What Is Dual Control Car Fitting Price?

Dual Control Car Fitting Price

It can be very challenging to learn how to drive, it isn’t an easy process for both the person learning and the instructors.

When you look into it, you’ll find out that its not just about the time it takes for you to fully get to know all the important skills needed to pass the driving test, but you also need to consider the danger during the learning process.

This means that there’s a potential life-threatening mistakes to be made due to inexperience and nerves.

The good news is that dual control cars can help. Making use of dual control cars will help instructors to protect learners and other road users safe. But what is dual control car fitting price?

Today’s article will show you everything you need to know about dual control car fitting price. It will share with you what dual controls and how they should be fitted.

What Are Dual Control Cars?

Dual controls happens to be a set of pedals that is found on the passenger’s side of a vehicle, even when there is the normal pedals on the driver’s side.

This allows the driving instructor to stop the car with the help of the extra pedals. 

Note that if it’s an automatic dual control car that’s been used for learning, there will only be a brake pedal.

But if the car in use is a manual dual control car, then there will be two pedals on the passenger’s side: brake and clutch.

We have two types of dual control pedals:

Static Dual Controls

Just like the name, these pedals are used on the passenger’s side and this simply means that the pedals won’t move whenever a learner driver is pressing them. 

This also means that the instructors won’t have to worry about having the learner’s feet trapped on the clutch or brake.

Passive Dual Controls

The passive controls will have to move along with the student’s pedals. The driving instructor benefits hugely from this, because it enables them to know exactly what the student is doing.

But on the other side, the instructors run the risk of getting their foot trapped. This means that they have to be on alert!

Dual Control Car Fitting Price

Dual Control Car Fitting Price

The dual control car fitting price can vary, it depends on the seller. However, it starts from £190.00, give or take. 

Note that the price changes daily, so you need to get in touch with the local seller to get a proper quote from them.  

However, it is vital to buy a universal dual control system. This could help you a lot, as they are strong but small and can be fitted into various vehicles, from small cars to regular Lorries and buses.   

These type of dual controls are becoming more popular with driving instructors due to their ability to save cost and the environment. 

The advantage they have over others is that they can be installed into multiple vehicles, though you have to replace the cables after each vehicle change. 

These universal dual controls prices can vary, but they cost from £219.00.

Dual Control Car Pedals Fitting

To have dual control car pedals fitting is a special modification to your car that requires a different type of insurance policy. However, you may be able to get dual controls fitted, but you shouldn’t except you’re a licensed PDI or ADI. Note that it is illegal to give driving instruction for money or monies worth.

Dual Pedals For Driving School Cars

Driving school experiences can be very challenging for both learners and instructors. There is always dangers all through the learning period before you can grasp the vital skills that you need to pass the driving test.

This is why dual pedals for driving school cars is needed for special protection against dangers.

The heavy-duty dual pedals system which is provided by Gilani Engineering happens to be the best that’s ideal for driving school vehicles. When you buy their driving pedals, they will offer you a 5 years’ long warranty.

So in case you don’t know dual control car fitting price, then click this link to get the dual pedals for driving school cars.

Dual Control Car For Sale

Have you been looking for dual control car for sale? Then grab yourself a bargain here with this offers!

Note that all their cars are well looked after, and their cars are super green and eco-friendly which results in zero road tax. Just click this link to see dual control car for sale.

Dual Brake Installation Cost

Note that to install a dual controls brake doesn’t need to have any cutting or heavy modifications to your car at all.

This won’t be like the outdated rods and bars system that were used before. However, below are the rundown estimate of dual brake installation cost.

  1. To remove the old dual brake is $400
  2. The vehicle inspection is $150 which will be paid to the vehicle examiner
  3. To replace cable (The price will be negotiated with installer)

Dual Control Car Fitting Sydney

If you don’t know, dual controls car fitting are an additional set of driving controls meant for the vehicle components such as the accelerator, brake, and clutch can function well and be controlled.

However, if you’re looking for dual control car fitting Sydney, then Gilani Engineering is the lowest you can find on the market.

He-Man Dual Controls Fitting Instructions

Indeed, the He-man dual control brands are still well-known but they’re not as good as when you compare them with the universal dual control system. 

But if you’re looking for He-man dual controls fitting instructions, then follow this instruction.

Just raise the pedal and rotate the splined collar 1 or 2 teeth in a clockwise direction. Once you do this, re-fit the pedal to examine the travel & operation of the dual control pedals.

You can continue to adjust the pedal with this method until you get the desired result.

Dual Control Car For Sale Ireland

If you are in search of dual control car for sale Ireland, then you should chec out these offers below.

  1. Dual control car for sale Ireland
  2. Gumtree Ireland

FAQ Section questions

Can Any Car Be Fitted With Dual Controls?

Yes, the dual control car system is designed to be fitted to any vehicle that has a clutch, brake, and accelerator pedal. Anyone can control the original pedals with small adaptations and train a learning driver.  

Who Can Fit Dual Controls?

Anyone can fit a dual control, but it depends entirely on the type of dual control system you want to install. There are some dual controls you can easily detach through a spring latch or bolt. But I recommend it to be completed installed by an experienced and accredited fitters.

Can Dual Controls Be Removed?

Yes, dual controls can be removed. But you should always remember that removing it rightly is as important as installing it too. So it must be removed carefully.

What Is Dual Control Car?

Dual controls happens to be a set of pedals that you can find on the passenger’s side of a vehicle, even when there is the normal pedals on the driver’s side. This is what allows the driving instructor to stop the car with the help of the extra pedals. 


Dual controls were designed because learners make mistakes while driving that could have serious consequences to other road users.

With dual controls, instructors can take control of dangerous situations which minimises the risk of an accident during lessons.

As you have seen, dual control car fitting price isn’t expensive when compared with the risk of not having it fitted to your car. It helps to make the student feel more comfortable knowing the instructor is in total control. 

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