Car Transporter Decking: Everything You Need To Know

Car Transporter Decking

When you want to relocate to another state, you wouldn’t want to leave your vehicle behind.

However, it may be problematic if you don’t have enough funds to buy a new car for yourself once you relocate. This is where car transporter decking comes in.

Car transporter decking helps to have your vehicle transported via land through an automotive transport company. They will transport your vehicle and charge you a little fee.

Though there are many different decking options that can pull your vehicle, which means you need to find the one that is best for you.

What Is Car Transporter Decking?

A car transporter decking happens to be an articulated trailer meant to carry as many vehicles as possible. They can be custom built for a company’s requirements and the kind of loads they move.

Since modern vehicles have become wider and longer, so car transporter decking need to be able to accommodate a mixture of both smaller family cars up to full-sized.

Once cars are loaded, they will be secured to the deck of the transporter with a webbing strap over the suspension or the wheel components.

After the vehicles are secured, the ramps can be tilted to optimise space usage.

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Different types of car transporter decking

Car Transporter Decking

Flatbed car transporter decking

Flatbed car transporter are the simple, and the most commonly seen around that have no protective cage for the loaded cars.

Flatbed type is for transporting one to four different vehicles, and as said before, it is the most common. This means that they are easy to find and very cost-effective.

Wedge car transporter decking

This is the type of transporter that can hold one to four different vehicles on them. Though this depends on the style, wedge car transporter can be pulled through the truck.

Making use of it is one of cheapest way to transport more than one vehicle at a given time. But it may not be the best when it comes to safety.

The reason is because the top vehicle can begin to descend into the ones behind.

Gooseneck car transporter decking

This type is similar to flatbed car transporter because they have a large open bed in the back. However, they’re fixed on a rear axle which allows them an easier and more stable transition.

They are often preferred when you have larger loads that may be the kinds of commercial vehicles, work trucks, and much more that may be too large for a common flatbed.

Open car transporter decking

This is the type of transporter used for the residential and commercial industry. It can be seen on the road by common people when they are transporting tools, equipment, or furniture.

But this kind of car transporter can be used to provide an efficient means of moving multiple cars at a time while minimizing the cost for their service.

Enclosed Car Transporter decking

The enclosed car transporter decking is one of the best types if you want your vehicle to be fully protected while it is transported.

It is the ideal type if you’re moving sport or luxury vehicles that cost a fortune. They are often used to transport individual car or two, even though it is large enough to carry a total of eight vehicles at once.

Check out this video for enclosed car transporter decking:

Car Transporter Decking Planks

Car Transporter Decking planks are useful for moving heavy tools and equipment. The planks can be straight side boards, ship lapped or tongue and grooved.

But note that there is no standard size when it comes to decking, it all depends on what you have.

However, a good standard for decking should be 6” x 2” (140 x 38mm dressed size). While the thickness will depend on the type of load to be carried.

Car Transporter Trailers

A car transporter trailers are known as a car transporting trailer meant to efficiently transport passenger vehicles through a truck. Note that modern car transporter trailers can be open or enclosed.

Car Transporter Flooring

This is the type of flooring ideal for car transporter. However, when it comes to car transporter flooring, it is vital to ensure that the one you’ve found can really do the job effectively.

This is important since the floors have lots of work to do. Remember, you will be hauling your heavy automobiles, cargo, or livestock.

Perforated Trailer Decking

Perforated trailer decking happens to be the newest product that provides a seamless solution for storing furniture, carpeting, boxed items, and archive storage.

The decking is very strong, reliable, safe and can be easily installed. It even has a smooth surface that allows you to push and pull boxes on and off a shelf in an easy way.

Punched Decking Belle Trailers

This is a durable steel punched decking equipment meant for car transporters, salvage vehicles or trucks, trailers, and similar usage.

Metal Perforators

Perforated metal happens to be one of the most versatile and we’ll known metal products on the market today. They help to diffuse noise, by reducing echoes.

Metal perforators are also used element in acoustics. They can range from light to heavy gauge thickness. Note that any type of material can be perforated, which includes carbon steel.

It is also one of the metal that’s also economical choice for your car transporter. This is because it can filter out solids, diffuses light, air, and sound.

Perforated Mesh

Perforated mesh happens to be a useful material that’s made from punching thousands of small holes into metal sheets.

However, the distance between the holes, the size of the holes, and the thickness of the material depends on what you want. They comes in the form of panels which can easily be installed.

Square Perforated Sheet

Square perforated sheet is a material that comes with holes that are punched using a square die. Square perforated sheets are lightweight, economical, and extremely versatile.


What License Do I Need To Tow A Car Transporter?

You will require a full car license if you must tow any big vehicle. Though car license already allow anyone to tow trailers. But there are weight of vehicles that your car driving license won’t allow you to tow.

This depends on when you got your license. In the UK however, you’ll be required to know the weight of both the vehicle and trailer. This is also called the maximum authorised mass (MAM).

What Weight Is A Car Transporter?

Car transporter normally fits between 5 and 9 cars, though this depends on the size of the car and trailer capacity.

However, since vehicles weigh under 2000kg, it means car transporter should weigh around 20,000kg to be able to carry the types of loads it carries.

How Wide Is A Car Transporter Trailer?

The normal width of a typical car transporter is about 102 inches, and its height is normally at 13ft 6 inches. While it’s overall length is 53 feet.


Car transporter decking is very essential if you want to move vehicles, tools, or equipment. It helps you to have your tools, equipment, or vehicle transported through road.

After they are loaded, they will be secured to the deck of the transporter with the help of a webbing strap over the suspension components.

However, there are different types of car transporter decking, and they have been mention above for easy identification.

But note that if you must move your vehicle to another location through road, then you must hire a car transporter for a little fee.

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