10 Best All Season Tires For Ford Focus In 2022

It has been over 2 decades since the Ford  Focus compact has been making waves in the market, and it has overtaken Toyota Corolla to be the world’s best-selling brand. The Ford  Focus compact is now on their third generation, and there’s availability of an all-electric version. This is why the best all season tires for Ford  Focus is what we will be reading here today.

In case you have used a Ford  Focus before, then you’ll agree with me that it is a great car. Ford ‘s compact car happens to have a direct and responsive steering wheel, which is like a sports car. You can even drive it perfectly through the corners due to its stability on the highway. Not only that, it can be very comfortable and very quiet on bumps. When you have the best all season tires for Ford  Focus, then you can improve your driving experience even better.

As you already know, Ford  Focus happens to be one of the best cars you can find today. This is because it has fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. Ford  Focus offers flexibility to owners without spending a fortune. Yes, it is true that it’s easy to buy Ford  Focus spare parts that you need, but some people still struggle to buy the best all season tires for Ford  Focus. I own a Ford  Focus and have experienced it myself.

So I have to try out some of the best all season tires for Ford  Focus in the market. However, it took me about three months for me to come up with this tire reviews. Note that I have done my best to provide an honest review, but will be willing to receive new information concerning this review. But first…

The Best Types Of Ford  Focus Tires

As you know, we have many brands and different types of tires to choose from when it comes to your Ford  Focus. Most Ford  Focus tires range in performance, terrain endurance, durability, and more. Though this is based on the type of car and what customers want. The best types of Ford  Focus tires should be the best all season tires for Ford Focus available in the market.

What Are Ford  Focus Tires Made Of?

We all know that tire tread is very important in maintaining a steady grip on the road as the body of the tire contains the air. Tires for Ford Focus 2013 are made up of belt, tread, and plies, inner liner, sidewall, beads, bead filler, and a cord body. Additionally, the tire material is what makes your car remain strong on the road, which will allow you to reach from Point A to Point B safely.

Cost Of Best All Season Tires For Focus St

Note that tire cost can vary largely which depends on tire type and size you want to buy. Normally, best all season tires for Ford Focus are priced for about $100 to $350 per tire, and High-performance tires are priced at about $500 or more. There’s no need to buy an expensive tire, but you can consult a Ford  certified technician to know more about the rate of compelling tires for your car.

Whenever you buy the best all season tires for Ford Focus, not only will you get a breathtaking pricing rate, but you will get the best quality, service, and more.

The Ford  Focus Tires

Indeed, tires happen to be one of the most important parts in your car. Tires are bound to be safe which must include high performance, responsiveness, and traction. The best all season tires for Ford Focus are primarily produced for efficiency and enjoyment. The best tires for Ford Focus 2014 contains:

1. Traction: Your Ford  Focus tires will grip the road, and keep you in control of your car.

2. Performance: With a convenient tread and well pressurized tires will increase traction.

3. Responsiveness: This will allow your tires to react to your driving perfectly and in a timely manner.

4. Efficiency: In case you love to save money, then when you keep your Ford  Focus tires well balanced, aligned, and pressurized, it will make a difference in your gas mileage.

5. Comfort: The main factors you need to consider in your Ford  Focus while driving is balance, tread, tire pressure, and alignment. Once you don’t consider any of these factors, or they are not optimized, then your Ford  Focus will begin to vibrate, or feel bumpy.

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The 10 Best All Season Tires For Ford  Focus In 2022

Indeed this list contains different types of Ford  Focus tire, and each tire is safe to drive. All tires here last for a long time, and come with a good warranty. But let’s not talk much. So check out the best all season tires for Ford Focus and see which tires are best suited for your Ford  Focus.

1.     Continental PureContact LS

best all season tires for Ford Focus

The continental brand of tire happens to be among the best all season tires for Ford Focus as the brand has refreshed its grand-touring all-season offer. Averagely, Continental PureContact LS is the most accomplished tire in the category because you won’t find any fault with it.

This brand really does well mostly in wet conditions. Since using it, I’ve never experienced any other tire that is very safe and great whenever there’s rain. Continental PureContact LS traction is great, and it has a hydroplaning resistance that is top-notch. Also, when on wet ground, the braking distances are very short.

This brand of tire is also very impressive on snowy surfaces. However, this brand of tire won’t replace a proper winter tire, but it’s much better than many competitors since it has great traction and braking ability.

As said before, PureContact LS happens to be among the best all season tires for Ford Focus on dry roads. The tire brand is responsive enough and provides an excellent cornering grip. PureContact LS tires can be quiet and comfortable, and offer a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty.

2.     Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring

best all season tires for Ford Focus

Another great brand of tire on this list is the Cooper CS5. It happens to be one of the best all season tires for Ford Focus in the market. One of the reasons this brand of tire stands out is the technology used in producing it.

Whenever this brand is compared with other tires in its category, you will find out that it has four times the silica. It is the best tires for Ford Focus 2014, and its silica provides drivers better grip on the dry, wet, and snowy ground. It comes with an added stability and traction which comes from its 3D micro-gauge groove. The 3D micro-gauge groove feature provides drivers better handling for their vehicle.

One good thing about Cooper CS5 is the ability for car owners to see the level of tire wear which is made possible via its Wear Square Technology. There’s also the ability to rotate your tire side to side because of its symmetric tread design.

The producers of this tire brand provide a 50,000-mile warranty to every buyer. However, I expect this tire brand to be priced even more because it provides more features to drivers. This is because the producers have done their best to ensure it is affordable in the market. So I recommend Cooper CS5 to any car owner who wants a permanent solution to their tire problems as it is one of the best all season tires for Ford Focus in the market.

3.     Michelin Premier A/S

best all season tires for Ford Focus

This brand of tire happens to be the grand-touring all-season tire and best winter tires for Ford Focus meant for drivers that want better experience. Even though it won’t replace a better performing tire, it still remains the best out there. 

This brand offers an impressive and grand-touring tire. It is very responsive and gives a lot of feel via its steering wheel. Additionally, the grip for cornering is very impressive for an all-season tread, and with a traction that’s well perfected.

This Michelin Premier A/S is very good in the rain. It comes with a traction that is great and it’s among the best in its category, but the braking distances are very short. The tire’s hydroplaning resistance is very good. It has an EverTread design which makes the tire continue working better via wet ground, even after a worn down tread.

Even as this brand of tire is quiet and comfortable, it doesn’t have a longer treadwear warranty. They only offer a warranty of 60,000-miles, and this is much lower than other competitors.

4.     Yokohama Avid Ascend

best all season tires for Ford Focus

The Yokohama Avid Ascend happens to be the best all season tires for Ford Focus as they have introduced using Orange Oil in their tires. The Orange Oil is meant for the tire to have a longer lifespan, and less rotational resistance that will allow users to save fuel, and all-season traction.

The tire has a larger tread block that has improved the dry ground and cornering tractions of the tire. The things that are responsible for enhancing how stable the tire would be and the reduction of the tread noise are the tread block bridges.

Users do not have to worry about how they will drive on snow due to its 3D siping which is designed around the tread and combines with the deep cross and circumferential grooves which offers better traction.

This circumferential grooves in the tire helps to take off the water under the tire which will remove hydroplaning. It also has sipes that provide a better biting edge for better grips when driving on icy roads. Yokohama Avid Ascend is indeed a tire that you can use via any weather condition. It is one of the best winter tires for Ford  Focus.

So if you want a stronger tire that is strong and durable, then you will notice the two steel belts inside the tire. They are wrapped spirally with nylon.

You will be impressed with how the tire performs and how inexpensive it is. This is what makes me recommend it to you.

5.     Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack

best all season tires for Ford Focus

The Turanza QuietTrack happens to be one of the best tires for Ford Focus st which solves the main problem found in Premier A/S, and that’s the warranty. This tire brand provides an 80,000-miles treadwear warranty, and you will be impressed with its grand-touring tire. One other thing about this tire is that it’s very affordable, and it has a longer tread life. 

However, the Turanza QuietTrack while on the road does not have responsiveness like the Premier A/S. But it’s very good for daily driving. It has cornering grip that is among the best in its class, and comes with braking distances that are very short.

This brand of tire is produced to work over wet ground. Even while driving in the rain, it feels planted and safe, which also provides users with ample traction. This tire can be used in light snow, even when you cannot use another competitor’s tire in snow.

Another good thing about the Turanza QuietTrack is the comfort it provides for users. It is known to be the fastest tire in its class, especially when driving on the highway.

6.     Falken Pro G4 A/S

best all season tires for Ford Focus

If you’re looking for the best all season tires for Ford Focus, then Falken Pro tires are for you. The Falken Pro tires are also meant for the coupes, minivan, and sedan users. You can use these tires all-season, because it has the ability which makes it a great tire to buy.

The producers make use of dynamic range technology and combine it with the high-silica content which helps in improving the traction. It has asymmetric patterns which makes the tire to be used on wet, dry, and icy surfaces easily.

It is even possible to drive on the snow since it has a 3D shape around the shoulders which provides biting edges that allows users to easily drive on any surface. But note that this is not a snow tire.

You will be surprised at how this tire performs. The tire is also very affordable and lasts longer.

7.     Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus

best all season tires for Ford Focus

If you want a good driving experience, then you might need the Pirelli brand of tires. It is one of the best tires for Ford Focus 2014 that shows in the Cinturato P7 All Season Plus.

As far as I am concerned, this tire is among the best grand-touring all-season models that is available in the market. Even while driving, the Pirelli brand is very responsive, and with better performance. It was produced to have better cornering grip and traction, and it also has a positive feel while braking.

These tires are perfect for wet surfaces. They manage to prevent hydroplaning resistance and offer users with usable traction for cornering, acceleration, and braking. The tire’s snow traction is not very impressive, but it’s a great brand.

Another advantage of this tire is that it’s comfortable and affordable, and it offers an excellent 70,000-mile treadwear warranty.

8.     Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season

best all season tires for Ford Focus

Goodyear happens to be one of the best all season tires for Focus st that have been in the market. It is an all-season tire that is a game changer for its users. Goodyear brand of tires are equipped with the latest technological advancement which makes them one of the best when compared with other tires in their class.

The Goodyear brand of tires are also produced to be used on sedan, coupes, and minivan users. The tires offer responsive handling and better traction while on any surface.

It has an asymmetric tread pattern that comes with the latest technology to improve its traction on all surfaces. It also comes with notched center ribs and big outer shoulders blocks which helps in improving the cornering and dry traction of the tire.

It has four circumferential grooves which helps in channeling the water away from the tire whenever you’re driving on wet ground. The tire has a biting edge which is made possible due to its full-depth sipes that allows users to drive on any snowy surface.

The Goodyear brand of tires comes with steel belts that reinforces its polyamide that provides strength and durability for your car.

In case your Ford  Focus has expansive wheels, then you’ll benefit from its built-in rim protector that comes with the tire.

The Goodyear brand of tires are affordable, and happen to be one of the best so far which I advise you to purchase.

9.     Michelin Defender T+H

best all season tires for Ford Focus

This is a touring all-season type of tires that is slightly a lower version of grand-touring type of tires. Though when you look at the Defender T+H, you may not observe the difference. The producers have done well to design a better outstanding tire.

When you consider the experience you’ll get while driving, you will find out that Defender T+H is the best among touring all-season tires in the market. This is because it is very responsive, and offers users with ample cornering grip and a better dry braking.

Defender T+H happens to be the safest touring tires in wet ground. It has hydroplaning resistance that is great, and it gives users more control all the time. Defender T+H braking distances can be short though, and its snow traction is not too impressive, but the brand remains among the best all season tires for Ford Focus.

Another good thing about this brand of tire is that it’s comfortable on the road and very affordable. Additionally, it comes with an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty.

10. Bridgestone Blizzak WS90

best all season tires for Ford Focus

If you are looking for one of the best readily available winter tires in the UK right now, then the Blizzak WS90 is what you should buy. This brand of tire has some level of sophisticated material which was used in its production. You’ll notice this on a severe wet surface, or in an area where only studded tires can perform better.

When you examine how it performs on snow, you’ll find out that Blizzak WS90 has a Multi-Cell compound that works very well over packed and unpacked snow. When you buy it, you certainly won’t get stuck, hit something, or spin around in the corners because your vehicle won’t stop.

However, even though the Blizzak WS90 is not studdable, the tires still work perfectly well over ice. It has usable traction good for acceleration, and the braking distance is not too long. This brand of tire even managed to inject some wet and dry traction in it, which is very good when compared to other brands.

However, Bridgestone does not offer any treadwear warranty on their tires. Though their tread life looks better than other competitors.

Does It Matter If I Use Quality Tires On My Ford  Focus?

In case you wonder if it matters using good tires on your Ford  Focus, then I will say yes it does matter. I know that you wouldn’t want a tire that will be too noisy while you drive. And as you know, the tread of your tire is also a considerable factor. Note that the thicker treads with wider grooves, it will help you to control better in slick conditions.

Another thing you must consider is the braking distance which is the ability to react to any breaking conditions such as the need to prohibit instantly and safely. Indeed, there are many factors you need to consider when purchasing a quality tire:

1. Handling

2. Durability

3. Tread

4. Braking distance

5. Drag

6. Convenience

7. Noise

8. Brand name brand, and more.

This means that the greater any of these factors you consider on a tire, then the better. But remember that there’s no rate that is too much for convenient driving and being safe while using your Ford  Focus. Note also that the better a tire handles, the better control you will have over your car while driving in even poor road conditions.

Most times convenience is being overlooked by drivers while purchasing tires, but tires make a considerable difference when driving especially while driving a bad road condition. Always remember also that when a tire is durable, the longer it will last.

When You Should Replace Your Ford  Focus Tires?

The most accepted time for you to replace a Ford  Focus tire is every 4-5 years. But this will depend on the type of tire. Note that touring and grand-touring Ford  Focus tires are the most durable, while best winter tires for Ford Focus don’t last very long.

In case you want to be sure about how long your tires will last, you can examine the tread depth by making use of the tread wear indicators (TWI’s). They are small rubber bars you will find in the tire but will flush out with the surface whenever you do not have any usable tread on it again.

Note that the minimum tread depth on best all season tires for Ford Focus is 2/32-inch, while on best winter tires for Ford  Focus, it’s 5/32-inch.

Here’s How To Read Your Ford  Focus Tires

Knowing how to read your tire’s sidewall is essential, because it will guide you in the best way to take care of your tire. The sidewall of your tires is where you can find information/specs relating to the tire. It is the place where you will know about your tire’s load index, size, material composition, maximum cold inflation load limit, and tread-wear grades.

Let’s take a look at this Tire size: P215/65R15 95H

1. If you want to know what kind of tire you use, the first letter is where you check. So looking at the example above, the first letter “P” shows it’s a passenger tire.

2. Next you see is a number which is known as Max. bitter inflation load limit. This is the tire’s safer maximum load-carrying capacity whenever the tire is inflated to its normal pressure.

3. Another letter is (R) which means Radial. This is what shows you the tire’s construction: This tells you that the layers run radially across the tire.

4. The number (65) happens to be the aspect ratio of the tire. This is what allows you to understand that the size will illustrate the size of the tire’s sidewall. When there’s a lower number, it shows a low profile tire.

5. Another number you will see is (215) which shows the tire width in millimeters.

6. Next is the tire ply composition and materials used in production: It is what shows you the number of layers of rubber found in the tire tread and sidewall. Most times the producers will also indicate the materials used in the tire, such as nylon, steel, and polyester.

7. The next which happens to be the last number (95H) shows the load index/speed symbol.

8. While the number just after (R) shows the diameter of the wheel in inches.

What Causes Ford  Focus Tires To Damage?

Indeed, Ford  Focus tires might last up to 50,000 – 60,000 miles, but there are innumerable things that can cause Ford  Focus tires to be damaged. Sometimes, Ford Focus tire price can also influence how long it will last. So let’s check out some things that can cause your Ford  Focus tires to damage:

1. Weather: Rain, too much hot and cold temperatures, Snow and Ice

2. Physical Factors: Tire age, wear from long usage, and break (nails or screw punctures)

3. Ignorance: When you fail to notice irregularity in handling, vibration or noise, inability to contact a skilled technician when something happens.

4. Much exposure: When tires have contact with grease, oil, secure sunlight, chemicals.

5. Bad road: Poor road condition such as potholes, curbs, obstacles, speed bumps

6. Lack of maintenance: Not having enough air Pressure, inability to regularly check tire for wear or break, lack of tire balancing after being installed, not having proper alignment and rotation, not storing your tires properly, the usage of unapproved sealants, not getting a certified tire inspector when a tire has sustained break.

7. Bad driving habits: Over speeding, a chilly start and having regular emergency braking, and always driving on damaged roads.

Proper Maintenance For Your Ford  Focus Tires

1. Evaluate: Ensure it becomes a habit for you to always check out for signs of damage or tread wear every time you fill up your fuel or whenever you wash your car. Check if there’s tears, cracking, uneven wear, or bulging.

2. Inflate: Most times, tires on your Ford  Focus car can lose one PSI (pound per square inch) of air pressure per month. So there’s a need to always inspect your tires once a month, especially in the morning. This is to ensure your Ford  Focus tire pressure remains at its recommended level. Sometimes you can also take the car to your local Ford  Focus dealer or take it to one of your local technicians to examine the tire pressure.

3. Rotate: You should make sure to averagely rotate your Ford  Focus tires every 5,000 miles if you want them to continue performing well for you. When you do this, the best all season tires for Ford Focus you purchase will last long for you.


Like I said before, it took me about three months for me to test many tires before coming up with the best all season tires for the Ford Focus information you’re reading. Though I like the functionality of all the tires tested and I believe all the best all season tires for focus st listed here can serve you better. Note that all info here comes from my experience or that of my friends and colleagues who use Ford  Focus tires. But in case there is something that you don’t understand here, please do some research and consult your Ford  dealer.

Buying quality tires for your Ford  Focus is one of the most vital things you’ll do as a car owner. It is the most important thing if you care for your safety and that of your family, especially during wet climate. So you need to always buy premium tires because they last all the time.

But in case the price worries you, then always remember that expensive Ford  Focus tires guarantee safety and last longer. Whenever you buy high-quality tires, you notice that you end up paying less in the long run. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy your driving time.

So these are the list of the best all season tires for Ford Focus you can buy if you want a better driving experience and to last longer.

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