12 Best Tyres For Ford Kuga 235/50 18”

When Ford Kuga was introduced, it came with the option of petrol and diesel engines. It shuffles driving to either all-four wheels or front wheels through automatic or manual transmissions. It came with the best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18”.

Here’s one of the Spanish-built Ford Kuga that has become Ford’s most-hyped middle size SUV that was offered in 2012 to replace Ford’s Escape. Kuga was sold locally by Ford until early 2017, when the company switched back to the original (and global) Escape nomenclature.

Ford Kuga happens to be among super-fashionable SUVs meant for classy people. It also has better appeal because it is produced as a plug-in hybrid. Ford is an innovative company, they know that the large SUV class is very crowded and competitive. This made them offer lots of options, the Ford Kuga is proof of itself against some other strong rivals.

In today’s article, I will be sharing with you the best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18.

Ford Kuga Tyres

The Ford Kuga compact is a midsize SUV that was produced by Ford which comes in both four-wheel drive editions and front-wheel. Kuga comes in both 1.5 and 2.0-litre diesel engines with another 1.5 litre turbocharged petrol engine that delivers 180bhp, 118bhp, and 148bhp respectively.

The less powerful versions are available with only front-wheel drive, while the 2.0-litre comes with four-wheel drive along with an automatic box as standard. If you’re after maximum miles to the gallon then the 1.5-litre diesel is your best bet. Kuga comes with the best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18.

There are different types of Kuga tyres available in the market.

Winter tyres for Ford Kuga

In case you don’t know, there are winter, summer, and all season tyres. This is quite surprising to me that many people in the UK do not know about this. Winter tyres do better than summer tyres especially whenever the temperature is below 7 degrees centigrade. However, the difference can be seen on ice, slush, frost and even on wet roads.

The reason is that summer tyres harden during lower temperatures and summer tyres lose grip on the road and their ability to stop. This is caused by their rubber compound. This is because winter tyres are produced with softer compounds, and this makes them not to be hardened when the temperature is below 7 degrees centigrade, which makes them more flexible.

However, it works both ways. During summer, winter tyres wear out faster, this means that you need to be changing your tyres at least twice a year. You may argue that this will be expensive for you to do, but it isn’t. This is because two sets of tyres wear out twice slower than when using one set of tyres.

So the only extra cost that is required of you is to change your tyres. In case you have two sets of wheels, then you can change your tyres at home. Just like I said before, winter tyres offer you much more grip during cold conditions, even for Ford Kuga.

However, you can save lots of money on repair costs when you use winter tyres which you can do by avoiding crashing your vehicle in winter on summer tyres. For UK residents, you should start using winter tyres in October and then switch back in April. But in case you’re reluctant in changing your tyres, then I recommend using all-season tyres.

All season tyres

What you should know about all-season tyres is that they don’t provide as much grip in winter as when you compare them with the best winter tyres. However, they are very good too. Though there are still little differences, they are acceptable, especially when you consider that summer tyre will stop if they are in the same conditions.

Many might argue that during winter conditions, the roads will be affected for a few days in a year. But what is very important is if they have dry and wet grip. Note that in the wet, the all season Goodyear tyres happen to be the quietest tyres for Ford Kuga. Though, it is just in the middle between winter and summer tyres. However, in case you don’t want to change tyres twice a year, then the best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18” is the all season tyre as it is much better for your Ford than summer tyre, which will normally fail on snow.

Summer tyres

Many people are asking what are the best tyres for a Ford Kuga? I would point out that it is not too good to use summer tyres during winter conditions. However, when you want to choose summer tyres for Ford Kuga, you need to be wise in your selection. You need to check their abilities and some criteria, this include wet handling, noise, dry handling, fuel saving etc.

Remember, summer tyres are produced using harder compounds and they perform better when the temperature is higher than 7 degrees centigrade.

Many people think that four-wheel drive vehicles don’t need winter tyres. The truth is that they do need it especially on snow, without winter tyres, even four-wheel drive can get stuck.


Your Ford Kuga tyre pressure placard is stuck on your vehicle, and it is the most accurate listing of the tyre pressures meant for Ford Kuga. So in case you’re looking for the tyre / air pressure placard for your Ford Kuga vehicle, you can see it in the opening located on the driver or passenger’s door on the pillar. Sometimes, you can find it under the vehicle’s fuel or charging cap.

Note that not all Ford vehicles have a placard attached to the vehicle. But if yours doesn’t have one, then you will need to find your vehicle’s hand book to know the exact air pressure.

Best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18”

1. Dunlop Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

If the best 235/50 r18 tyres is what you want, then Dunlop offer a variety of vehicle tyres for you. They provide from rally tyres to kart tyres, rack tyres and slick tarmac tyres. They have a line-up that includes different types of car tyres produced for a variety of cars including small, city-dwelling run-arounds, to high performing race track.

There’s a possibility to search Dunlop’s tyres by vehicle size or type, and they feature the Dunlop Touch Technology. This is what incorporates a specific bead seat system which has a flatter tread profile with an asymmetrical tread design.

Dunlop provides one of the most budget-friendly tyres that cost around $80, and some of their expensive tyres could cost you close to $1,400. Though this price is meant for one of their best performing tyres such as the Grandtrek PT3. Below are some of their tyres models:

·  Dunlop SP Touring R1: This model have an improved handling when in wet weather conditions, and a prolonged tread life

·  Dunlop Direzza DZ102: This is designed for sports performance, it reduces fuel consumption, and meant for both wet and dry conditions

·  Dunlop SP Sport MAXX: Made for wet and dry conditions. It is best for the majority of high-performing vehicles, such as Ford Kuga.

·  Dunlop Grandtrek PT3: Produced for people who drive an on-road SUV

·  Dunlop Road Gripper S: This is a 4WD tyres meant for drivers that spend lots of time off the road

One good thing about this brand is that they received five-star reviews in every research category, which include value for money, durability, and overall satisfaction.

2. Kumho Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

This brand happens to be a South Korean best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18″ producer with a wide range of tyres for a lot of vehicles. They have lots of tyres for passenger, light commercial, 4X4, buses, SUV, trucks, and racing cars.

This brand boasts its ESCOT technology, which helps in maximizing how tyres perform by optimising braking abilities and improves the steering. What this technology does is to maintain the tyre shape all through the speed range, and helps to retain the tyre’s ground contact pressure.

One good thing about Kumho is that they have budget-oriented consumer tyres which cost around $80 each. But Kumho also has high performing tyres, as their top-range tyres go for over $400 each. While their mid-range performing tyres can be less than $200 each.

Their range of tyres are: best 235/50 r18 tyres

·  Kumho Ecsta HS51: This model offers both comfort and high performance

·  Kumho Road Venture AT51: This is another best 235/50 r18 tyres that is optimised for dry, off-road traction and performance

·  Kumho Ecsta Le Sport KU39: Produced to be a luxury tyre meant for increased handling and high-speed stability for premium vehicles

·  Kumho Ecowing ES01 KH27: This is one of their new generation meant for fuel-saving tyres

·  Kumho Crugen KL33: This is a premium SUV tyre produced for comfort and steering ability

The Kumho Tyre brand achieved four stars in the majority of categories, which include dry weather handling, wet weather handling, stopping ability, good value for money and overall satisfaction.

3. Michelin Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

If you’re looking for Ford Kuga titanium tyres, then this French tyre manufacturer happens to be one of the largest in the world. Though they have a good range of other interests outside of tyres such as Michelin Star restaurants.

But when it comes to tyres, this brand is one of the oldest tyre producers and happens to be among the most popular. The good thing is that you can search for the tyres that you want by entering either your vehicle model or size.

They also offer a wide range of eco-focused tyres, and also some best performing tyre models. Their best performing tyre is called ‘Pilot Sport’, and this can cost you from $900 per set. Note that drivers who drive everyday can enjoy Michelin’s ‘Energy’ range which costs from about $150 per tyre.

All the tyres here are known for their fuel efficiency and for being eco-friendly. Below are tyres that Michelin offers:

·  Michelin Energy XM2+: This is one of the longer-lasting tyres that saves fuel and greater stopping power for your maximised safety

·  Michelin Energy Saver+: Made for increased fuel efficiency and longevity

·  Michelin LTX Force: This model was built for city commutes and light off-road journeys

·  Michelin Latitude Cross: Known as a multi-purpose SUV tyre, it provides the better traction and driving comfort

·  Michelin Pilot Sport 4: This is one of their best performing range, designed for sport-oriented cars

4. Bridgestone Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

Here’s another well-known brand of tyre on the market. They have been producing tyres in Japan since the early 20th century. They have become one of the best tyre producers in the world, but their tyres are also fairly budget-friendly.

Bridgestone are not left behind as they have cheap tyres that are less than $80 each, and also have expensive performance-oriented tyres that are over $800 each. This means that Bridgestone tyres have you covered from the race track to the city streets.

Bridgestone also provides regular deals for their customers which include cash-back, fourth tyre free, and tyre servicing program that entitles a customer to get an extra discount. There is technology behind their tyres which include Bridgestone’s Run Flat Tyre system, meant to incorporate a reinforced, thicker sidewall for your safety.

They also have Ecopia fuel-saving tyres which come with lower rolling resistance that boasts to deliver a fuel saving of about 4.2% when compared to other conventional tyres. Their range of tyres features:

·  Bridgestone Ecopia EP300: This is a tyre that uses low rolling resistance technology meant to consume less fuel and powers the tyre

·  Bridgestone Potenza RE050A: Another tyre made for sports cars, which offers dynamic sporty handling and control

·  Bridgestone Turanza T002: Another tyre that increases steering response which comes with an advanced casing design meant for comfort

·  Bridgestone Alenza 001: Produced for luxury SUVs and exclusively made for wet and dry roads

·  Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus: Here’s another one that requires less fuel to roll the tyre and it produces less CO2 emissions, and comes with a tread design that offers a number of edges to bite into the road during wet weather handling

The Bridgestone brand is rated a good four stars in all research categories carried, and this includes stopping ability, durability, and good value for money and overall customer satisfaction.

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5. Goodyear Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

Here is one of American tyre producers that was established in Ohio over 100 years ago. They are one of the first producers to make tubeless tyres and also help in supplying racing tyres to Henry Ford. This brand still sponsors lots of motorsports events.

Goodyear tyres come with great technologies which is the 3D-BIS Technology. This is what improves tyre stiffness and stability, Run On Flat is what helps in keeping you on the road even after a blowout, the SoundComfort Technology is what helps to reduce interior noise, and Active Braking is meant for better handling.

One of their best performing tyres is the Goodyear’s Eagle which can cost you up to $800 each, and their cheapest tyres will cost you a little under $100 each. If you want Goodyear’s tyres, then you can search by vehicle type and tyre size. Here are some of their tyre range:

·  Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac: This is one of their 4WD tyres meant for increased off-road traction

·  Goodyear Fortera: Another 4WD tyre, made for Australasia’s varied road conditions

·  Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV: This is another tyre that features QuietTred technology known to lower tyre noise, and it has high grip meant to reduce wet braking distances

·  Goodyear Eagle NCT5 (ECO): This is one of their luxury touring tyres meant a range of premium cars

The Goodyear tyre brand maintains four stars across the board, which include durability, dry weather handling, wet weather handling, good value for money and overall satisfaction.

6. Bob Jane Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

If you’re looking for best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18”, the Bob Jane Car Tyres is one of the best Ford Kuga 19 inch tyres. It is a family-owned tyre company that happens to be Australia’s largest independent tyre retailer. They provide drivers with budget-friendly car tyres, and one of the best 235 50 r18 tyre prices you can find.

This brand provides a wide variety of vehicle services, they offer Road Hazard Warranty which car owners can easily purchase. This warranty covers drivers for punctures, accidental curb damage, accidental cuts, staking, impact breaks, or other damages that come from unforeseen road hazards.

They also offer two types of everyday consumer car tyres which are called the Xenon and All-Rounder. The All-Rounder happens to be a good budget-oriented tyre and can be bought for about $89 per tyre. Xenon is a well performing model but also very cheap and can be bought for about $120 per tyre. So in case you like Australian brands and budget-friendly tyres, then this brand of tyre could be the one for you. Here are two types of tyres from the brand:

·  Bob Jane All-Rounder plus with Silica: Produced specifically for wet roads

·  Bob Jane Xenon Z7 plus with Silica: Produced to be very affordable

The Bob Jane brand earned four-star reviews due to their wet weather handling ability and offer value for money. They also have three stars reviews for overall customer satisfaction.

7. Yokohama Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

Here’s another good brand that has close to 100 years’ experience in tyre production in conjunction with US tyre manufacturer Goodrich. This brand offers different types of tyres, from everyday tyres to four wheel drive tyres, and to high performing tyres.

They use their natural rubber production to create a tyre that’s known to be 80% petrochemical free. They have a range of tyre that feature a unidirectional tread pattern that increases straight-line acceleration.

One good thing about them is that their prices range from about $100 to nearly $600 especially for their ‘Advan’ sport tyre range. Truly, Yokohama brand of tyres comes with a rich racing pedigree and the company sponsors lots of motorsports events around the world.

Customers in the UK should keep an eye on various deals such as cash-back offers and discounts whenever they buy any Yokohama tyre. Here are some of their tyre models:

·  Yokohama BluEarth – ES ES32: This model features rolling resistance meant for fuel efficiency

·  Yokohama ADVAN Fleva V701: Another model that provide low tyre and cabin noise

·  Yokohama ADVAN Sport V105: This is the Yokohama’s flagship tyre made for high performance

·  Yokohama Geolandar X-CV G057: Produced for Premium Crossover SUVs and comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern that helps to improve grip, handling and driving comfort

·  Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015: Here’s another model that provide an all-terrain capability, good for 4WDs, SUVs, and Utes.

8. Hankook Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

Another tyre producer based in South Korea. Their tyres are for both everyday driving and performance focus consumers. They offer a range of tyres good for everyday drivers, and their tyres begin at about $75 each. One of their performance ranges, which is called ‘Ventus’, is among the best with the most expensive at about $500 per tyre.

Hankook also offers a large range of off-road tyres meant for people using 4WD vehicles and can be bought from $200. This brand has an optimum proportion of Dyna-ProFET rubber and silica which helps in reducing rotational resistance and driving fuel.

The brand features a 3-Dimensional groove pattern which improves performance on both dry and wet roads. Their tyre model include:

·  Hankook Ventus RS4 (Z232): Produced for street and circuit driving

·  Hankook Ventus Prime3 (K125): Designed to be lightweight, but provides safer handling even with a sporty driving style

·  Hankook Kinergy EX (H308): Produced for fuel efficiency and high performance

·  Hankook Optimo K415 (K415): This is a summer tyre meant for small and medium-sized vehicles

·  Hankook Dynapro HP2 (RA33): This is a high-performing tyre for luxury SUVs

9. Continental Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

Here’s another brand that is one of the largest and oldest tyre producing companies in the world. This brand differs from many of their competitors as they offer not just tyres but also powertrains, brake systems, chassis components and other products. Note that this brand has plenty of tyres you can choose from.

One thing about this brand of tyres is that most of their prices sit around the $300 mark. However, one of their cheaper tyre is the ‘ContiPremiumContact’, which begins from $135, and their most expensive ‘ContiSportContact’ tyres can be bought for about $600 per tyre. Below are a few of their tyres you can choose from:

·  Continental ContiSportContact 5P: This happens to be a high-performing tyre that comes with increased handling

·  Continental ContiCrossContact UHP: This tyre is meant to provide high levels of driving comfort and safety for high-performing SUVs

·  Continental UltraContact 6: Produced to provide an enhanced driving experience and comfort with all performance features

·  Continental ContiPremiumContact 5: Made with 3-D groove technology which is meant to disperse water more efficiently

·  Continental ContiEcoContact 5: Made to fit a lot of small to mid-range vehicles and comes with rolling resistance compounds meant to reduce fuel consumption

The Continental brand of tyres achieved three-star reviews in all research categories, which include dry weather handling, wet weather handling, durability, noise, stopping ability, value for money and overall customer satisfaction.

10. Pirelli Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

This tyre brand is an Italian manufacturer, which is considered ofne of the best when it comes to supplying high-performance tyres to luxury and exotic cars such as Lamborghini, Maserati, BMW, Audi, and Porsche. If you have high-speed cars, then performance tyres are a must for you. The Pirelli tyres are known to have specific tread patterns and construction which is good for maximum grip on the road in both dry and wet conditions. Not only that, they also have Ford Kuga 18 inch tyres.

Pirelli brand also makes tyres for everyday cars, SUVs, and trucks. But the brand’s high-quality tyres come with high price tags. So below are some of their best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18″:

·  Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season: The best for high level of performance in all weather conditions

·  Pirelli P Zero Corsa: Produced for every road surface

·  Pirelli P Zero Rosso: Produced best for sports vehicles with a medium-high displacement

·  Pirelli Dragon Sport: This is one of their premium tyre designed for the UK road, and comes with improved handling performance in both wet and dry weather

·  Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus: Made for off-road performance on difficult surfaces which include snow, rocks, grass, mud, and sand.

11. Toyo Car Tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

This is a Japanese brand that provides a good selection of budget-friendly tyres which begins from around $70. The Toyo tyre brand also has a good range of SUV tyres, with the most expensive coming in at over $1,000 each!

But most tyres cost about $100 each, and this represents a great option whenever you are searching for a cheap tyre for everyday use.

With the feature of Toyo’s silica-tread compound, they offer predictable car control in all weather conditions and road surface. The ‘E’ mark that appears on Toyo tyres shows that it comes with low rolling resistance and wet traction, and this is verified by JATMA. Below are some of their tyres:

·  Toyo The Proxes Sport: This is one of their high-performance tyre meant for sports vehicles

·  Toyo Proxes R1R: Made with improved levels of wet and dry grip

·  Toyo NanoEnergy 3: This tyre is very durable and comfortable for everyday motoring

·  Toyo Proxes C100+: This model features a new technology that minimises tread pattern noise.

12. Maxxis tyres

best tyres for ford kuga 235/50 18

This brand is the best tyre producer from Taiwan. They design tyres for a wide range of commercial vehicles, which include ATVs, light trucks, and even motorcycles. However, they might not be as big as others such as Bridgestone, Michelin, and Goodyear. But Maxxis has made a solid reputation that makes car manufacturers such as GM, Ford, and Volkswagen to have contracted them to produce tyres. Below are some of their tyre features:


This brand’s tyres are produced to last for long years no matter how intensive consumers use them in harsh conditions. Their tyres are also backed by good tread warranties that ensures their durability. 

Fuel Efficiency

Maxxis tyres has good fuel efficiency. Their tyres are as consuming as most tyres produced for trucks, crossovers, and SUVs. 

Better Handling

Their tyres provide good handling and grip, whether they’re produced for everyday cars or off-road cars. Maxxis tyres are equipped with the latest technology in tyre production that delivers optimal stability and traction on all road surfaces.


Their tyres are one of the best all season tyres for Ford Kuga and they have spent millions of dollars on brake performance, high-speed, noise vibration, and handling tests to make sure that their tyres are up to standard. This means that your new set of Maxxis tyres will stand the test of time. 


As we all know, quality comes at a price, and this is why Maxxis tyres are priced very higher than other competitors. The Maxxis brand of tyres cost car owners about $120 per set, and to me, it is pretty reasonable when you consider the quality the brand has to offer. 

What are the best tyres for Ford Kuga?

In case you’re confused about the best tyres for a Ford Kuga, below are the best car tyre brands for Ford Kuga. Note that this is rated by many motorists in the UK.

  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • Kumho Tyre
  • Bridgestone
  • Bob Jane
  • Continental

Best all season tyres for Ford Kuga

What are the best all season tyres for Ford Kuga? If you want the quietest tyres for Ford Kuga, or Ford Kuga 18 inch tyres, then below are some you can choose from.

  • BF Goodrich
  • Falken
  • Firestone
  • Maxxis
  • Nitto


When you want to buy the best tyres for Ford Kuga 235/50 18”, the listed tyres above represent the best you can get on the UK market. Remember that getting a good tyre is a way to invest in your vehicle and driving comfort, and your safety.

However, you do not need to be under pressure and buy expensive tyres if your budget is to buy cheaper ones. But make sure you go for the best all season tyres for Ford Kuga.

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