Do Car Tyres Have Inner Tubes?

In case you intend to replace the tyre on your ATV, wheelbarrow, ride-on mower, forklift, mobility scooter, skid steer or your vehicle, there are chances that you’ll want to know if a tyre has a tube inside.

A lot of drivers wonder and ask, do car tyres have inner tubes? But the easiest way anyone will know is to check at the side of the current tyre being used. Many tyres have this information stamped on their side which indicates either Tubeless or Tube Type. Today’s article will answer many of your queries.

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How Do Car Tires Hold Air?

There is a rubber compound found in the inner tyre that is bonded to the inside of the cord body which helps to keep air under pressure. You should note that modern vehicle tyres no longer have inner tubes inside of them anymore. It is the responsibility of tyre’s beads, inner liner, and bead filler to function together to keep air within the tyre walls.

Why Don’t Car Tyres Have Inner Tubes?

You want to know why car tyres don’t have inner tubes? There are many reasons behind that, but I’ll show you a few of them.

1. Tubeless tyres help to balance weight

2. tubeless tyres reduces deflation rate

3. Tubeless tyres are cost effective.

4. Tubeless tyres have automatic puncture repairing technology.

5. No more flats!

6. Tubeless tires can even run in low pressure

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When Did Cars Stop Using Inner Tubes?

do car tyres have inner tubes

One good thing about tubeless tyres is that it helps to balance weight, and the other major development in modern tubeless tyres began in early 1960s. So I’ll say that cars stopped using inner tubes around the 1960s with the first standard tubeless tyre factory started in 1954.

Car Inner Tube Sizes Explained

In case you’ve ever replaced a tyre before the 1970s, then you will understand that many vehicles then use an inner tube inside the tyres. Note that a tube has a measurement on its body that indicates its correct size. Though it doesn’t come with written instructions, interpreting the notations can sometimes cause confusion for the user.

The tyre Size Measurement Methods

You should note that there are five types of inner tube measurement systems which are popularly used by the tyre industry. They include:

1. The metric tubes

2. Standard inch distance

3. The European metric system

4. The low-profile versions of standard

5. The alpha system

For those who search for car inner tubes near me, you’ll find a 15 inch car inner tube in your local shop.

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How to Read the Tube Size?

It is possible to read the tube size on the side of the inner tube which is either painted or stamped on the rubber. These measurements normally start with the first number which is the correct wheel diameter that the tube will fit on. Next will be the width measurement of the tube.

The Different Notations

You should always remember that not all tubes follow the same reading. Any metric measurement will be reading something like 700 x 23-25c. Note that the first number is known as the tire diameter in millimeters; while the second is the range when it is expanded with air.

Do Car Tyres Have Inner Tubes?

My answer is no. But some off road tyres might have tubes, but they are not found on modern vehicles used on the road. Note that it is not possible for inner tubes to be used in tubeless tyres. This is because the flexing of the tyre and the tube whenever it is rolling will produce heat, and this extra heat that is being generated by fitting the tube to a tubeless tyre can cause the tyre to completely fail. However, this can be dangerous and deadly.

Note that inner tube tyres were used when car tyres were produced by the bias-ply method. This was used due to the rubber cords being placed in the rubber which alternates diagonal layers at about 55-degree angle to the rim.

However, this technology was quickly replaced by using the radial method of tyre manufacturing which are steel-belted with the ply cords and radiates at about 90-degrees to the wheel rim.

There are many advantages to radial tyres which includes longer tread life, better steering ability and improved fuel economy. However, tubeless tyres are 45% more costly to produce.

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So Is It Possible To Install Inner Tubes In Tubeless Tyres?

In case you don’t know, tubeless tyres are meant to be sealed very well in order to avoid air leakages. But tyres that have rim leakage or punctured sidewall are very laborious to seal.

So is it possible to install inner tubes in tubeless tyres with rim leakage or punctured sidewall?

The truth is that it depends on the type of car you are driving. Though it won’t be a problem if you’re looking at motorcycle tyres or bicycle tyres. But this will need plenty of modifications, and that is why car inner tubes for sale are popularly searched.

However, if you’re looking at lightweight cars that normally come with installed tubeless tyres, I recommend you shouldn’t install inner tubes in such tubeless tyres. This is because tubeless tyre rims have a drop center that helps the tubeless tyre rims to retain a large volume of air.

When there is damage to the rim or there is a sudden air escape, it means that the air pressure in the tube body will drop rapidly. An important difference you will notice whenever you are comparing tubeless tyres and tube tyres is the sidewalls thickness. This simply means that tubeless tyres have more prominent thick sidewalls than tubeless tyres.

Does it mean that tubeless tyres can be durable with slightly less thick sidewalls? Note that inner tube helps in supporting the sidewall, and maintains better connection between the inner tube and the tyre with reduced friction.

So do you know what will happen when you install an inner tube in a tubeless tire? The thicker sidewall will increase friction whenever it is rolling and produce heat. And this extra heat that is being generated by fitting the tube to a tubeless tyre can cause the tyre to completely fail.

Please note that this is not safe. So you shouldn’t install inner tubes for tyres in tubeless tyres on lightweight cars, or SUVs.


Many vehicle lovers are curious to know and ask do car tyres have inner tubes. So this article has been able to share with you why modern tires don’t use inner tubes. I just hope you found this information helpful. 

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