10 Essential Ford Fiesta Car Mats To Keep The Dirt Away

Read on for Ford Fiesta car mats UK and our recommendations!

Ford Fiesta cars are considered as probably the most favourite cars in according to their demand for the last ten years. No doubt their fame is all about their internal and external built. With an aesthetic overall look, Ford Fiesta cars are standing out of crowd very easily.

Although the car’s exterior is the basic concern of a lot of customers yet interior is the key to a comfortable drive. In fact, its comfort level and ergonomic seating are up to the mark.

One of the basic measures is to maintain the interior clean and damage-free of any harsh external environment. The car’s floor is more prone this way. Any kind of dust or mud, rain, barn, or dried grass can mess it up.

A car mat is thus an essential accessory to compliment a nice interior. There’s a commendable variety of Ford Fiesta car mats but make sure you’re getting the right one!

Manufacturing of Ford Fiesta Car Mats

Generally car mats for Ford Fiesta have diverse designs and materials. They are designed to be durable, aesthetic and comfortable.

 The most commonly used material for Ford Fiesta car mats is long worn rubber, which is finely tailored to not only fit properly but also is none slippery.

A car mat must be trimmed according to the fit and color scheme of the interior. This will not only enhance the overall look but will also prevent prominent staining.

Ford Fiesta car floor mats are available in a fabricated material also. Velour floor mats can be a valid option to make it look more luxurious. They have a unique design and often give a soft feel.

Benefits of Ford Fiesta Car Mats

These are specially designed car mats for a Ford Fiesta to keep a tidy car floor. They are essential to maintain and protect Ford Fiesta’s floor boards from any external damage.

Everyday drives, rain, dust or mud, spilling water or any other liquids can damage car’s carpet. Not only this but it isn’t healthy as well. It can lead to developing any kind of fungus or influx of germs.

Another plus point of these Ford Fiesta car mats is, they’re available in adjustable quality according to your car model and variation. Thus, just get the car updated with the right fit!

Car mats for Ford Fiesta are designed in a way that they can be easily removed and cleaned up. They’re travel friendly. This feature can save a lot of time too.

 A genuine Ford Fiesta car mat is capable of increasing the durability of car’s floor. Along with the fact that they can be used for an average span of one year.

Still material of the Fiesta Ford car mat and its usage determines its life span. Regular drives with a precautious use of car floor mats can be the cause of its wear and tear, alone.

Essential Ford Fiesta Car Mats

After a brief introduction of the quality and advantages of a genuine Ford Fiesta car mat, it’s mandatory to mention some. Installations of any of them will be enough to protect car floorboards from damage and keep it clean.

2019 Ford Fiesta ST FloorLiner

Ford Fiesta car mats

2019 Ford Fiesta ST floor liner is one of the best-sellers by WeatherTech. From finely built structure to laser-measured fitting, it is the most durable and latest among the car mats available for Ford Fiesta cars. It is built with outstanding technique and engineering.

Ultimate protection from dirt, water, wear, and tears are provided by WeatherTech floor liner. It’s designed to fully surface the car’s floor thoroughly by covering up the front, back, and slightly the sides so that there’s no fear of water spilling into car floorboards.

This floor is made with HDTE (High-densityTri-Extruded) medium. This is an essential matter to incorporate heavy-duty service and provide friction between the mat and car floor carpet. Thus, it can be sensed as a comfortable floor liner.

The structure of these advanced Ford Fiesta floor liners is modified into channels. This modification makes it easier to be cleaned as well as mud or dust particles settle down thus stopping their further spread.

Channels are also effective to prevent any liquid spilling to spread further. All of the accumulated particles and other liquids are then easily cleaned and wiped out in a go.

Hence, this is car floor mat or liner is versatile and can be used under heavy duty. If there are travel plans or the area you’re residing in has extreme weather conditions.

2019 Ford Fiesta All-weather Floor Mats

Ford Fiesta car mats

Keeping the idea of designing a floor mat to synchronize with any harsh weather changes, WeatherTech has got it done in the form of 2019 Ford Fiesta All-weather Floor Mats.

Its dynamic structure has a well-incorporated channeling system to drain water, wed mud, and sand, etc. The best part of their construction is that they are also available for other vehicles too.

Considering their manufacture, 2019 Ford Fiesta All-weather Floor mats are made up of high-quality rubber material, also known as Thermoplastic Elastomer. This material will cope with your concerns regarding odor, that’s usually observed with most of the rubber-made mats.

It’s an economical and eco-friendly product, which is latex-free and has no harmful chemicals or unrecyclable PVCs. They can be recycled and are highly authorized in terms of sustainability.

All-weather floor mats are named so after their high tolerance against extreme temperature changes either low or high. They remain flexible and provide an easy option to get them cleaned on the go!

Another dynamic feature of these floor mats is they’re remodeled to prevent any slipping, with anti- slip rubber ridges. Moreover, their floor mats are made according to the car model.

However Customized All-weather floor mats are also offered, in case you’re not getting the appropriate size in the standard ones.

Velour Ford Fiesta Car Floor Mats

Ford Fiesta car mats

Fiesta ford velour mats are structured according to the model and give an overall luxurious and premium look to the car’s interior. Not only manufactured with a high quality but also durable enough to withstand everyday usage.

It’s specially designed to give an illusion of a soft and shiny fabrication but originally it’s made with a strong core to increase the withstanding capability of the fiesta ford car floorboards.

Velour floor mats are made with the use of the extensive technique by tufting strong strings into outgrown piles.

Another variation in velour floor mats is supreme quality velvet car mats. Which have a thick surface and provide luxury along with a warm feel to the interior.

High-quality Velour Ford Fiesta car floor mats can be installed according to a variation in thickness, else they’re equally durable, aesthetic, and luxurious.

To Fit Ford Fiesta MK7 Car Mats 2011

Ford Fiesta car mats

Fiesta Ford car mats with logo and customized tailoring available on eBay is another sustainable option for protection of car floor along with a style statement.

They are made with a fine quality 650g/m² carpet and can be modified to finely fit into the desired model perfectly.

These ready-to-fit Ford Fiesta car mats with logos are unique in terms of a strong core heel pad that has double thickness. It is made with intricate styling and a hand-trimmed fit. Being leather-trimmed, these fine-quality customized mats are weather-friendly. They can also be used as a protective surface for the already present floor mat.

Color variations and customization of corners trimming are what make them highly commendable to complete your Ford Fiesta’s interior statement.

However, along with other facilitation, these fiesta ford car mats can be further remodeled to have an extra grown boundary to cover the sides of the car.

Thus providing ultimate protection from every kind of external environmental conditions (rain, snow) but also blocking liquid spilling inside the car.

Hence, it can be installed before travel or tours.

Ford Fiesta-Luxury Mats 2 Clips (Halfords)

Ford Fiesta car mats

Ford Fiesta car mats Halfords is another tailored car mat piece which is specifically designed for Ford Fiesta MK7 from 2011 onwards. Like other available options, it’s also fabricated with a premium quality tufted velour carpet of 650 grams per square meter.

The thickness of this Luxury Ford Fiesta car Halfords car mat is 4mm maximum. It comes as a set of four mats to perfect line the entire surface of Ford Fiesta car floorboards.

Ford Fiesta Halfords Mat MK7 is significant for its finely finished cotton fabrication to give it an aesthetic look. It can extensively protect car floors from daily use wears and tear but also provide an additional benefit of traffic noise reduction.

Although Halfords Ford Fiesta car mats are manufactured with fixing clips although they are also essentially built to avoid slipping. Whereas a durable heel padding towards the driver side is an additional treat to increase comfort and style.

Megiteller Car floor Mats custom Fit for Ford Fiesta (Sports only)

Ford Fiesta car mats

Amazon Ford Fiesta Car floor mats are another high-quality car floorboard liners to opt for. Although they can be customized according to the model but make yourself clear about the specific Model you are going for.

Megiteller Ford Fiesta car floor mats are made with supreme quality rubber. Which is free of odor and has a non-toxic composition. The overall build-up of these Ford Fiesta liners is weather-friendly to endure any kind of temperature variation.

They show equal durability and strength towards low degree temperatures as well as high degree ones. They exhibit elastic properties and are soft and comfortable.

Rubber material makes Ford Fiesta Car floor mats Amazon easily cleanable and washable, unlike fabric materials. Contaminations like dust, wet mud, dried grass, and water can be thoroughly cleaned in a go, thus presenting it as a new one.

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One of the most unique features of these megiteller Ford Fiesta car floor mats is their hexagonally embedded structure. Which entraps every kind of liquid spilling and debris.

They can be easily wiped off later. They can be considered as the best option while travels and tours, as their cleanliness and durability, can easily withstand a long drive heavy-duty service.

Also, Amazon Ford Fiesta car floor mats are marketed with customer-friendly services in terms of safe returns and warranty.

2017 Ford Fiesta All-weather Floor mats

Ford Fiesta car mats

The durable and extreme weather-friendly 2017 Ford Fiesta car floor mats are high-quality designed car floorboards liners specially designed for the respective model.

Although the specifications of Ford Fiesta car floor mats (2017) are similar to those of 2019 Ford Fiesta car floor mats. Yet, they’re well-structured and well defined with built-in channels.

As per specification, channeling a car floor mat makes it a hundred times more easily cleanable and handy. The deep incorporated channels are significant for trapping every sort of debris including acid, gasoline spills, sand, mud, and water, etc. Their rubber material is an advanced form of Thermoplastic Elastomer, which doesn’t exhibit any kind of rubber odors.

2017 Ford Fiesta Car flooring is a sustainable and eco-friendly car mats variation. Proving its durability along with zero toxicants and PVCs, it can be recycled once trashed off!

The weatherTech floor liners are an exclusive option in terms of their lifetime warranty, to be challenged by the original buyer. It can be considered as an investment-worthy option not only in terms of reliability and strength but also enhancing the sale quality of Ford Fiesta 2017!

However there are exceptions in terms of damage claims, make sure to check them all.


Ford Fiesta car mats

Ford Fiesta Car Mats 2018 onwards comes up with a fine stitch and red trimming. Ford Fiesta ST Line car mats with logo are also made with a rubber matter. They can extensively and perfectly surface front, rear, left, and right of the car floorboards.

Rubber material makes Ford Fiesta car mats 2018 more convenient for cleaning and repair purposes. Wiping away all accumulated debris and less time consumption is what makes these floor liners more reliable and comfortable.

A car’s floor is prone to every kind of contamination and dirt, whether it’s mud-dipped shoes of a gardener or anybody who’s a pet enthusiast!

Sometimes heavy snowfall and rain also cause floor mats to get damp and wet and take a long time to dry out. So, rubber floor liners are the best option to go for in this case.

Moreover, these Ford Fiesta 2018 car mats have extended flexibility and comfort because of granulated rubber material. It also protects from anti-slipping and covers up previous damages of original Floor liners.

However, a genuine Ford Fiesta ST Line car mats with logo are always supposed to have an international automotive standard including its thickness, material choice, and structural facilitations.

Streetwize Heavy Duty Car Mat Set – Argos

Ford Fiesta car mats

Ford Fiesta Car mats Argos are a set of four heavy-duty car mats with a refined structure and quality. Streetwize Heavy Duty Car Mat set comes with an aesthetic build-up and has a unique color combination.

It will be a great introduction to level up your Ford Fiesta car interior if you are a fan of Electric blue monochrome combinations.

Likewise other durable car mats, Argos Ford Fiesta car mats are a no less option in terms of their high quality and durability. They are installed with additional rubber heel paddings, thus can be an efficient anti-slipping Ford Fiesta Car Mats.

Although Streetwize Heavy Duty Car mat set has a dynamic shape but still it is important to mention that, before their installation checks out for the exact model. These mats consist of four mats, two covering the front side of the car floorboards and two perfectly lining the rear sides.

However, front mats have a size of 72 × 47.5 centimeters alongside Length and width respectively. And rear mats are 42.5 × 47.5 centimeters alongside Length and width respectively.

Argos Ford Fiesta Car Mats have a warranty of one year with a defined returns policy.

2014-Ford Fiesta Floor mats – Carid

Ford Fiesta car mats

Ford Fiesta 2014, DigitalFit molded Floor liners are perfect fitting and finely lined car floor mats. Which are refined and trimmed through laser measures. They provide an overall and complete surfacing of the Ford Fiesta 2014 car floor. 

Modern technology incorporates more finely contoured borders to prevent any kind of spilling through the sides of the car floor mats. The borders of DigitalFit molded liners are thus spread to the sides to block further spilling.

This Ford Fiesta 2014 car floor mat also have embedded channels that serve as reservoirs to debris, dirt, mud, gasoline spilling, and food particles, etc. Channeling of the superficial surfaces provides a soft and comfortable feel to feet.

Since debris is accumulated and entrapped thus can be easily cleaned up and wiped with any damp fabric.

Almost all of the Ford Fiesta 2014, DigitalFit molded Floor liners have the same build-up but they can also be separately installed as Rear DigitalFit Floor liners or Front DigitalFit Floor liners.

These floor liners can be considered as different from others in terms of a high-quality rubber variant i-e; Thermopolyolefin (TPO) , which provides additional protection against heavy-duty wear and tear.

Like other weather-friendly car floor mats, DigitalFit Floor liners also present temperature compensations. They also have a lifetime warranty! Remember warranty of any car mat is the key to its refined reliability!

Buying Guide for Ford Fiesta Car Floor Mats:

After detailed reviews of all essential Ford Fiesta Car floor mats, there are certain features to check out before buying any of them. There’s a wide variety available according to specific models, but going out for the right one can be determined through these points;


One of the first considerations is the durability of any car mat. Always checkout and research about the available materials for example rubber and its variants, fabricated ones, Velour, etc. Durability is concerned with a long life span, response to heavy-duty service, etc.


Always confirm the measurements yourself according to your vehicle’s space. Online shopping of a Car floor mat can be a risk to perfectly fit your Fiesta Ford Car floor. Also, the variants in models are another factor that can lead to measurement deficit.

So, before going to get a new floor mat for your Ford Fiesta Car, measure the rear, front, and backside of the floor. However, with a clarification of the model and the type of fitting you want, select the appropriate brand and Go for it!

Fit Installation

Remember before a nicely fit installation of car floor mats you are required to remove the old car floor mats along with cleaning of car floorboards thoroughly. So that your car’s interior will complement the new installation fully! This will also protect car floor carpet to entrap debris. Therefore a clean and tidy car floor is perfect before any up-gradation.

Marking Installation Spot

Make sure to correctly mark the installation spot. Usually it’s mentioned on the car floor mats, whether it’s for the driver’s side or passenger’s side. But carefully keep a check.

Temperature Suitability

If you’re a resident of an area which have any extreme weather condition either too cold or too hot. It is required to check whether the car floor mat brand you have chosen provides temperature stability or not. As some materials like poor quality rubber may ruin your interior once exposed to a higher temperature or a lowered temperature.

Travel Friendliness of Car Mat

Travel–friendly mats for Ford Fiesta cars are an important consideration, as for a long drive it can get untidy. Always opt for the ones who have entrapped reservoirs or channels so that spilling or dirt won’t show up on the top.

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