift problems uk

The check engine light is found on the dashboard of every vehicle and it indicates whether any part of the car is faulty, particularly the transmission unit.

Sensors are strategically placed on the car’s engine to notify the computer whenever there is an abnormal activity and this is shown on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Although the check engine light could switch on for a lot of other car problems aside from transmission faults, it is vital to take note of these warning signs when you see them.

If you would like to get detailed analysis and information about Ford Mondeo powershift gearbox issues whenever they occur in your car, you should purchase any of the best Ford diagnostic software.

Buying one will help you resolve car problems easily and it will also save you time and money from going to the mechanic.


To get a professional diagnosis on why the check engine light is on, you have to visit the mechanic workshop. This will help resolve the car issues quickly as opposed to guessing.

But if you afford a good OBD2 card reader, then you should purchase one to help you detect and fix various numeric trouble codes.

Delayed Gear Response

ford 6 speed powershift automatic transmission problems

Usually, when you start a car and shift the gear, the vehicle ought to move forward. But there are instances when the car will not move, and this shows that the vehicle is faulty.

If your Ford Mondeo vehicle had an automatic transmission, you may notice that when shifting the gear to park or drive, there is a bit of delay in how fast the car responds.

Even in a car with a manual transmission, the same problem occurs. Each time there is a delay and the gear eventually works, the engine’s RPMs rise, but you will still notice that the vehicle will not move as fast as it should on a good day. One major cause of lack of response is worn out clutch.


To resolve this Ford Mondeo powershift problem, you have to change the clutch. If after you change it there is no improvement, then take the car to the mechanic to find the root cause of the problem.

Shaking or Grinding of Automobile

ford mondeo powershift gearbox

Each time you start a car, it is supposed to move easily and smoothly without any grinding or shaking. Whenever you notice this inconsistency in your car, it denotes that the gears are faulty.

If you have a Ford Mondeo car with a manual transmission, the first thing you will notice after engaging the clutch and shifting the gear is the loud grinding noise. This loud grinding sound indicates that you will have to adjust or change the clutch.

Likewise, cars with automatic transmission function differently. As opposed to making loud grinding sounds in manual cars, the vehicle will take time to kick into gear rather than the normal smooth shifts. If you do not fix the problem quickly, the shaking will become more glaring and it affects other car parts, especially the transmission unit.


The best way to handle shaking or grinding in Ford Mondeo powershift is to take the car to the mechanic workshop. This problem could require more diagnosis to proffer the right solution.

Burning Smell

ford mondeo powershift reset

Another major Ford Mondeo powershift problem is that of a burning smell emanating from the vehicle. This car fault calls for great concern and should be quickly fixed once it is known. This problem occurs as a result of overheating of the transmission fluid.

The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is essential to the overall Ford powershift reliability and performance. The fluid keeps every part of the transmission unit cool and well lubricated. Also, the transmission fluid prevents the parts from wear and tear.

As the transmission system is prone to a high friction rate and excessive corrosion reaction, the correct fluid type must be used. Plus, the quantity of fluid should be in the right amount to prevent the transmission system from becoming too hot as this can lead to its complete breakdown.


Buying and using the right type of transmission fluid will help the Ford Mondeo powershift function optimally. Also, be sure to check out the fluid level regularly to avoid a shortage.

Humming, Clunking, and Whining Sounds

ford mondeo powershift problems

Abnormal humming, clunking, and whining sounds coming from your car’s transmission system clearly shows that all is not well with your vehicle. This is one of the Ford Mondeo powershift problems that is easy to notice.

These sounds differ among various brands and models of automobiles. Even when you try to shift gears while driving, you could experience louder mechanical noise.

Whenever you notice all of these issues in your car, it is advisable to fix the problem quickly before it degenerates into a much bigger problem that will cost more money and time.


If you have good Ford diagnostic software, you can use it to get more information about the problem and fix them. But if you are unable to diagnose and fix the issue, take your car to the mechanic to get professional help regarding the humming, clunking, and whining sounds from the transmission system.

How to Detect Ford Mondeo Powershift Problems

Just as the human body gives signs of ailments before breaking down, automobiles give distinct signs before complete breakdown. There are several ways to detect the ford 6 speed powershift automatic transmission problems.

The main aim of early detection of Ford Mondeo powershift problems is to fix the issue quickly and save cost. Here are the ways to discover Ford Mondeo powershift gearbox faults in time.

Paying Close Attention to Your Car

Since you drive your car often, it is important and necessary to pay close attention to the overall feel and experience each time you are on the wheel. This will help notice the slightest change in your vehicle and get it fixed before it degenerates to a bigger problem.

General Check Up at the Mechanic Workshop

Checking your car’s vital parts is essential to making sure that it lasts longer. When you check your vehicle regularly, you will be able to notice the little changes.

Each time you take your car to the mechanic shop, endeavour to do a complete and general check of your automobile and its hidden body parts like the powershift and transmission unit.

Because their parts of the vehicle are not visible to the eyes and sometimes they could develop faults that are not noticeable, but when you take the vehicle to the car technician workshop, these issues will be detected and fixed in time.

Using the Best Ford Diagnostic Software

The best Ford diagnostic software can detect various car faults. These tools have features that are designed to scrutinise the inner workings of the automobile and the results will be shown on the scanner’s screen or your dashboard.

After which you can proceed to either fix them yourself in the case of a simple fault or hire a car professional to resolve the issues. These tools are beneficial and highly recommended especially when you have any of the modern cars that you can and work on.

But before you purchase a Ford diagnostic tool, be sure to check out if it is compatible with your car’s model.

Differences Between Manual and Automatic Transmission

Different brands of cars have transmission units, which could either be manual or automatic. These two transmission systems are different and when they are fixed in cars they act differently as well.

There are various models of Ford Mondeo that come with either manual or automatic transmission. Before you decide on the model of Ford Mondeo to buy, let’s examine the differences between both transmission units.

●         Manual transmission requires the total attention of the driver to move smoothly, while the automatic transmission requires less interaction from the driver.

●         Manual transmission is fuel-efficient, while automatic transmission utilises more fuel.

●         Automobiles with manual transmission are cheaper compared to cars with automatic transmission.

●         Learning to drive a car with a manual transmission unit is a bit difficult compared to driving an automobile with automatic transmission.

Which is Preferred Between Manual and Automatic Transmission?

Choosing the right vehicle with either transmission unit depends totally on your preferences and budget. If this is your first time buying a car and you have the tenacity to learn quickly, you can choose a vehicle with manual transmission.

There are lots of advantages to learning to drive a manual vehicle. It gives you greater control and knowledge to even drive an automatic vehicle easily. But if you are concerned about driving a convenient and user-friendly car then an automobile with automatic transmission is your ideal choice.

Although it is expensive to buy and maintain, you will enjoy driving through traffic in automatic vehicles compared to manual vehicles.


The Ford Mondeo happens to be a popular car model from the American company, Ford. But due to the numerous problems customers face with the car, it has made it a bit difficult to purchase.

The major problem customers have with the Ford Mondeo is its powershift. Although fixing car transmission problems are generally considered expensive, some of these issues are simple to resolve.

When you have the right tools and implements, you can easily fix the problems, even without the assistance of a car technician.

But in extreme cases, there are lots of companies that repair and rebuild transmission systems all in a bid to get them to function optimally. The cost varies depending on location and technical expertise.

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