10 Best Lift Kit For Ford Ranger That You Can Buy Today

As you know the Ford Ranger happens to be an excellent truck to own. This truck is very stylish, powerful, and drives excellent. Ford Ranger is the perfect vehicle you can use for lots of activities like towing, off-roading, and racing. However, the height isn’t something you would like, and that’s why you need the best lift kit for Ford Ranger.

The good news is that there are lots of ways you can lift your Rangers using the best lift kit for Ford Ranger and make it your own. So one of the best ways you can do this is to install a lift kit. When you do this, it will improve your truck’s performance which will also make it stand out in the crowd.

Many people don’t know how to lift a Ford Ranger 4×4 using the best lift kit for Ford Ranger. So in this guide, I’ll show you how to do that, and share with you a list of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger so you don’t do any research again.

Note that you’ll find each of these kits listed here to be superior to all other ones you will find in the market. But first, let’s know what the best lift kit for Ford Ranger is all about.


The Ford Ranger suspension lift kit is a kit meant to raise the overall height of your vehicle which gives you extra inches of the ground. Whenever you install it, it will help your Ranger to avoid the obstacles found on the ground. One good thing about installing a lift kit is the possibility of accommodating larger wheels and tyres.

The best lift kit for Ford Ranger practically comes with parts required to lift your Rangers vehicle and the instructions on how to do so. However, the contents of the package will depend on your vehicle’s model. This is because some kits only come with parts that are tedious to get, while others may come with a variety of parts, such as drivetrain parts, suspension kits, drive shafts, and others.


The best lift kit for Ford Ranger is meant to lift it higher off the ground. Though there are lots of reasons behind this, but the common reasons for doing this include:

1. The ability to fit larger wheels and tyres

2. The ability to increase ground clearance for higher off-road performance

3. The ability to improve vehicle’s comfort both on- and off-road

4. The ability to increase towing and loading capability

5. The ability to improve the appearance of your Rangers

Why Do You Need The Best Lift Kit For Ford Ranger?

Installing one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger is your first step when you need excellent performance. The best lift kit for Ford Ranger 2021 and parts can boost your vehicle’s feel on the street or on the highway. You’ll enjoy maximum ride feelings when you install Ford Ranger 4 inch lift kit 4×4 due to its custom built components.


In your Ford Ranger truck, there are two common types of lift kit you’ll find: lift kit or a body lift. But you must understand that both of them serve the same thing, and work in different ways.

The body lifts in your truck works by helping you to lift the truck body up by using spacers or bushing. Note that body lift kits are very simple, installation is easy and happens to be one of the most afFordable ways to lift your Ford Ranger truck.

Lift kits, especially the best lift kit for Ford Ranger are meant for those who intend to increase how their vehicle performs off-road. This means that you can use upgraded lift components in increasing ground clearance, vehicle’s height and the vehicle’s ability both on the road and off road.

Note that the benefits of the best lift kit for 2019 Ford Ranger are greater. But the best lift kit for Ford Ranger can be more expensive and consumes lots of time when installing than body lift.

Though the best lift kit for Ford Ranger are a superior solution and well worth it. There are many benefits of installing the best lift kit for Ford Ranger px3, which are explained in more detail below.

Benefit Of Ford Ranger Lift Kit


One of the best advantages is increased ground clearance. A lifted Ford Ranger will give a larger distance between road surface and its undercarriage. And when it is combined using suspension kits and shock upgrades, it will help you to prevent road obstacles and help you to remain safe while you drive on damaged streets or rough roads.


When your truck is high, it will make you want to try the most difficult off-road like driving through sand dunes, climbing up steep hills, etc. When you install the best lift kit for Ford Ranger, it will ensure you experience higher performance which includes:

ü Better clearance

ü Higher traction

ü Robust driving

ü Ability to use larger wheels.


The best lift kit for Ford Ranger will offer you lots of space required to add more load and provide you with super comfort when driving on rough road especially when loaded with cargo.


The ability to see clearly on the road is extremely important. This is true both in congested areas and off-road. At least you will notice potential dangers faster when you have a better view of various areas.


Whenever you want to check or repair your truck, having better access to your undercarriage is vital. So a lifted Ford Ranger will help you to inspect your vehicle underbody which may be giving you dreadful and difficult experience.


As you know, having bigger tyres doesn’t just look good, but they also provide better performance. Remember that stock suspension will make you use narrow tyres which will not help you to prevent mud or snow. But when you use the best lift kit for Ford Ranger, it will allow you to use tires meant for off-road usage and take you out of any difficult situation.


When you install the best lift kit for Ford Ranger, it makes the towing process easy. This will allow you to move your truck from one place to another. Your lifted Ford Ranger will be able to move without touching the road with its bottom.


With the 2 inch lift kit Ford Ranger px3, you will have a safety advantage over other lower vehicles due to its lift kits. A lifted vehicle provides you with a better view of the road and every obstacle that might likely show up while driving. This is the difference between preventing dangerous situations, and becoming part of it.


Below is how to install a Ford Ranger 4 inch lift kit 4×4.

Step 1: Your Ranger vehicle needs to be parked on a flat and safe parking surface.

Step 2: Next is to take off the front bumper with a ratchet and socket.

Step 3: Make sure that the kick panels are disassembled from inside with a screwdriver.

Step 4: Put a hydraulic jack on the driver’s side of the Ford Ranger

Step 5: Now put the Ford Ranger lift kit 3 inch into the position on the top of the default bushing. Make sure you don’t take off the bushing from there.

Step 6: Its time to install the new bolts there and make sure that its well tightened.

Step 7: Now loose and take off the bolts that hold the factory bushings along the frame rail.

Step 8: Its time to slowly lift up your Ford Ranger vehicle by using the jack.

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1.     Rough Country 50100 Leveling Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

This brand is one of the best when it comes to lift kits. They produce good shocks and lift kits, and Rough Country 50100 Leveling Kit happens to be one. This lift kit is meant for the 2019 to 2020 models of the Ford Ranger. The kit is also compatible with the latest 4WD drive variants.

When you install it, it will provide you with super ground clearance which helps in protecting the undercarriage from all sorts of damages. This is because the lift kit is about 2.5 inch, which is even better than stock settings. When installed, the stability of the vehicle will be improved, and seeing the traffic around you clearly will be possible.

Note that stock driving experience will stay the same, meaning it won’t degrade, which is the common misconception of using lift kits. One good thing about installing a lift kit is that the problem of nosediving will be eliminated.

When you buy the best lift kit for Ford Ranger, it means you don’t need any extra tools. The whole lift kit can be installed within two hours. There’s no need to disassemble the strut assembly when installing the Rough Country 50100 Leveling Kit.

This lift kit brand always provides buyers with a lifetime warranty for their products. This means you’re buying it risk free because if anything happens, you’ll be eligible for a free cost replacement.

2.     Superlift K358 1998-2010 Ford Ranger 3-4 inch Lift Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

This brand is one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger you will find with knuckle style in the market. It proves to me that you get what you pay for.

The Superlift K358 is among the most expensive lift kits on my list, and it is also the one of the most reliable. It features nodular iron knuckles when others use ball joint spacers, and it also uses control arm cross members, rear block lifts, and more.

The only disadvantage it has is that it isn’t easy to install, especially for beginners. Note that the producers said that it takes an estimated nine hours to be installed. However, always have it in mind that when you want a good adjustment to your Ranger, it will take some time to work.

The Superlift K358 kit happens to come with brackets, cross members, steering knuckles, shocks, a rear block and a u-bolt, which provides you with all the components required to lift your vehicle. Superlift K358 lift kit will work for all 4WD models including 1998-1999 Rangers, and 2000-2010 Ranger.

When you buy the Superlift K358 lift kit, there will be sets of in-depth instructions that show you it should be installed. So in case you are searching for the best lift kit for Ford Ranger, then this is the best choice for you.

3.     The Pedders Ford Ranger 1.75-inch Lift Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

Pedders is one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger and the highest-quality suspension lift kit that is an upgrade for 4x4s trucks which are hand-made in Australia. It is a basic lift kit option meant for Ford Ranger, and which is produced to lift your vehicle by 1.75 inches.

It is a lift kit that comes with replacement front coil springs and TrakRyder shocks, and additional rear leaf springs which are all necessary U-bolts and bushes required for installation. This lift kit has the ability of increasing ground clearance of your vehicle and its off-road ability, and it comes with the Pedders kits meant for improving the drivability and handling of your Ranger.

The good thing about this lift kit is that:

ü It helps in lifting your vehicle by 1.75 inches

ü It is meant for all 2012+ Ford Ranger models

ü It is handmade in Australia

4.     ReadyLift 3 inch Leveling Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

In case you own a more recent model of the Ford Ranger that is from 2019 to 2021 then ReadyLift 3 inch Leveling Kit is meant for you. This lift kit brand has become the top spot in the market.

This is due to its high quality and great customer support services they provide with durability of their product. ReadyLift 3 inch Leveling Kit is meant for the 2019-2021 models of your Ford Ranger which shows that the brand is interested in customer satisfaction.

ReadyLift 3 inch Leveling Kit comes with CNC machined from billet aluminium which guarantees durability for users. This lift kit will never fail, even when under the toughest condition. When it is installed, there’s the possibility of upgrading to bigger sized tyres. As you know, you can’t install bigger sized tyres with the stock settings.

The producers of this lift kit have implemented their Top Hat Replacement technology in this product. Note that this technology is a combination of a top mount leveling kit and a spacer that has already been preloaded. And all these are combined into one single product.

You might be wondering, how will this help me? It is this technology that will help you to eliminate the need of cutting or modifying the strut assembly or anything else. Installing this kit will become easier and straightforward.

The producers also offer one year warranty for their users, which is a limited lifetime one. This warranty will cover all faults which might happen because of improper workmanship. But the warranty becomes invalid immediately there’s transfer of ownership.

Even though this lift kit happens to be one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger in the market, it doesn’t have enough reviews to know if the kit comes without faults.

5.     Pedders Ford Ranger Heavy Duty Load Carrying & Towing Lift Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

Do you want to raise your Ford Ranger’s height and also improve its ability to tow and carry heavy loads? Then get this lift kit from Pedders. It will help you to lift your Ranger by approximately 1.75 inches, and provides you with extra clearance which will allow your truck to squat down under heavy load.

It comes with innovative Foam Cell dampers from the producer meant for each corner, and also comes with heavy-duty rear leaf springs and uprated front coil springs. This lift kit comes as a pre-assembled standard, and this means that you don’t need to worry about difficult installation on your truck.

The lift kit is meant for all Ford Ranger models from 2012+ onwards. Also, this kit is hand-made in Australia and it provides unparalleled performance, driving comfort and handling ability. It also does the following:

ü It helps in lifting your vehicle by 1.75 inches

ü It is meant for all 2012+ Ford Ranger models

ü It is handmade in Australia

6.     Supreme Full Lift Kit for 1997-2012 Ford Ranger

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

In case you’re in search of a modest lift kit to install in your truck, then this will be the right kit you should go for. This lift kit brand is trusted when it comes to lifting your truck. It has the potential of lifting your vehicle from one to three inches.

Supreme Full Lift Kit comes with front lift torsion keys, round bend u-bolts, a 2 inch rear lift blocks, and more. It is specifically meant to work with all 4WD models of Ranger which are between 1997 and 2012 model years. This means that if your Ranger isn’t included in this specs, then purchase one of the other options on this list. But if your Ranger falls in the models above, then do yourself some favour by getting one of the best lift kit for 2019 Ford Ranger you can find.

This lift kit is easy to install and it doesn’t need any special heavy-duty equipment and can only take you between two and four hours to finish installation. Just like other lift kits, I advise you to go for vehicle alignment after installing it.

7.     The 2012+ Ford Ranger 2.0 inch Lift Kit w/U-Bolts

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

Here is another lift kit that makes use of the same aerospace-grade aluminium front spacers. However, this one is paired with toughened rear blocks and 4 high-strength U-bolts which are attached between your rear axle and leaf springs.

This lift is an easy kit to fit. It is meant to raise your truck by about 2 inches and it is very durable and hard for people searching for added height to their Ford Ranger.

I advice you to use this lift kit for 2016 plus Ranger models that feature an AdBlue tank. But you own earlier Ranger models that don’t come with an AdBlue system, then go for the 2.5-inch kit instead. This lift kit is perfect for the following:

ü It helps in lifting your vehicle by 2 inches

ü It is meant for all 2016+ Ford Ranger models

ü It has high-strength aluminium spacers and U-bolts

ü It is meant for all Ranger models with an AdBlue tank

8.     The RTZ Ford Ranger Pickup 01-13 Full Lift Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

If you require to increase the height or you Ranger, then here’s another superlative lifting kit for you. RTZ – 01-13 full lift kit gives you the ability to lift up your vehicle to 4 inches from the factory setting. This will work correctly if you require extra height for your vehicle to perform well.

RTZ – 01-13 full lift kit works well with Rangers Pickup especially the 2WD models from 2001 to 2013. This simply means that the kit will support the newest models Ranger too. So in case you have the newest model of Ford Ranger 2WD, then you can easily get this lift kit.

But before buying this kit, ensure your Ranger has a 4 or 6 cylinder motor. This is because it will suit the kit the best. But for those who have a model with Advancetrac or Stabilitrac control, note that the kit will not work for you.

RTZ – 01-13 full lift kit includes both front and rear lifting solutions. This means that you can have up to 4 inches of lifting at your vehicle’s front and 4 inches of lifting at vehicle’s rear of the vehicle. Your vehicle’s rear and front needs to have the same lift if you want your vehicle to have the best possible balancing.

It is very easy to install this kit to your vehicle. The lift kit comes with a direct drop-in and bolt-on installation system and instruction on how to lift a Ford Ranger 4×4. All that is needed is to follow the instructions, and you’re good to go!

RTZ – 01-13 full lift kit includes a limited lifetime warranty, and this makes it super exciting. Customers can get support for a long time while under the warranty period.

9.     TORCH 3 inch Front & 2 inch Rear Leveling Lift Kit

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

Another lifting kit that I want to talk about comes from the TORCH brand. It is a leveling lift kit that allows you to enjoy your ride while lifting everything up a bit. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has quick shipping, and this makes it a better choice in case you’re in a hurry to install.

In addition, there’s the ability of adjusting the front end of your vehicle from one to three inches making use of the torsion key. The TORCH lifting kit also offers excellent customer service to their buyers, and this is a huge plus in case you run into issues while installing the kit.

Please note that this is a two-in-one product, which is a lifting and leveling kit in one package. So let me explain this, it has 3 inch lift from the front and another 2 inch lift from the rear, and both levels up while increasing your vehicle’s height.

Note that this lifting kit works well with trucks that have a torsion bar suspension, and it is compatible with only the Edge and Sport trims. The lift kit helps in eliminating the nosediving problem drivers face and gives you better protection for the undercarriage.

So in case you own a Ford Ranger from between 1998 and 2011, and it comes with a torsion bar model, then this lifting kit should work better for you.

10. 2012+ Ford Ranger 2.50″ Lift Kit w/Rear Shackles

best lift kit for Ford Ranger

There are lots of Ford Ranger lift kit problems that happen in people’s vehicles, but this kit is suitable for all Ford Ranger models produced from 2012 onwards. It is one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger px3 meant to lift your Ford vehicle by 2.5 inches by making use of a set of high-strength aluminium shackles and aerospace-grade aluminium spacers.

The kit is very easy to install, which can be done at home. One of the benefits of installing this kit is that it increases vehicle’s height, improves it looks, the ability to put wider tyres

But I advice you to use this kit for Ranger models that don’t come with an AdBlue tank. In case yours comes with AdBlue, then I advice to get a lifting kit with U-bolts to make sure the shackles don’t rub against the tank. This lift kit will give you the following:

ü It helps in lifting your vehicle by 2.5 inches

ü It is meant for all 2016+ Ford Ranger models

ü It has high-strength aluminium spacers and shackles

ü It is meant for all Ranger models without an AdBlue tank

Ford Ranger Lift Kit Buying Guide

So before moving to pick one of the best lift kit for Ford Ranger from the list avove, hold your horses! I want you to understand that there are some things you must consider before deciding to settle with one lift kit. This things include:

Easy Installation

Note that it does not matter if the lift kit is useful or efficient, it has to be easy to install. So you must ensure that the lift kit includes a simple and easy installation instruction that doesn’t need much hardware tools. Though most of these lift kits listed here don’t require heavy-duty tools to use, try to pick one that will be easier for you to install yourself.

Tools in the Pack

Even though the lift kit you want requires some hardware tools to use and install the kits, make sure you select one that comes with some of these tools in the package. It will make the installation work easier for you

Production Material

Remember that the lift kits will be lifting your Ford Rangers, so choose one that is durable. Also, make sure that the kits production materials used to design it are made from heavy-duty materials which should make it stronger in time of pressure and weight of the vehicle.

Examine the materials to know if they were made of heavy-duty aluminium or steel, they are the common materials used designing lift kits.


The most important one is to know if the lift kit is compatible with your Ford Ranger model. If it’s not compatible, then it’s not going to work for you. You can find the compatible models written in the lift kit packaging, so make sure to check it out.


As you know, this guide was put together to help you find the best lift kit for Ford Ranger. I understand that sometimes quality is indicated by price, this means that some of the expensive lift kits listed above may outperform other valued brands. However, some of the cheaper lift kit brands here will still get the work done, and can solve the Ford Ranger lift kit problems most lifting tools create in many situations.

If you take your time to find out from any truck enthusiast, then you will be told that a lift kit is one of the best modifications anyone can do to their Ford Ranger. When you think of increasing the vehicle’s height, the Ford Ranger 4 inch lift kit 4×4 is hard to beat especially if you’re an off-road enthusiast.

But there is no need to go rock crawling on the regular to get the amazing benefits of utilizing a lifted Ford Ranger, even people who make use of their vehicle mainly on the street will still find lifted Ford Ranger very interesting.

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