15 Best Tyres For Ford Fiesta In 2022 & Beyond

When you want to choose tyres for your Ford Fiesta, you need the best tyres for Ford Fiesta. Though we have lots of options available for you to choose from. So for motorists who are searching for tyres that have durability and high level of fuel economy, tight handling, and enhanced level of braking performance, you will get the Ford Fiesta tires price here.

Ford Fiesta is produced by the Ford Motor Company, which happens to be the world’s fifth-largest automobile producer in the world. The Ford Mustang is one of the models that has made Ford a household name all over the world. This is due its popularity and high demand and features in racing events and many movies. However, the Ford company produces other vehicles including the Ford Edge, Rangers, Focus, Kuga, etc.

Note that you get what you pay for, and this applies to buying car tyres. There is an influx of cheap car tyres flooding the UK market, it is becoming very tempting to just go for cheap tyres and just drive away. Not only that, the number of brands on the market makes it hard to separate the ones that are not durable and those that will put holes in your wallet.

So what tyre should you choose for a Ford Fiesta? The Ford Fiesta is known as the UK’s best-selling car ever, it has been available on the market for many years. Below you will find the best standard tyres produced for a Ford Fiesta. All brands here were scored on wet weather handling, durability, dry weather handling, noise while driving, stopping ability, and value for money.

How Ford Fiesta tyres were tested?

Wet Testing

As you know, wet roads happen to be where drivers are most likely to exceed their tyres’ grip, and this is why they were tested. For the measurement of lateral grip, we headed to the 60-metre wet circle, and the car was accelerated from beginning to push wide. Note that multiple laps provide an average time.

When it comes to the brake test, the rail system makes sure the tyres hit the same piece of wet tarmac every time, and during the test, we use an average of the distance taken to stop from 50mph.

However, the rail system was then adjusted to put one wheel in the water, and this gave the opportunity for measuring longitudinal aquaplaning. During the test, vehicles were accelerated through the strip, and the speed of each front wheel was measured. The velocity where recorded with the one in the water exceeding the other by 15 per cent. 

Dry Testing

We used the lap times to rate dry handling using the long sweeps and turns. The multiple laps are completed and the average taken. 

Note that dry braking was measured from 100kph (62mph) to a standstill. We also did the same in the wet assessment, and remember that several stops were completed and an average distance were taken for the final ranking.

Fuel economy

During the test, rolling-resistance assessment was carried out to industry standards and we measured the force that is required to roll a loaded tyre. This helps in measuring the difference between the powers required to push a vehicle with tyres at 30psi, then at 10psi. The fuel economy changes by around one per cent for every five per cent shift in rolling resistance.


Note that the EU label’s rating is based on the environmental effect on external noise, and drivers are more concerned about what they can hear in the cabin. The test was done using a microphone which was mounted centrally inside the cars and the noise levels were measured at 100kph driving on smooth tarmac. 


The prices of tyres here include the cost of fittings and alignment. These prices are correct at the time of calculating the results of the test carried. However, price plays a major role in our overall tyre rating.

If you are looking for best tyres for Ford Fiesta, the Hankook Dynapro AT-M happens to be one of the best tyres that offers enhanced grip off-road while still providing on-road comfort. The Dynapro AT2 is a more street-friendly tyre model like the F-150 Platinum. Dynapro AT2 comes with a six-year/50,000-mile tread life warranty with the tyre industry’s Severe Snow Service rating.

1.     Hankook Dynapro AT-M

best tyres for ford fiesta

However, it isn’t a replacement for dedicated winter Ford tyres in an environment that has significant snowfalls and long winters. Dynapro AT2 is also not a dedicated off-road tyre.


  • Good for highway and light off-road use
  • It comes with six-year/50,000-mile tread life warranty
  • Provides car owners about 70,000 miles and more


  • Many car owners report issues with handling in the wet
  • Lots of buyers complains of tyre noise
  • Many users suggest that tyres may lose some snow traction midway via tread life.

2.     Dick Cepek Extreme Country

best tyres for ford fiesta

This is another wonderful Ford Fiesta tyre size 2007 meant for off-road that is designed for maximum traction in both dirt and mud. The producers used a tread compound which offered an improved cut and chip protection. Not only that, it also has an ejector tread grooves which keeps stones from clogging.

There’s an extra tread molded along the top of the sidewall. This is due to the varying conditions and abuse that off-road tyres in the UK faces. Note that this brand doesn’t offer a treadlife warranty, though they provide unlimited workmanship and materials warranty. Remember that this tyre is not all-season M+S (Mud and Snow), you shouldn’t use them in severe winter weather.


  • It has strong traction on dirt, mud and rocks
  • It has an aggressive appearance
  • You will have smooth ride


  • It can be noisy
  • Car owners reported that it has traction issues on wet pavement
  • You can use it on snow

3. Michelin Defender LTX

best tyres for ford fiesta

Here’s another great tyre and one of the best tyres for Ford Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost. It is meant for those who live their lives on rural highways, on city streets, and interstates. This Michelin Defender LTX M/S tyre is a highway all-season ford Fiesta 15 inch tyres designed to provide a smooth ride and year-round traction on both dry and wet pavement and also in light snow.

As we all know, when it comes to picking the best tyres for Ford Fiesta, durability is a strong point. This is why Michelin provides a six-year/70,000-mile tread life warranty for this great tyre.


  • Car owners reported it has excellent traction in rain and light snow
  • It gives you quiet, comfortable ride
  • Has long tread life warranty


  • Very pricey
  • You cannot substitute it for true winter tyres in climates that need them
  • Car owners complained that the tread life is not as good as the warranty suggests

4. General Grabber UHP

best tyres for ford fiesta

As many Ford models engines produce over 200 horsepower, there’s a need to have strong and durable tyres. The General Grabber UHP tyres provide you with a low-profile look and come with hydroplane resistance in the wet and also offer you enhanced traction in light snow. This tyre fits high-speed cornering especially for the UK road terrain.


  • It comes with a reasonable price
  • Has an aggressive appearance
  • It has long tread life


  • Car owners say tyres are a bit noisy
  • It tend to track rain grooves in pavement
  • Is not good for more than light snow

5. Firestone Winterforce LT

best tyres for ford fiesta

There are some areas in the UK that get such severe winters that all-season tyres aren’t just enough. This is exactly where the Ford Fiesta tyre size 2013 winter comes in. This Firestone Winterforce LT tyre is a great winter tyre made for excellence, and built for maximum durability.


  • Produced to dig in and provide traction in snow
  • The studs can make a difference on ice
  • It has a solid rain performance


  • It can sometimes be noisy on pavement even without studs
  • It tend to track rain grooves in pavement
  • It can be costly


best tyres for ford fiesta

Here’s another tyre that is known as one of the best in its category. The result of the several tests carried out by independent organizations shows that the MICHELIN PRIMACY has a remarkably short braking distance. It shows that the PRIMACY tyres stop 2.3 meters shorter than other rival tyres. When on dry surfaces, you notice the difference up to 3.8 meters.

When it comes to safety, this is indeed a highly welcome feature. This tyre brand comes with Flexmax 2.0 rubber compound which helps in increasing traction on wet surfaces. This means that you no longer need to worry about dangers like aquaplaning.

PRIMACY tyres have EvenPeak and CushionGuard technologies. These are technologies that help in providing a comfortable drive even on the most imperfect roads. This means that when you find yourself off-roading, there’s a possibility that you’ll enjoy your ride.

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best tyres for ford fiesta

Here’s GOODYEAR’s EfficientGrip that offers Ford Fiesta owners with an amazing way of saving money on changing tyres while enjoying durability. The EfficientGrip tyres have a special silica tread compound which helps it to last longer, allowing users to use them for an extended time.

Another good thing about the tyre is that it has a lightweight structure. Whenever you combine it with a special compound, you will notice that the rolling resistance will go down considerably. This means that your fuel consumption and carbon emissions will reduce especially when comparing it with rival tyres.

GOODYEAR EfficientGrip has a low braking distance on both dry and wet surfaces. This means that you will drive comfortably no matter the road surfaces.


best tyres for ford fiesta

If you desire a premium Dunlop tyre, then DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX 050+ is meant for you. This is because it is designed for high-performance cars. So in case you have a Ford Fiesta, I recommend that you buy the Sport Maxx 050+. It is a tyre that comes with Dunlop’s optimized silica which has 4D nano-design, and plays a major role to improve traction on wet surfaces.

Another good thing about it is that the Maxx has wide water evacuation grooves which ensures faster dispersion of the water to further improve wet surface traction. It has a centered rib design that helps the SP Sport Maxx 050+ to maintain good stability and traction while cornering.

It is one of the Ford Fiesta 15 inch tyres known to be silent. This means that even if you are driving on the highway or on uneven road surfaces, you will observe minimal noise in the cabin.


best tyres for ford fiesta

The Hankook brand is fast becoming a well-known name in the tyre industry. They are currently manufacturing good equipment tyres for a lot of leading automobile companies. So if you’re in search of a brand of tyres for your Ford Fiesta, then I recommend the Dynapro HP2 RA33 Hankook model for you.

It has a straight four-channel waterway which ensures there’s a rapid dispersion of water, and reduces risks like aquaplaning and helps to improve wet surface traction. It also comes with a high-loading silica compound that lowers the rolling resistance, and allows you to save a good amount of money on fuel.

Dynapro HP2 RA33 also has a high-density polyester carcass that promotes a better steering response and helps in improving handling. This is indeed an ideal tyre for cars such as Ford Fiesta.


best tyres for ford fiesta

For real, this model of the FALKEN brand has performed above the expectations of many car owners. It has an off-road grip and handling that you cannot fault, even for the slow rock crawling on tracks, this tyre will just stick to the ground. WILDPEAK AT3W tyres also have very minimal road noise when driving on the highway and perform great in the wet.

It is packed with lots of technology including 3D canyon sipe technology, the Falken’s heat diffuser technology, a super aggressive new upper sidewall, and rugged and rigid tread blocks. It has a full-depth sipes and grooves that maintains consistent performance and appearance via the life of the tyre.

·  It has excellent grip and braking while on wet road surfaces for safety

·  It has shorter braking distances than other rival tyres

·  It is a premium tyre for Ford Fiesta tyre size 2009

·  You will experience an excellent quiet and comfortable drive

·  It has great warranty


best tyres for ford fiesta

This is another tyre model called Wrangler from Goodyear which is produced and tested in some of the harshest off-road areas. It provides you with 4WD performance and experience for the most extreme driving conditions, and it also features an aggressive asymmetric tread that is made to give you additional traction and grip.

This model is great on road and gives you excellent off-road performance. It provides you with regular rotations and a minimum road noise. It has Kevlar technology that is situated through the sidewalls of the tyre which helps to provide you with extra toughness and durability. I highly recommend the tyre to anyone that can afford it.

12. Kumho Crugen Premium KL33

best tyres for ford fiesta

The Kumho Crugen Premium KL33 tyres are good for your Ford Fiesta, they were originally designed to be used as original equipment on the Hyundai Santa Fe crossover. But these all-Season light tyres can be used in a wide array of sizes and cars.

It has a combined sophisticated low-profile look which has a large rim diameter produced to enhance your Ford Fiesta overall appearance. The tyre has an all-season tread compound that is produced to provide you long tread life, an enhanced traction, and a drastically minimized rolling resistance.

It also has a compound that is molded into a symmetric variable pitch tread pattern which has been designed to minimize road noise and gives you a quiet ride. These tyres were constructed with independent tread blocks and wide circumferential grooves, which helps in offering users with well-balanced handling around town and on the highway when at higher speeds.


  • It has an attractive low profile look
  • It has dry traction and handling/cornering grip
  • Provides comfortable ride


  • It has more than light snow which could create major traction issues
  • It needs a boost in wet grip


best tyres for ford fiesta

This is the latest all-round performing tyre that the Pirelli brand is offering. Whether on and off the road, it is produced to deliver high off-road performance in various road conditions. It has a new tread pattern that is aggressive on off-road, and it makes minimal road noise, especially when cornering.

If you’re someone who makes long trips over some fairly average dirt roads, then you will be impressed with this all terrain tyre. When on the highway, this tyre will provide you with great wet and dry performance with low road noise and off road. The tyre is as solid and capable as some of the more expensive brands out there such as Coopers and BFGoodrich.

However, there are some key features worthy of mentioning in this Pirelli’s new AT Plus model which are the new optimised contact pressure distribution, aggressive block tread pattern, optimised tread block pitch sequence design, longitudinal grooves, and a wider sidewall layout.


best tyres for ford fiesta

This is another brand of tyre that provides you with more than 16,000 KMs.

About 80% of Fiesta users absolutely love this tyre and would recommend the Maxxis MT-772 RAZR to others. Note that this tyre stands up to its competitors.  

This is an aggressive tyre that provides a stack of new features which include the new dual-cord casing ply intertwined reinforcement fibres, and all-new innovative sidewall design and tread pattern. The tyre brand is indeed superior to some of its rivals.

·  It has excellent braking and cornering on wet roads.

·  It has a high level of traction, grip and safety on both dry and wet roads.

·  It provides you with a quiet and comfortable ride and minimised noise levels.

·  There’s excellent wear performance due to interlocked polymer compound which is equipped in every UC6 SUV tyre.


best tyres for ford fiesta

Another great tyre brand that offers more than 265,000 KMs.

This tyre is guaranteed to offer you 60,000kms with a tread pattern that is good for the modern-day cars and perfect for the Ford Fiesta. The KUMHO KL61 AT provides you with a less aggressive tread pattern, and is perfect for 50/50 on and off road driving.

This less aggressive tread pattern helps in providing excellent grip when on sealed roads for both wet and dry surfaces while being relatively quiet. The good thing is that it has great performance on dirt, in sand (both beach and desert), and gravel, and over rocks which gives no problem whatsoever.

However, the tyres will look a bit worse for wear after three weeks off-road, though some highway usage will seem to smooth out the tread as they continue to wear. Though they are not great in mud. But while some might be wary of the 2-ply sidewall, many users have had no problem with it and have had a better ride when compared with 3-ply.

Though as for me, they are great tyres to use during the week which is more than capable for wherever the weekend may lead. They provide the ultimate balance of performance, comfort, safety, and handling.

How do I know when I should replace my tyres?

Indeed tyre blowout happens to be a good indication that shows you need to change your tyre. But there are other subtle indicators that shows your tyres might require replacement. Below are some common ways to know when your tyres need replacement.

Tyre tread

Remember that tyre treads are made to remove and disperse water between the road and tyre which helps to maintain grip and traction in wet weather. But because of constant contact with the road, tyre tread wears down, and most time becomes less effective in the long run.

You can identify tread as the grooves that can be seen in your tyre, and there’s tread indicators that can be seen inside these grooves which shows you how far your tyre is travelling. Any tyres that don’t have much tread left in them are called bald tyres. When your tyres are like this, your local police officer will pull you over and give you a traffic ticket.

Tyre Age

Another thing that needs to be considered when it comes to replacing your tyres is the age of the tyre. The more tyres age, the compounds that are responsible for holding the tyre together will start to break down, especially when left exposed. When this happens, your tyres can still become unsafe after a long time, even if you don’t drive often.

This is the reason most tyre manufacturers recommend that tyres should be thoroughly examined every year after being used for five years, and completely replaced once they get to 10 years. There’s a way to check the age of your tyre which is by examining the identification numbers seen on the sidewall of the tyre. Tyre date is the last four digits on the tyre, with the first two digits showing the week of the year, and the last two digits indicating the year itself.

Here Are 6 Ways To Maintain Car Tyres

It is very vital you take good care of your vehicle tyres to ensure they’re not only just safe, but for them to also be durable. However, some factors can cause the life of your tyres to shorten, if they are not properly taken care of.

Here are some ways you can maintain your tyres

1. Drive safely and sensibly

Driving safely will help you to prevent your tyres from wearing out too quickly. Whenever you don’t speed too much you will end up helping your tyre to be durable. Avoid adding unnecessary pressure on your tyres while driving by not putting additional heat and not applying sudden brake.

2. Keep your tyres clean

This seems to be obvious, but you should regularly clean up your tyres because it is one of the ways to ensure they’re maintained.

Try using warm soapy water and a wire brush to give the tyres a good scrub especially when you are using continental tyres for a Ford Fiesta. Doing this not only takes off dirt and stones from the tyre treads, but it also allows you to conduct a visual examination on your tyres.

3. Conduct a visual check

It is necessary that you do visual check on your tyres. Make sure that every month your tyres are inspected for signs of damage and wear.

4. Ensure legal tread depth

If you want your tyres to be road legal, the tyres must have a tread depth of at least 1.6mm. When the tread is less than this, you might face fine of up to £2,500 per tyre.

You can check the treads on your tyres regularly and doing this means you’ll be able to spot any potential problem before they happen. Note that it’s your responsibility to ensure you’re driving on tyres that have the legal tread depth.

5. Check out for bulges, cuts and cracks

Whenever you are checking your tyres’ treads, make sure you keep a lookout for cracks that might have appeared. Some cracks in the treads can be rare, but are common signs of structural damage that might need to be checked by a tyre specialist immediately.

These cracks, cuts, and bulges on your tyre sidewall should also be checked out as soon as possible. Sometimes they can weaken your tyres, which can potentially lead to you having a blowout.

Most cracks are commonly caused by little exposure to rapid changes in environmental temperature, sun rays, and moisture. So if you can, try to park your car in a garage regularly or a shady spot if they will be exposed for a longer period of time.

6. Examine the air pressure

As you conduct a visual inspection, make sure you check each tyre’s air pressure. Note that on your vehicle handbook, you will be able to find information on the right PSI they should be. You can also examine this with your own pressure gauge, or when at a petrol station, or your local tyres technician.

7. Rotate your tyres

One other way you can increase the lifespan of your tyres is by rotating them regularly, at least once every six months. When you rotate your tyres, it means they won’t wear more evenly, and this means the treads will remain above the legal minimum for a long time and won’t require changing quickly.

8. Maintain your tyres when not in use

When you don’t use your tyres, the natural round shape of the tyres can flatten. So to prevent this, you should ensure you drive the vehicle at least once per month. But in case this isn’t possible, then remove and store your tyres in your garage.

Note that tyre maintenance isn’t exclusive to tyres fitted to your car. So you must store them safely and securely to prevent this. Always do proper cleaning and drying, try hanging or stacking them perfectly, and do not expose them to sun rays, extreme temperatures, or harmful chemicals.

When should you check your tyre pressure?

I recommend inspecting tyre pressure every two to four weeks. Poor tyre pressure maintenance can affect your car’s performance and when this happens, it will affect your safety. Note that naturally, tyre pressure decreases over time, so it is vital you check it regularly to help optimise the tyre’s lifespan and fuel consumption. Checking your tyre pressure regularly can also help identify any damage or punctures in your tyres.


Note that the best tyres for Ford Fiesta are what you need and they are already listed in this article. However, each of the tyre brands here has a specialty on which they choose to focus. So buying any of these tyres will serve you better in the future years.

But I highly recommend you to select a pair of tyres based on what you want and the brand that best suite you. You can also consult your local mechanic for professional advice.

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