25 Best Summer Tyres That You Can Buy Today

To many drivers, the world of tyres is mysterious and unexplored territory, it is full of unknown technicality. Remember that tyres are known to be one of the most vital components in a vehicle as they are the first point of contact between a car and the road. This is why you need the best summer tyres.

Car tyres have a major role when it comes to keeping your car upright. They have a way to influence your speed and the way your vehicle rides and, of course, it is what will bring you to a screaming halt whenever you inevitably have a tyre puncture.

When you send your vehicle to a tyre workshop for replacements, then you can prevent most of this jargon. But in case you have the intention of ordering the best summer tyres online, then you’ll end up dealing more intensively with lots of the acronyms and abbreviations. Note that there are various vehicle-specific models of what is apparently the same type of tyre.

For example, you’ll observe that there are about 10 models of Pirelli P Zero. This means that choosing the right tyre for your car is a very important decision to make. Ultimately, the best summer tyres will have an ideal balance of rolling resistance, better grip, weight, and puncture protection.

So now is the best time for you to buy one of the best summer tyres on the market. Today’s reviews take value for money, usage experience, and popularity into account. I have to observe what other customers have to comment about a particular brand and cover every little detail I could find.

However, out of the 25 best summer tyres that are evaluated and researched, MICHELIN CROSSCLIMATE Tyre is the best option I think you can buy. So just relax and read all the detailed information and buying guide that can help you in making the right decision.

So What Are The Different Types Of Tyres?

Currently, tyres, especially best summer tyres 2022, are becoming increasingly complex pieces of kit. Instead of having a rubber ring, they used large, advanced fabrics, durable tyres that had steel, and tough rubber compounds. There’s implementation of engineering technology in their own right. Additionally, as technology has continued advancing, there has become massive growth in the number of different kinds of tyres to choose from. Though this depends on the conditions you’re facing.

So because of this, let me give you a breakdown of the different types of tyres, and the best time to use each of them.

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Summer tyres

When in hot conditions, having simple tread patterns will deliver the best driving and braking experience, and because of this, it is the key feature of summer tyres. But summer tyres only make sure you get optimal performance in temperatures that are down to +7°C. This means that if the UK is where you stay, summer tyres shouldn’t be what you will rely on all year round.

Winter tyres

As you know, you get better experience with winter tyres during cold, or icy conditions, and you need to consider when the temperature falls consistently below +7°C. So for you to keep traction and proper brake functionality, then winter tyres needs to have a wider, deeper, and far more intricate tread pattern, and this makes them instantly recognisable.

Run flat tyres

This type of tyre is relatively new, but it is becoming very popular among many manufacturers. The reason is because run flats allow users to carry on driving even with a puncture and whenever their tyres don’t have enough pressure, which means that they’re incredibly useful during emergencies.

All season tyres

These types of tyres work better in climates where the temperature and conditions change heavily. This means that all season tyres are probably your best bet in case you reside in the UK. Indeed, all season tyres have the possibility to deal with anything nature throws at you. This is because they have an extremely complex tread pattern which can work well on rain, ice and grit alike.

Directional tyres

These types of tyres are not particularly common, but they are very useful in certain scenarios. They are made to rotate only one way, they are good at dispersing water that builds up near the front of the tyre.

What Are Summer Tyres?

Indeed, you need to know the best summer tyres. But it is essential to know what summer tyres are, they are simply what you know as normal tyres. These types of tyres perform well in milder months of the year since they are designed from a relatively hard compound that makes them soft a little in warmer temperatures.

Additionally, they are made from a harder compound than winter tyres. These summer tyres also have fewer grooves in the tread pattern so that they can gain as much contact with the road as possible, and this improves grip and handling. Since winter tyres perform well only in the coldest times of the year, summer tyres are a lot more versatile.

What Are The Difference Between All Season Tyres And Summer Tyres?

There is a hard compound that is used for summer tyres that softens whenever it is used on warm roads which allows for traction and braking. This simply means that whenever it is used on cold roads, sometimes the tyres can seize up, and this leads to the treads wearing faster than normal and there’s a high possibility for cracks to form on the surface of the tyre.

Since it’s a hybrid of both summer and winter tyres, you’ll find the rubber compound of all season tyres will be able to cope better whenever it is used on both warm and cold roads. And due to this, the tyres may not wear quickly or crack, but they generally will wear faster than seasonal tyres used in their normal season.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Note that seasonal tyres provide the biggest advantages, though I am no saying that season tyres shouldn’t be considered as a good option for your car.

Summer tyres

Any summer tyre that is used in warmer conditions will provide the best handling and braking, even while the roads are wet. Summer tyres also help in minimizing the risk of aquaplaning.

Whenever you use summer tyres during harsh, wintry conditions, there’s a possibility of experiencing difficulties with handling and traction. Just like I said before, summer tyres are likely to wear or crack during winter, and this can lead to further safety problems. It also means that you need to change the tyres much sooner.

All season tyres

For all season tyres, they offer good handling for your car during cold, warm, and wet conditions. Though they don’t provide quite the level of handling or braking distances that seasonal tyres does provide, they’re more than adequate for a majority of conditions.

One good thing about all season tyres is their ability to perform well in heavy snow and ice. All season tyres are better at gripping slippery road surfaces than summer tyres, but handling and braking won’t be as strong as if you were to use winter tyres.

Check the cost of tyre

Do you know how much new tyres cost in the UK? When you go out to buy one of the best summer tyres, you will find out that the average price for the fitting and balancing of a new tyre throughout the UK especially best summer tyres 2022 adac, is about £17.00 per tyre.

So Should I Buy Summer Tires?

In case you are thinking you’re going to bring the best out of your vehicle by driving it year-round with all-season tires, then you’re in for a rude awakening. In case you don’t know, summer tires which are also known as performance tyres can offer you better grip in warm weather and can give you ultimate no-compromise choice for warmer weather driving experience.

As I have said before, all-season tyres are no-season tyres. They are simply the jack-of-all-trades in the world of tyres, and they don’t do well in any weather condition.

Note that a dedicated tyre for snow and ice are better options for drivers because there are no compromises when you check their delivery of grip in low temperatures. Remember that summer tyres come with a similar focus on giving better traction via the warmer weather found in the three remaining seasons (spring, summer and fall).

One satisfied driver once pointed out that ultra-high performance tyres have the best three-season (summer, spring and fall) grip. So in case you already have a set of winter tyres for snow and ice season, then adding one of the best summer tyres would be the best choice for you throughout the rest of the year. However, both summer and winter tyres have a focused approach when it comes to grip which makes them the best choice in their respective seasons.

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25 Best Summer Tyres That You Can Buy Today

1.     Giti GitiSynergy H2

best summer tyres

This tyre is one good product that comes with modern German Engineering silica compound that has better grip on both dry & wet roads, and across many temperatures. The tyre has absolute premium performance that comes without compromise. Notable Features:

  • This tyre has multi-parameter tread contour
  • The tyre is optimized for light weight carcass with less fuel consumption
  • It comes with new pattern approach with stiff ribs

Giti GitiSynergy H2 happens to be a good summer tyre for passenger cars and mini trucks that is in accordance with the European labeling system. It is a Class A tyre meant for both wet grip and fuel efficiency.

2.     Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

best summer tyres

The Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 a newly launched high performance car tyre that is very safe when new, and safe when worn. The tyre tread pattern is made with an optimised sculpture that makes it fast and efficient for easy water evacuation. This allows minimizing risk of aquaplaning and delivers a strong braking performance in wet conditions.

  • It has good wet braking performance
  • Better safety throughout the tyre life
  • It has better performance rubber compound
  • It is meant for high level safety and longevity

3.     Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

best summer tyres

If you want to drive your vehicle, drive a Firestone tyre. I guess you must have heard this ad campaign one or two times, and this is very effective in my eyes. Firestone has basically taken the idea that many drive a particular car brand and has been able to throw it out in the window. The only thing required of you is to be rolling around on Firestone tyres.

One other tyre that is derived with racing-inspired technology which still remains one of the best summer tyres is the Firehawk Indy 500. This brand of tyre was developed for sports cars and performance sedans. These tyres offer impressive traction and refined handling while in dry and wet conditions. 

Sometimes in the news, Firestone was convicted in 1978, and interestingly enough, Firestone has since been sold to the Bridgestone Corporation which happens to be the parent company. 

Note also that Firestone happens to be the tyre supplier for the IndyCar Series in America!

4.     The Bridgestone Potenza RE-11

best summer tyres

This is another tyre that delivers better dry and wet traction as the producers made use of the latest technology which is used in Formula 1 and Grand Prix 2 race tyres. The Potenza RE-11 tyre was produced to offer drivers with enough comfort and control during cornering and also gives grip enhancement.

The tyre has a treadlife and comfort that is better than you’ll expect, which makes this tire a better option among driving enthusiasts. Note that Potenza RE-11 happens to be an ultra-high performance tyre and one of the best summer tyres aimed at spirited drivers that normally drive high performance vehicles.

5.     Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08 R

best summer tyres

This Company was founded in 1917, as the Yokohama Tyre Co. Though it was then a joint venture between the B.F. Goodrich, and Yokohama Cable Manufacturing Company. They are also known worldwide as Advan, and I guess you may have heard of them in various forms.

Yokohama happens to be among the 2022 best summer tires and have been involved in professional motorsport, and this means that they know how to produce a good tyre. This brand is the official tyre supplier for the IMSA GT3 CUP, the World Touring Car Championship, and also supplies for the American Le Mans series.

Just like most Japanese producers, the attention to detail given to Yokohama’s ADVAN Neova AD08 R tyres is second to none. This brand has improved their production process to require less petroleum, which makes each tyre easier to recycle at the end of its lifecycle. Yokohama were also the first tyre company to implement nanotechnology into the formation of their tyre making.

In case you don’t know, Yokohama has a great social responsibility policy. The brand has been planting more than 500,000 trees every year since 2007 to account for their pollution.

Yes I know it might mean nothing to some people, but at least they’re doing something!

6.     Nitto NT555 G2

Nitto NT555 G2

This is one of the best summer tyres that is better and performs well than its predecessor, which offers good handling, traction, and braking. It is meant for drivers that like driving spiritedly. Nitto NT555-G2 has over the years made a name for itself from its series of high-performing tyres, and this currently released NT555 G2 may be its best UHP tyre yet.

The producer’s intention is on increasing braking, traction, and cornering performance with this model and it shows.

7.     Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3

 Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3

Goodyear happens to be one of the best summer tyres that have been in the market. It is a good tyre that is a game changer for its users. Goodyear brand of tyres are equipped with the latest technological advancement which makes them one of the best when compared with other tires in their class.

The Goodyear brand of tyres are also produced to be used on sedan, coupes, and minivan users. The tires offer responsive handling and better traction while on any surface.

It has an asymmetric tread pattern that comes with the latest technology to improve its traction on all surfaces. This tyre also comes with notched center ribs that helps in improving the cornering and dry traction of the tire.

It has four circumferential grooves which helps in channeling the water away from the tire whenever you’re driving on wet ground. The tyre contains a biting edge which is made possible because of its full-depth sipes that allows users to drive on any snowy surface.

The Goodyear brand of tyres comes with steel belts that reinforces its polyamide that provides strength and durability for your car.

In case your car has expansive wheels, then you’ll benefit from its built-in rim protector that comes with the tire.

The Goodyear brand of tyres are affordable, and happen to be one of the best so far which I advise you to purchase.

8.     Pirelli P Zero Nero GT

best summer tyres

Here is another great brand just like Michelin pilot sport 4. Have you heard the sound of a thousand thoroughbred Italian steeds rushing over the hillside? In case you’ve not, that’s the sound of Pirelli tyres clawing at the pavement as it is the best uhp summer tires that propel your vehicle back to your estate.

This brand was established in 1872 by Giovanni Battista Pirelli who specializes in deriving rubber compounds to produce automobile, bike, truck, and racing tyres. I guess you have seen them before from their involvement in Formula 1 world championships for many years.

The only thing you might not know about them is they have also been the official tyre supplier for the Grand-AM Rolex sportscar series and the FIM world superbike championship.

Note that while Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tyres offer unsurpassed performance on dry, better surfaces, the moment it gets to snowy, wet, or otherwise not pristine conditions, those tyres will lose every functionality and send you into a ditch.

9.     Michelin CrossClimate 2

best summer tyres

As you know, Michelin is a tyre brand that produces better tyres. They have been on the market for more than a century. However, CrossClimate 2 happens to be their third generation of the series, and they have improved it. CrossClimate 2 is developed to be drivable summer.

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For it to be drivable during summer, the brand used Thermal Adaptive rubber compound. This helps in softening the tyre during winter without causing damage to it while in summer. This technology is meant to offer better grip in both wet and dry conditions.

When it comes to feel, you should not expect the CrossClimate 2 to provide too much feedback. Note that it’s not too bad, but you won’t feel as if the steering wheel is removed. Though some drivers may find it annoying. It has a good responsiveness, and the tyre feels quite nimble. This is due to its good traction and grip, and it outperforms every other premium grand touring tyres in the market.

10. Michelin Defender T+H

best summer tyres

This is one of the best summer tyres that is slightly a lower model of grand-touring type of tyres. Though when you look at the Defender T+H, you may not observe the difference. The producers have done well to design a better outstanding tire.

When you consider the experience you’ll get while driving, you will find out that Defender T+H is the best among summer tyres in the market. This is because it is very responsive, and offers users with ample cornering grip and a better dry braking.

Defender T+H happens to be the safest touring tires in wet ground. It has hydroplaning resistance that is great, and it gives users more control all the time. Defender T+H braking distances can be short though, and its snow traction is not too impressive, but the brand remains among the best summer tyres for your vehicle.

Another good thing about this brand of tyre is that it’s comfortable on the road and very affordable. Additionally, it comes with an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty.

11. The Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position

best summer tyres

In case you want all-around performance, then Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position happens to be one of the best on the market currently. This is because the tyre delivers all round performance with better steering and good cornering grip. This brand made this tyre to be one of the quieter UHP tyres you can find on the market. It also delivers maximum performance during summer season, and Potenza S-04 Pole Position is meant for wet, warm, and dry conditions.

12. Pirelli Cinturato P7

best summer tyres

If you want good driving experience, then you might need the Pirelli Cinturato P7 model of tyres. It is one of the best summer tyres 2022 UK that shows in the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus.

As far as I am concerned, this tyre is among the best grand-touring summer models that is available in the market. Whenever you drive, you will find that the Pirelli brand is very responsive, and with better performance. The brand was designed to have super cornering traction and grip with good experience while braking.

These tires are perfect for wet surfaces. They manage to prevent hydroplaning resistance and offer users with usable traction for cornering, acceleration, and braking. Note that this tyre’s snow traction is not very impressive, but it’s a great brand.

Another advantage of this tyre is that it’s comfortable and affordable, and it offers an excellent 70,000-mile treadwear warranty.

13. Dunlop Direzza DZ102

best summer tyres

Here is another tyre brand that was founded by John Boyd Dunlop in Dublin, sometimes in the late 1800s. This brand has been able to build cars, bicycles, planes, motorcycles, and other miscellaneous tires with better quality.

The good thing about John Dunlop is that he was a pioneer of the pneumatic tyre, which happens to be the most common style of tyres to this date. This involves a rubber contact patch placed onto a rim with pneumatic pressure, this is also called “filled up with air”. Note that this invention was what brought Dunlop to worldwide fame making them a household name.

Dunlop Direzza DZ102 is among the best summer tyres, and the company was later acquired by the Goodyear Tire Corporation. Though they then divested between Goodyear and Sumitomo tires, sharing production and distribution process information was agreed.

14. BF Goodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2

best summer tyres

This is another brand established in 1870, and was one of the many great tyre producers to have started in Akron, Ohio. BF Goodrich were also the first tyre to have been supplied by Ford Motor Corporation on their model A sometime in 1903.

The brand later became a well-known name as they sold tyres for the first car to move across the U.S. They displayed lots of ingenuity, reliability, and guts that I know all car producers can appreciate.

They were also the first company to invent a rubber-wound golf ball, pressurized space suits, and also pioneered the usage of synthetic rubber. The company also developed the first tubeless tyre, and these tubeless tyres relied on the pressure of the air inside them to keep the tyre shape and keep the car rolling down the road.

Some time in 1967, this brand produced the first run-flat tire which allows a tyre to continue moving for miles before it goes flat. The BF Goodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 offers you endless innovators, they are highly recommended.

15. The MICHELIN Primacy 4

best summer tyres

This is another good tyre from one of the best brands which is meant for safety and longevity while being one of the leading tyres. It has optimized sculptured tread that provides 22% more space to remove water in wet conditions, even when it is worn.

The tyre comes with MICHELIN’S latest generation, and high safety features.

  • It has safety features that is made to last with consistent and excellent wet braking performance
  • It is one of the leading tyres meant for longevity in its category.
  • It has better fuel efficiency and 20% more mileage
  • It is the brand’s summer tyre meant for everyday performance.

16.Falken Pro G4 A/S

best summer tyres

If you’re looking for the best summer tyres for your car, then Falken Pro tires are for you. The Falken Pro tyres are also meant for the coupes, minivan, and sedan users. You can use these tyres for summer, because it has the ability which makes it a great tyre to buy.

The producers make use of dynamic range technology and combine it with the high-silica content which helps in improving the traction. It has asymmetric patterns which makes the tyre to be used on wet, dry, and icy surfaces easily.

It is even possible to drive on the snow since it has a 3D sipe around the shoulders which provides biting edges that allows users to easily drive on any surface. But note that this is not a snow tyre.

You will be surprised at how this tyre performs. The tyre is also very affordable and lasts longer.

17. Cooper Tires Zeon RS3-G1

best summer tyres

One other tyre that has become a successful tyre brand to have come up in the UK is the Cooper Tyres which was an offshoot of the original Master Tire and Rubbers Company.

This brand happens to be one of the best summer tyres, and most prolific producers of Camouflage goods, floatation devices, and landing boat rubber for the allied side of World War II.

This brand has been heavily involved in motorsports since the 1950s. In case you don’t know, the Cooper Discoverer happens to be one of the most used tyres for round the world travel.

 18. Continental Premium Contact 6

best summer tyres

This is one tyre that has better grip on wet roads, and you know that it is crucial for safe driving in the UK. When you consider our weather conditions, you’ll understand that the Continental Premium Contact 6 tyre is a better option to have better car handling.

It has a tread pattern that has been upgraded, and this ensures maximum stability during cornering. It allows drivers to push their vehicle a little bit extra.

The good news is that Continental Premium Contact 6 is an “A” rated tyre across the entire variety of sizes.

19. Falken Azenis FK510

best summer tyres

This brand is relatively new to the tyre world, they were established in 1983 as a high-performance tyre producer. They are an offshoot from the Japanese OHTSU tyre brand and they have been focused on their motorsport brand of tyre ever since.

Many car owners love this brand because of their reliability. James Deane, who is Formula Drift champion happens to be one famous driver that uses Falken Tyres, and he comes from Ireland.

Falken Azenis FK510 have been used on cars such as the Toyota AW11 Mr2, Nissan s15, Ford Mustang, Nissan 240sx, Pontiac Solstice, and many other brands throughout the years.

However, Falken focuses on motorsports, and this makes them a better option at producing consumer tyres.

20. Kumho Ecsta PS31

best summer tyres

Kumho happens to be the second largest tyre manufacturer in Korea, they have been able to build over 100 million tyres. Also, they have been ranked among the top 10 of many tire manufacturer lists for many years.

Currently, a lot of people now know about the high performance Ecsta summer tyre lineup meant for sporty passenger cars and the like. This brand was able to do this from their heavy involvement with BMW touring car championships.

They sometimes produced tyres utilizing recycled rubber as raw materials leading to premature rupturing of the sidewalls of tyres. One good thing to note about this brand is that they are among the best summer tyres, and they promised to do better for the planet.

21. Michelin Pilot Super Sport

best summer tyres

Here is another super tyre that belongs to Michelin’s Max Performance Summer Tyre series which doesn’t disappoint. This tyre has a reputation as one of the best high performing summer tyres as they were initially released as the OEM for various world’s exclusive high performance vehicles.

This model delivers exclusive handling, durability, and better traction. It is made to enhance the performance of your car.

This model delivers cornering grip and performance which makes it the best in its class. It also has dry and wet surface traction that is very good, and provides ride comfort that is very impressive.

22. Toyo Proxes R1R

Toyo Proxes R1R

Toyo was started in 1945, they have been able to create a brand that is sold globally with different distributors for the North American, European, and Asian markets. The good thing about Toyo tyres is that they are among the best summer tyres, and have been one of the leaders when it comes to dynamic fitment and custom offsets for aftermarket UK tyres.

Early years of the 21st century, there was demand for larger diameter, and lower profile tyres exploded. This brand was right there in meeting the demand which produced the Proxes T1s performance tyres. The Company later received a grade “A” wet condition rating which delivers better grip in unfavorable conditions. 

23. Sumitomo HTR Z5

best summer tyres

Sometime in 1905, this brand made some investment in Dunlop Tyre Company which made them big money. And as Dunlop grew bigger, Sumitomo was able to fully acquire it. 

This brand happens to be among the best summer tyres due to clever design and weight, it is lighter than many of its rivals. So performance is satisfactory on this brand, but the only problem is that it has poor braking score. But it’s one of the best when it comes to price which is what amazes drivers.

The producers of this tyre brand provide a 50,000-mile warranty to every buyer. However, I expect this tire brand to be priced even more because it provides more features to drivers. This is because the producers have done their best to ensure it is affordable in the market.

One good thing about Sumitomo tyres is that they have superior design and technology. Sumitomo produces tyres on the nanoscale, meaning they will last longer. Another thing is that Sumitomo has been building tyres for over 100 years.

So I recommend Sumitomo HTR Z5 to any car owner who wants a permanent solution to their tyre problems as it is one of the best summer tyres 2022 for your car in the market.

24.Michelin Premier

best summer tyres

This brand of tire happens to be the grand-touring tyre and best summer tyres for any vehicle meant for drivers that want better experience. Even though it won’t replace a better performing tire, it still remains the best out there. 

This brand offers an impressive and grand-touring tyre. It is very responsive and gives a lot of feel via its steering wheel. Additionally, the grip for cornering is very impressive for a summer tread, and with a traction that’s well perfected.

This Michelin Premier is very good in the rain too. It comes with a traction that is great and it’s among the best in its category, but the braking distances are very short. The tyre’s hydroplaning resistance is very good. It has an EverTread design which makes the tyre continue working better via wet ground, even after a worn down tread.

Even as this brand of tyre is quiet and comfortable, it doesn’t have a longer treadwear warranty. They only offer a warranty of 60,000-miles, and this is much lower than other competitors.

25. Federal 595 Evo

best summer tyres

Another great product with outstanding performance, and also very affordable. Many users say it is the best low-cost UHP summer tyre anyone can find on the market. This tyre provides cornering grip that is good with other top-level tyres, and also has both quick and responsive steering.

It is another high performing summer tyres with value for money, as it is formulated with state of the art technology that offers the ultimate driving comfort while you drive at high speeds.


Now you have it! 25 best summer tyres that you can buy today. While carrying out this tyre research, I found more than 4000 tyre products and shortlisted only 25 quality products. I just hope you have been able to learn something new while reading? So in case you need to buy summer tyres, the 25 tyres here are among the best summer tyres 2022 UK you will find in the market.

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