15 Best Budget Tyres For BMW In 2022 – Ultimate Guide

As you know, tyres are very vital to any car just as the engine. If you don’t have tyres, then driving your vehicle will be very impossible. The best budget tyres for BMW are the easiest and most cost-effective methods of upgrading any vehicle’s handling. And for those who love driving, the best tyres for bmw 4 series are the key to unlocking the most grip and steering feel in both sports car, sedan, and SUV. 

One of the common challenges that drivers get when it comes to tyres is puncture. Puncture is what makes the air pressure inside any tyre to lessen which leads to a flat tire. Whenever there’s a flat tire or a worn-out tire, the tyre needs to be replaced with the best budget tyres for BMW.

The best budget tyres for BMW are optimized for the best grip during warmer conditions and also outperform all-seasons during rain. For you to get better performance with optimal warm dry and wet road traction, then you need to buy one of the best budget tyres for BMW.

Note that there are different brands of vehicle tyres, and all of them come with their own prices too. Today’s article will show you the best budget tyres for BMW, and a BMW approved tyres list

One good thing about these tyres is that added traction will increase safety and minimize braking distances. The best budget tyres for BMW will also enhance your vehicle’s looks whenever you replace it with any of these tyres.

Before writing this article to list the best tyres for your driving style, we considered the tyre’s overall dry and wet road performance, road comfort and value, and treadwear ratings. Note that prices will vary which will depend on size.

Let me show you how we inspected the best budget tyres for BMW.

How We Tested Them?

Note that each tyre passed through different paces while being subjected to the tests, and this is in both wet and dry conditions. We then compile and weigh them across different categories to make sure a fair conclusion is reached.

Wet Condition Testing

As you know, the UK is known for its rainy weather, and wet roads. This means that the road will be quick to test the amount of grip offered by any of the best budget tyres for BMW.

While carrying out this test, we performed timed laps around Contidrom’s wet circuit, and took the average elapsed time. Note that lateral grip was measured through a 60m-wide wet circle in which we accelerated until the vehicle began to lose traction. During the brake test, I incorporated Contidrom’s state-of-the-art rail system. This makes sure the tyres hit the same piece of wet tarmac every time. This test was performed at an average distance that vehicles take to stop from 50mph.

Dry Condition Testing

Remember that any best budget tyres for BMW must work well in all weather conditions and this is why BMW recommended tyres 3 series. The best budget tyres for BMW should be able to provide plenty of grip when at higher speeds whether in warm and dry conditions.

Like the wet testing, we started the dry testing with timed laps around Contidrom’s circuit. So we collected the average time after several runs. We also tested the dry braking performance of every tyre. This was even done at a higher speed of 62mph (100kph).

Fuel Economy Testing

During this testing, there was measurement of roll resistance of each tyre which is a 5% increase leading to a 1% reduction in fuel economy. This was achieved as we measured the difference between the powers required to move the vehicle with tyres at 30psi, then again at 10psi.

Noise Testing

Note that tyre noise has an important role in a vehicle’s overall refinement. The best budget tyres for BMW provide great performance but can be noisy. Noise happens to be what concerns drivers the most. This reason made us record our observations while we drive at 62mph on a smooth tarmac road.


For a lot of drivers, price can be a big factor whenever they want to purchase a new set of tyres. For this article, we considered the price factor for the best budget tyres for BMW.

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The Best Budget Tyres For Bmw Will Improve Your Car’s Driving Dynamics

When you upgrade to a set of summer tyres, it won’t provide your vehicle more horsepower, but it will give a better contact patch. It will allow you to put down more power to the pavement. This means that your vehicle will also perform well in corners and stop at a close distance.

Note that any car that is equipped with one of the best budget tyres for BMW can lap a track quicker than another car with double the horsepower on all-seasons.

Any driver who seeks for handling, better responsiveness and optimal grip while accelerating, cornering and braking, should consider the best budget tyres for BMW. Getting better control on the road by upgrading to best tyres for the bmw 1 series is worth the small sacrifices in gas mileage, tyre lifespan and ride comfort. 

Which Tyre Brand Is Best For Bmw?

For BMW X1, Goodyear EfficientGrip. Note that this brand of tyre offers high performance, minimizes fuel consumption, and gives better wet braking and a quiet comfortable ride.

Bridgestone Turanza T001. This is another brand of tyre that provides excellent stability while at speed. It provides superior control and aquaplaning resistance, and minimizes irregular tread wear and provides low noise.

What Is A Tyre Label And How Does It Work?

According to EU rules, tyres should be measured for rolling resistance, noise, and how it performs in wet conditions when they’re new and should have about 7mm of tread depth. Tyre ratings, which span A – F, shows a wet braking distance of about three meters between each category. What this means is that any vehicle with a set of A-rated tyres will be around 18 metres shorter than the one on F-rated tyres. 

Though Michelin stated that the EU system cannot be relied on as wet braking distances can sometimes vary as a tyres becomes old and worn. 

So How Long Should BMW Tyres Last?

It is known that BMW tyres should last between 25,000 and 30,000 miles, especially when a user follows the recommended rotation of tyre and alignment schedule. But when you get one of the best budget tyres for BMW, and you keep your tyre pressure at the right PSI, you’ll end up extending the life of your tyres to even higher miles.

15 Best Budget Tyres For BMW In 2022

1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

best budget tyres for bmw

One of the best budget tyres for BMW you should go for is the Pilot Sport 4S which happens to be the gold standard for performance tyres. Michelin developed the Pilot Sport 4S using an important technology that is derived from balanced ride quality with responsive handling and better grip.

This brand of tyre does well in warm temperatures no matter whether the roads are dry or wet, the handling is crisp and precise. Pilot Sport 4S tyres are hard to beat during street driving, but drivers who drive their vehicle more often do not recommend the Pilot Sport 4S. This is because some of them reported that after too many hot laps, the tyre tread will begin to wear out and throw chunks of rubber. So in case competitive driving is your main goal such as car racing, then get a tyre that is dedicated to track use.


  • Better grip in dry conditions
  • Excels on wet roads and during heavy rain 
  •  Offers better ride quality


  • It has lower tread life
  • This tyre is not recommended for track driving
  • It is very expensive

2. Bridgestone Potenza Sport

best budget tyres for bmw

Another better performing tyre is the Bridgestone Potenza Sport which is still relatively new to the market. However, many drivers are already racking up the miles and giving better feedback on the excellent steering response. This brand of tyre feels quicker and sharper on turn-in and it also offers a very similar level of dry grip like the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S while driving through the corners.

It has a fast and stable steering response, though it does come at a price. Drivers said that the tyres tend to wear faster than other competitive brands. The tyres can be very sensitive to load changes when used on wet roads which can cause a higher hydroplaning risk. It still remains one of the best budget tyres for BMW.


  • It has extreme responsive steering
  • It has better dry road performance
  • It has lower road noise


  • It has lower treadwear performance
  • It has lower wet road performance
  • It may overheat during track driving

3. Linglong Greenmax All Season BMW Tyres

best budget tyres for bmw

One other tyre that is derived with racing-inspired technology which still remains one of the best budget tyres for BMW is the Linglong Greenmax all season. This brand of tyre was developed for sports cars and performance sedans. These tyres offer impressive traction and refined handling while in dry and wet conditions. 

A lot of drivers rave about this tyre’s ride comfort, as some claim that the ride is very smooth for those who enjoy feeling the road texture. They come with a center groove that helps to disperse water, though most drivers reported the potential to hydroplane while in deeper waters or heavy rains.

Some drivers also reported there could be a big tendency for the tyres to follow seams in the road. So in case you’re using this tyre type for aggressive on-track driving, then note that the tyres may overheat after several laps and may also get greasy, which will require cooling down.


  • Very good in dry road performance
  • It offer good ride comfort
  • Provides excellent treadwear longevity whenever it is compared to other performance tires


  • It tends to follow seams in the road
  • Sometimes it gets hot faster during track driving
  • It may hydroplane in heavy rains

4. Pirelli: Best for High-Performance BMW Tyres

best budget tyres for bmw

Pirelli happens to be an Italian manufacturer that is best known for making high-performing tyres for luxury and exotic car manufacturers such as Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini, BMW, and Porsche. As long as you use high-speed cars, performance tyres are a must. Note that Pirelli tyres make use of specific tread patterns and construction which makes it best for excellent grip on the road even in both dry and wet conditions.

It is true that Pirelli may have a sporty reputation, they also produce tyres for day-to-day passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks. But Pirelli high-quality tyres come with high price tags. Though it is still possible to purchase an elite tyre built for cornering and speed from Pirelli.

5. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

best budget tyres for bmw

This is another great product that has a tread compound that is well optimized for wet conditions and one of the best tyres for bmw 1 series. It has deep grooves which allows water to flow via the contact patch to minimize hydroplaning. Many buyers reported that to maintain traction on wet roads is possible with this tyre. Though dry traction is also good.

Some drivers claimed that this brand of tyre rides comfortably on well-maintained roads. While some acknowledged that driving on rougher roads can sometimes cause more road noise than other competing brands. However, the tyre’s sidewalls are known to be softer than other high-performing competitors, this means that the feeling of body roll may happen in tight turns. 


  • It has good wet road performance
  • It has better dry road traction
  • It comes with 30,000-mile treadwear manufacturer warranty


  • It has weak sidewalls cause lean in tight turns
  • It has lower treadwear performance
  • It has high road noise

6. Cooper

best budget tyres for bmw

Here is one good brand that was founded in 1914, Cooper tyres are known to be cheaper than most tyre brands, and note that it comes without compromising quality. Cooper models such as the CS5 Grand Touring tyre is available in the market from $85 to $153. Though this depends on the vehicle and tire size you want.

Cooper is not like other big brands such as Michelin and Goodyear, they are an independent tyre manufacturer. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get Cooper tyres, this is because they’re mostly sold online or via authorized dealerships. Cooper tyres for bmw 3 series run flat offers a treadwear warranty of up to 80,000 miles, but this depends on the model you want to buy. 

7. Goodyear Eagle Sport

best budget tyres for bmw

This is another excellent tyre that is considered a three-season tyre. These types of tyres can tolerate both cold and light snow while providing some of the higher performance meant for summer tire. It is a BMW approved tyres list that the internal construction comes from the Eagle Race tyres which are used in NASCAR competitions. It has a good steering response, handling stability, and feedback.

Indeed, Goodyear’s Eagle Sport tyres are very good, it offers exceptional traction and a comfortable ride with low road noise.


  • It offers a comfortable ride
  • Good for dry road performance
  • It can handle light truck loads
  • It provides better performance on wet roads


  • Most times handling is compromised by taller sidewall
  • It has lower treadwear performance

8. Vredestein Ultrac

best budget tyres for bmw

Indeed, the Vredestein was added in all of our tests carried out. These Dutch tyre producers have spent time developing the Ultrac. Many drivers were impressed by its assuring grip as they have continued to match their knowledge with better tyres. But have it in mind that fuel economy will be there once you clock up a lot of miles.

9. Nokian Powerproof review

best budget tyres for bmw

Here is another cheap and cheerful tyres, and BMW recommended tyres 5 series. This brand is one of the second cheapest tyre on my list and even outperforms some other brands. Though it may not offer fast times around the handling circuit, this brand is very stable and in the braking test, was only a metre behind the winning Michelin. But when it comes to better performance, it only comes on average.

10. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

best budget tyres for bmw

Dunlop Sport Maxx is one of the best budget tyres for BMW that’s becoming increasingly outdated and needs urgent improvement. It came last during our wet handling and braking tests. Though the car was still travelling at 26mph at the point when some other brands had already helped bring the car to a complete stop. It has a good economy that’s a strong point though, and it has more grip in the dry but there are much better options available at this price.

11. Avon ZV7

best budget tyres for bmw

Here is one of the BMW recommended tyres 5 series that’s cheap here, it is priced around £75. This brand of tyre is very quiet too, as it creates a serene interior ambience. But the Avon fell out of its depth during our deep water testing, front grip was very small even as an A-rating by the EU grading system.

12. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5

best budget tyres for bmw

Another fantastic model from Goodyear tyre producers that delivers blistering dry handling performance. It has heightened grip that gives great steering feel and an impressive braking performance too. The Goodyear Eagle F1 outperformed the Michelin when it comes to its rolling resistance and tyre noise but not too much. But it cannot beat the Pilot Sport in its all-round ability.

13. General Tire G-Max RS

best budget tyres for bmw

The General Tyre provides many bang for your buck with the G-Max RS. It has a steering response that reportedly feels more sluggish than other competitive brands, but they still have good traction. Many drivers have observed more road noise while on fast highway speeds. But whenever it is driven on a track, these tyres could overheat. However, for daily runs around town and summer highway driving, you cannot beat the overall value of this brand of tyre. 


  • It has good treadwear ratings
  • Better dry road traction
  • It has good value for money


  • You’ll notice road noise at high speeds
  • It has lower steering response than competitors
  • Not really good for race tracks
  • It has low treadwear performance 

14. Bridgestone Turanza T005

best budget tyres for bmw

In case fuel economy is of importance to you, then the Bridgestone Turanza is meant for you. When it comes to fuel economy, Bridgestone Turanza is ahead of other brands. This is due to clever design and weight, as the Turaza is over a kilogram lighter than many of its rivals. So performance is satisfactory on this brand, but the only problem is that it has poor braking score. But it’s one of the BMW 3 series tyre prices that amazes drivers.

15. Hankook Ventus S1 evo3 

best budget tyres for bmw

In case BMW 3 series run flat tyres prices, then the Hankook takes victory here because it dominated our wet weather tests. Our wet braking test demonstrates the vehicle came to a halt while the next best set, the Continentals, still had the car at 13mph. Though it’s not the best in the dry, it still kept up with the top players and showed itself as a great all-rounder. One of the disadvantages is its mediocre fuel economy score.

How To Check Your Tyre Pressures And Picking A Tyre Inflator?

1. First, ensure you know the exact tyre pressures for your car before you begin

2. For you to measure the present pressure accurately in your tyres, you can make use of a handheld pressure gauge. This could be a portable tyre inflator or an inflator at a fuel station or garage. 

3. Once the tyre pressures increase slightly when the tyres are warm, if possible, check them before a journey.

4. Take off the dust cap from the tyre valve and push the connector slightly on. Once done, it will give you a reading on the measuring device.

5. You can just set the tyre to the pressure you want and it will inflate until achieves a exact reading.

How To Maintain The Best Tyres?

As you know, tyres are one of the most important components of a car. This means that better maintenance will lead to a safer ride and better fuel economy. 

Below are a few methods you can use to maintain your tyres:

1. Inspect your tire pressure. Note that under-inflated and over-inflated tyres can lead you to having brake issues, so make sure you examine your tyres pressure once a month. Though modern cars have built-in indicators that show drivers whenever their tyre pressure is off, in case yours doesn’t have it, keep a tyre gauge in your vehicle.

2. Check your tyre tread. As you know, tyres come with tread wear indicators, this means you should check them once a month. Those rubber strips run horizontally on every tyre and only come out whenever the tyre needs replacement. 

3. Ensure you purchase the right size tyres. Most times tyre size can be another issue to navigate whenever searching for the best tyres. But to find the best tyres for your car, check your owner’s manual. But in case you don’t find any info, check the driver’s side door if you see any tyre and loading info label.

4. Always rotate your tyres. When you rotate your tyres according to your car manufacturer recommendation, it ensures they wear out evenly. Remember that improper inflation and alignment can also cause uneven wear on tyres.

What Tyres Does Bmw Recommend?

The tyre that is more suitable for your car will depend on a number of factors, and this includes how often you use it, the conditions you use it, the purpose, car type and your budget.

The BMW Company has reported sales of over 240,000 BMW and MINIs in 2018, and this makes them the 12th most popular car brand. The BMW 1 Series 5-door happens to be the BMWs biggest selling model in 2018, and this is followed by the 3 Series Saloon, the 5 Series Saloon, and the X1. 67,021 Minis.

BMW recommended tyres 3 series for the most popular models are outlined below. All Protyre garages stock a comprehensive range of tyres, including a number of those recommended by BMW.

BMW 1 Series 5-door

The Bridgestone Potenza S001

Here is an ultra-high performance tyre that provides top performance in wet & dry condition. It has slant grooves for aquaplaning resistance, and has high grip for maximum cornering control.

Bridgestone DriveGuard

This is a nice tyre that is lightweight and features heat resistant technology inside.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport 

Here is another ultra-high-performance type of tyre that delivers great handling, better grip levels and braking performance in both dry and wet conditions.

BMW 3 Series Saloon

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2

Another wonderful tyre model Goodyear, it is a premium tyre that offers better fuel efficiency, an impressive handling & braking performance, and ActiveBraking Technology.

Bridgestone Potenza RE050A 

Another great model that is among best tyres for bmw 1 series. It is an ultra-high-performance tyre for passenger vehicles and provides medium noise levels, good handling and high-speed performance.

Continental Sport Contact 5 SSR 

This is an ultra-high-performance tyre that provides good steering precision, better grip and handling.

BMW 5 Series Saloon

Goodyear Excellence 

Here is one the tyres that offers superb performance in both wet and dry conditions because of its silica compound and new polymers that combine to increase its grip level. This brand also offers safety and comfort.

Pirelli P7 Cinturato 

Another tyre that minimizes fuel consumption and provides better braking performance together with nice & responsive handling.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT is a better tyre that gives better grip in both wet and dry conditions. It has good cornering stability and high overall performance.


Goodyear EfficientGrip 

Another tyre that offers high performance, minimizes fuel consumption, excellent wet braking and a quiet comfortable ride.

Bridgestone Turanza T001 

Better tyre that gives excellent stability at speed, better control and aquaplaning resistance, minimizes irregular tread wear and low noise.

Mini Cooper/Hatch

Michelin CrossClimate Plus 

Another premium all-season tyre that provides solid all-round performance in both wet and dry conditions. It also gives precise steering, low wear, short braking, and good comfort.

Dunlop’s SP Sport 01 

This is one the ultra-high performance summer type of tyre that provides an enhanced comfort and control. It also gives a high level of aquaplaning safety and better handling at high speeds.

Here Is How To Read Your Tyre?

Treadwear, temperature grades, traction, and other labels printed on the tyre’s sidewall will show you the best tyres for your car. Below are a few other labels your tyre can include.

Here’s an overview of the most common labels that you find on passenger vehicle tires:

1. The R means a radial tyre, and this is the current industry standard.

2. The M+S simply means “mud” and “snow.” In case your tyre has this label on it, then it has some ability to drive in these specialty conditions.

3. The load index: It has a two or three digit label that indicates the carrying capacity of any tyre. This means that the higher the number, the higher weight your tyre can effectively carry. 

4. The speed rating: The speed ratings range from letters L through Y. Spare tyres get M rating becuase they do not operate at higher speeds. Normally, passenger and light truck tyres have R, S, or T ratings.

5. The aspect ratio: It has a two-digit label that indicates the relationship between the tyre’s height and width.


To choose the best tires or best budget tyres for BMW largely depends on your model and driving habits. This simply means that the best tyre for you may not be the best tyre for another. The 15 best budget tyres for BMW In 2022 above can help guide you in choosing the BMW recommended tyres 5 series best brands. However, it is better to check your owner’s manual or your vehicle’s to ensure you’re buying the right size and the best for your BMW model. 

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