Are Riken Tyres Any Good? Riken UHP Tyres Review

Many people ask, are Riken tyres any good? Before I give an answer to this question, you need to understand that RIKEN was first started in Japan as a chemical and Physical Science Research Company. They later dived into the tire industry. The brand has been a subsidiary of the Michelin Group since 1992.

The brand produces a great range of tyres for SUV’s, passenger cars, and commercial vehicles. They have ever since positioned themselves in the tyre market by producing good quality tyres. Their brand of tyres are known to offer great comfort because of how sturdy they are. Not only that, they are well-built constructions, and come with features that enhance driving experience.

Are Riken Tyres Any Good?

Riken tyres are a very good brand, and there are lots of reasons why people buy their tyres. Below are some of the reasons.

Quality at Affordable Prices

Riken brand is concerned in crafting tyres that provide above-average performance at great prices. Their tyres are worthy replacements when you are on a tight budget.

Their standard tyres sell for about $80, and this is an attractive price for drivers who are interested in buying a complete set. Any driver who is not bothered with world-class performance improvements will be satisfied with using Riken’s tyres.

A Great Selection

Riken has created a market for themselves by offering several designs in each tyre category. They produced a great range of tyre brands that include specialized winter and off-road tyres. Their brand further created a wide range of ultra-high performance tyres that is branded as the Raptor series.

Their designs are known to offer cornering and braking ability on par with premium tyres even being given at an affordable price. No matter the tyre you want, you’ll always find Riken tyres to fulfill your needs.

Are Riken Tyres Made By Michelin?

are riken tyres any good

Yes, Riken tyres are made by Michelin in Europe. Their tyres are one of the best affordable tyres you can find in the market. In 1992, Michelin bought Riken. After buying the company, they offer Riken tyres as an attractively priced alternative to their premier tyres at premier prices.

Right now, Michelin creates entry-level tyres under the brand Kormoran, Tigar, and Riken at its factory located in Serbia for export all across Europe.

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Riken Tyres Features

  • High Performance Tires
  • Passenger Car Tires
  • SUV/Crossover Tires
  • Light Truck Tires
  • Minivan Tires 

Where Are Riken Tyres Manufactured?

The Riken brand is a quality affordable tyres which is produced in several sizes for vans, cars, trucks, and 4x4s. Their tyres are produced in Europe and made by the Michelin Company. Their tyres happen to be one of the best affordable brands of tyres.

Riken brand has been manufactured in China since 1988, and is also manufactured by the Michelin brand in Europe. They currently employ over 6,000 people across their industrial sites making passenger car tyres and/or truck tyres.

Riken Road Performance

The Riken’s road performance tyres are designed with the new silica compound that is featured to improve tread and casing construction which helps in reducing fuel consumption.

It comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern that features an enhanced tread depth to improve rigidity of the tread block. Riken road performance tyres help to deliver enhanced control for the driver at all speeds, no matter the weather.

Meanwhile, it has a new silica compound and firm shoulder blocks which helps in improving the overall performance in dry conditions.

Riken UHP Tyres Review

When you search online, you’ll find lots of information especially on Riken tyres Wikipedia. Riken UHP tyres review is known as Ultra High Performance tyres which are designed with an asymmetrical tread pattern to increase control when on high speed. This is because it features enhanced tyre construction that prevents wear on the tyre.

The tyres have rolling resistance as well as traction control even in wet conditions. The UHP tyres have both been improved using the help of the new silica compound that has been built with it.

Riken Vs Hankook

To check Riken vs hankook, we look at their differences and what makes them worthy of value. Riken’s brand of tyres are produced with a solid center rib that helps to deliver stability as the tyres are driven over bumps and cracks. It is the specially produced tread compound that helps to minimize tyre squeal, which is a common problem among budget tires. With Riken tyres, you can be rest assured to enjoy long distance commutes due to their designs.

On the other hand, the Hankook brand produces tyres from trucks, buses, passenger cars to vans, and they also produce motorsports worldwide. They have tyres that are available in more than 180 countries, and their brand is ranked among the top 5 in global sales revenue in the tyre industry. 

Riken Tyres Price

Riken brand of tyres are manufactured in Europe as part of the Michelin Company. Indeed, they are an affordable type of tyres with an excellent feature. When looking at Riken tyres price, you find out that their average price for their fitting and balancing of a new tyre across the UK is about £17.00 per tyre. However, this is just an estimate, you can get offers from trusted service providers in your area so you can get the best suitable deal for you!

Riken Road Performance 205/55r16 91v

The Riken’s Road Performance 205/55r16 91v tyre is the type of tyres that are made with new silica compound. This helps to improve tread and reduce fuel consumption.

Riken Road Performance 205/55r16 91v product description and features:

  • It features new silica compound
  • It has asymmetric tread pattern
  • It improves control at high speeds
  • It has an excellent overall performance in both wet and dry conditions


So are Riken tyres any good? I have shown you that Riken tyres are made with a solid center rib that helps deliver stability as the tyre is driven over bumps and cracks.

The producers made sure that tyre handling is improved regardless of terrain type which they did by using features such as sipes. This is what ensures that the tyre footprint stays dry, which allows drivers to brake immediately.

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